Huawei is one of the biggest brands in the market today, and this brand is surpassing some of the major ones. The brand has even had some of the biggest fights in the industry concerning the 5G war. Huawei has set the smartphone industry’s pace, and this is through their excellent designs and many other things. The brand released a phone n their series, which is the Huawei Honor View 20 price.

Honor View 20 is one of the best phones in the industry, and this phone has some of the most exceptional features that you can get. The phone is excellent as this is one of the best Huawei phones and it entails a great design which we will look at in a few. In this article, we will highlight some of the best things that you will find with Huawei Honor View 20 and look at its price. If you want to determine if the phone is worth the price, then I think it’s worth checking out this article.


The design of the phone is one thing that is so important, and it plays a significant role when it comes to buying a phone. We will look at some of the design features of the Huawei honor View 20 and see if the Honor View 20 price is worth at all. There are a lot of things that go into the design of the phone, and that includes the build material, colors, weight, dimensions, and many more. To start on the Honor View 20 design, we will look at the body dimensions. The phone measures 6.18 x 2.97 x 0.32 inches, which are pretty big dimensions, if not standard. These dimensions are great, and they make using your phone a breeze, which is so great.

The other excellent design thing is the weight of the phone, which determines a lot. The phone weighs 180g, which is pretty solid but not heavy at all. This is a significant element in design because it helps ensure that you are not carrying a bulky device on hand. We cannot mention design without mentioning the build quality of the Honor View 20. The phone has one of the best builds, which is glass and aluminum. The phone entails glass on both the front and back and an aluminum frame. This build material is excellent, and it makes your phone look classy in a fantastic way. The design cannot be completed without colors. The phone has different colors to it that is Sapphire Blue, Phantom Blue, Phantom Red, and Midnight Black. All these features in design contribute a lot, and they justify a lot the Honor View 20 price.


Brand Honor
Model View 20
Release date December 2018
Form factor Touchscreen
Battery capacity (mAh) 4000
Colours Blue, Sapphire Blue



Screen size (inches) 6.40
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 1080×2310 pixels
Aspect ratio 19.5:9



Processor octa-core
Processor make HiSilicon Kirin 980
Internal storage 256GB
Expandable storage No



Rear camera 48-megapixel (f/1.8)
Rear autofocus Yes
Rear flash LED
Front camera 25-megapixel (f/2.0)
Front autofocus No



Operating system Android 9
Magic UI Pixel 2 XL



Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 ac
Bluetooth Yes, v 5.00
USB Type-C Yes
Active 4G on both SIM cards Yes


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The platform is essentially the area of operation of your phone, and this can involve many things. A good area of operation, in turn, means the performance of your phone increases, which is so awesome. We will look at some of the things that make the Honor View 20 one of the best phones when it comes to performance. There are a few things to look at in performance. Some of the things include the operating system, the type of chipset the phone has, the central processing unit, and the GPU.

To start with the operating system, the phone uses Android 9.0 with Magic UI 2, which is excellent. The operating system is excellent, and it facilitates a lot of user and hardware communication. This newer Android version is fantastic as it allows for newer updates, which is brilliant. The other integral thing in a phone is the type of chipset it uses, and this is important as it holds a lot of major components together. The thing I like about the Honor View 20 price is the exceptional chipset that it has. The phone entails a Kirin 980 chipset, which is so great, and it works perfectly. This chipset is perfect, and that means you will not be having a lot of trouble when it comes to the CPU and GPU performance.


When you already have a good performing chipset, the other thing for concern is the central processing unit. This is the engine of the phone, and having the best one is a great advantage. The Honor View 20 has an Octa-core CPU, which is excellent, and it works perfectly.

This CPU is excellent when it comes to multi-tasking and other things, which it does so fast, and this is awesome. To finish on the platform, we need to highlight the graphics card that the phone uses. The phone entails a Mali-G76 MP10, which is a great GPU, and this is responsible for ensuring smooth flow when it comes to watching movies and playing games. These are all the great features that you will get with the Honor View 20 price, which is fantastic.


A phone display plays a major role when it comes to using it, and there are many things when it comes to display features. The display is pretty much the place that you interact with daily. The display is where you chat people, and it’s where you have an area to play games on and even watch videos. The one thing I love about the Honor View 20 price is the impressive display that you get on the phone. To start the type of display that the phone uses is fantastic, and this phone uses an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, which is an excellent display type. The screen type is incredible as it displays vivid and nicely saturated colors, which are excellent.

Also, with this screen type, the viewing angles are great, and you will not have any trouble when it comes to playing games or watching movies. Apart from the display type, there is also another essential thing, which is the screen size. The screen size is critical, and it determines the area that you have access to. The Honor View 20 has a pretty much big screen size, which is 6.4 inches.


This is a pretty good display considering the Honor View 20 price, and this display is excellent when it comes to playing games and watching videos.  The other good thing about the display size is the screen to body ratio, which is so big. This ratio gives you one of the most significant areas where you can work, which is fantastic. The Honor View 20 has a screen to body ratio of 85.7%, which is excellent.

When we talk about the phone display, the resolution is also one of the most important things. The phone has a resolution of 1080 x 2310 pixels, which is so great. The colors are brilliant, and when it comes to playing games, you get a great feeling, which is impressive. Having one of the best resolutions on the phone is essential as it can ensure you have the best moment to play games, watch movies, and many more. The other thing that contributes to display is the pixel density, which ensures you have one of the brightest colors, which is fantastic. The display also has a protective screen, which is essential when you fall your phone or any scratches that occur. All these are the few features that you get from the phone, which are brilliant considering the Honor View 20 price.


In this day and age, several things have changed, and we don’t need professional cameras to record one of the big ones. This is one of the biggest revolutions that has come as a result of smartphones. Honor View 20 is one of the best smartphones when it comes to cameras, and the cameras have some excellent features that you will like. The phone has both the rear and front camera, which is impressive. The rear camera is dual, which is a 48MP camera and a TOf 3D, and this is a depth camera. The primary camera is incredible, and it has some of the best details in a picture, which is fantastic.

The depth camera also works perfectly, and it also takes some of the best images. Some features are on this camera, which is excellent. Some of the features include panorama, HDR, LED flash, and many more. All these features contribute significantly to ensuring that you have the best picture when taking photos. The selfie camera is brilliant, and the image is so sharp, which is one of the best things. The camera entails a 25MP camera, which has an aperture of f2.0. This camera produces one of the best images that you can find, which is essential considering the Honor View 20 price.


When it comes to video recording, these cameras also work great, which is one of the best things, I love. The primary camera records at 4K@30fps, 1080p@30fps, 720p@960fps, and gyro-EIS. The different frame rates that they do offer are one of the best things that you can get, which is fantastic. This gives you the flexibility to choose the type of format that you want, which is brilliant. The front camera also records videos at 1080p@30fps, which is excellent, and this can be good when making video calls or just recording clips in general. These are some of the great things that you get with the Honor View 20 price, which I think are some of the best tradeoffs.


Portable devices depend a lot on a good battery, and when buying a phone, you need to consider an excellent array. Good battery capacity determines a lot the time it will take to ensure your battery lasts you while using your phone. Honor View 20 has one of the biggest batteries that you can find. The phone entails a 4000mAh battery, which is a pretty big capacity. With this kind of battery, you can watch movies and even play games for a long time without the battery getting depleted.

This battery size is also great as it can last you a long time if it’s fully charged, and you are not using it for heavy tasks like games. With the Honor View 20 price, you also get one of the best features, which is fast charging of up to 22.5W. This is one of the best fast charging phones, and it can take up to 55 minutes for it to be fully charged.


The other significant determiners in a phone are the RAM and the storage memory. These are some of the most important things, and they tend to facilitate a lot when it comes to using your phone. The RAM is important as it ensures that everything runs smoothly when using your phone, and you don’t run into issues of lags. Also, the RAM provides an environment with which your operating system runs and ensure no lags. The phone has a RAM of 6GB to 8GB, which is fantastic. The storage is pretty big, and this gives you an area where you can store a lot of your data, which is essential. The storage starts from 128GB to 256GB, and this is all determined by the Honor View 20 price.


The price of Honor View 20 can range differently, and there are a lot of factors that go there. For example, the memory size is the RAM and storage too. The Honor View 20 price ranges around $389.


What is Honor View 20 price in India?

The phone ranges from ₹23,990 to ₹25,120, which is pretty fair considering the excellent features the phone has.

Does Honor View 20 have a fingerprint sensor?

Yes, the phone entails a fingerprint sensor that is mounted on the rear side of the phone.


We have highlighted all the features of Honor View 20, which will help you determine if the phone is worth the price.

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