How Captivate Customers With Push Notifications For Limited-Time Offers?

Captivate Customers With Push Notifications


We agree you can ask your app visitors to hurry up, buy now, or place their orders quickly. But do you know if they don’t have any deadline to make their decision, your alerts won’t be as compelling?

Therefore, limited-time offers came into the role. Yes! 

It is a fact that a person who purchases online seems more likely to make impulsive decisions when they see any limited-time sale on their mobile app. But do you know why? 

Besides inner psychological factors, visual characteristics impact a consumer’s purchase decisions. However, limited-time deals work like a charm on users since they give prospects a compelling incentive to buy by creating urgency. Moreover, when an offer is limited in time or availability, it becomes more appealing to customers since the subscriber fears missing out on a fantastic chance.

After all, no one wants to be the last to learn about something exciting, thrilling, or valuable. So, how do you present this effectively, pull the customer enough, but only partially push them away? Push Notifications are the solution. 

This article will dig into ways to captivate customers with push notifications for limited-time offers. Before that, let’s have a small discussion of what these messages are.

A Sneak-Peek To Push Notifications

Push notifications are short popup alerts sent by mobile apps to users. Yet, including limited-time incentives inside these messages can grab clients’ attention. Although these notifications have been demonstrated to be one of the most successful strategies for engaging customers in mobile apps. Flutter push notifications is one such service used to send notifications and limited-time offers to a customized group of users on numerous platforms. 

Below we are going to share some ways to captivate customers with flutter push notifications for limited-time offers. 

5 Best Ways To Captivate Customers With Push Notifications For Limited-Time Offers 

  1. Promote Your Limited Time Sale Effectively 

Do you wish to bring attention to a forthcoming limited-time deal or discount? Well, adding an appealing look to your message is a beautiful method to accomplish this! Whether you’re running a weekend sale or a 24-hour discount coupon, a well-timed and well-designed popup can advertise your limited-time offer to your site visitors in the right location at the right time.

If you’re conducting a time-sensitive campaign, every second your site visitors spend on it is crucial. As a result, your popup should grab visitors’ attention and convey value to your consumers. However, add a floating image or a GIF if you want your popups to grab attention without distracting visitors.

2. Convert Abandoning Shoppers With A Timely Popup

You don’t necessarily have to conduct a significant sale or discount your items to nudge your site visitors urgently.

Your exit-intent advertisements can be enhanced with time limits to stop customers from leaving and boost conversions. Below is an example 

It initially seems to be just another exit-intent notice with an attention-grabbing title and a call-to-action (CTA) button emphasizing benefits.

But after the visitor click on this message,  below is an example of what they see! 

In the success phase, include a time limit to boost the campaign’s efficiency further campaign’s efficiency. The outcome? When this campaign was active, your conversion rate was more significant.

However, it is easy but a powerful twist!

3. Fascinate More Users To Register In Travel Contests

The possibility of winning a trip, cruise, vacation, or retreat is already appealing to consumers, but adding a time constraint to such possibilities can help take them to the next level. A captivating timer popup with appealing colours, captivating wording, and the appropriate image can provide the final shove required!

For example, suppose you conduct a contest where customers can win a two-day stay in the Maldives. Delivering well-timed messages with the words “stand a chance to win a trip to the Maldives” and a countdown timer indicating when the offer expires will function as a magnet to draw consumers. 

4. Inform Clients Of Future Subscription Expiry Dates

Monitoring expiry dates for users aid in compliance. So how can you go above and beyond to achieve this? Using timed Push Notifications, it’s easy. Giving your users periodic warnings for subscriptions about to expire and a progress time indicator displaying the remaining time may ensure they pay attention and take action.

For example, you could wish to notify users that their insurance is about to expire and encourage them to renew it. Provide the name and expiration date of the insurance, a progress bar showing the remaining time, and a CTA for renewal. In this manner, you can re-engage them for insurance renewal while including unique offers to create loyalty.

5. Offer Free Delivery For A Limited Time

Sometimes you might not want to reduce your products because you’re afraid it would lower your perceived worth. Fortunately, there is a solution that will satisfy both you and your customers: Make free delivery a limited-time offer.

You’ve probably heard about the usefulness of free delivery as a motivator for making purchases and placing larger orders. Moreover, 93% of users are more inclined to spend more if an online retailer provides free shipping. Providing free delivery for a limited time can create urgency and increase the attraction of your incentive. 


Lastly, push notifications are a fantastic way to maintain your user’s engagement, but incorporating a timer can serve as the final punch for them to act. A sense of shortage and urgency is a marketing strategy, but applying a timer to it might assist you in making the most of the situation—are you thrilled yet? Then try out Flutter push notifications for limited-time offers and let the results speak for themselves!


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