How does find my phone app work?

Find my phone app
Find my phone app

Modern smartphones and mobile devices are expensive and useful. Losing or misplacing them can cause a lot of consternation. You panic and look for them in the couch, drawers, lobbies, and parking lot. But now, you can remotely track using a high-quality find my phone app. Your phone’s hardware technologies are now advanced enough to facilitate this activity.

Choosing the right app

Yes, there are other tools to assist you in locating the lost device. They include tiny tracking chips in cards, stickers, and other smart devices. You can even rely on sophisticated surveillance devices with advanced features. But relying on a mobile phone application is the simplest, convenient option. These powerful apps are available for different platforms (Android, Apple, Blueberry, and others).

Find my phone app

These utility software products can efficiently trace a lost or stolen phone. Since more than 70 million devices get lost every year, they are instrumental. They improve the chances of recovering and regaining the lost phone. Some of these best apps also have real-time location tracking feature.

Before installing the app of your choice, check for compatibility with the operating system version or hardware requirements. Then, pick the software that is reliable and does not drain your phone’s battery.

Installing find my phone app

The latest phones will have an in-built phone location app or feature. If not, you can always open the browser for a quick download. Visit the Google Play or App Store and perform a search for the desired application. Select the app from the results list and install it on your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can Google search for an innovative, new app. Open the product’s official site and complete the payment formalities. Some app developers also offer a free download for trial purposes. Either way, you still have to register with their services to access the desired application. Next, you have to sign in from the Google or iCloud account. Those who have multiple accounts can choose from a drop-down menu. This step will help you associate the find my phone app and the device with a specific account.

Select the account and continue by entering the password details. After that, tap the Sign In button and provide the location access to this service. You have to first open an account with an email address and password details if you are using a third-party website. Later you can download, install, and connect with the target device. This step takes 3 to 5 minutes, and you have to choose a safe password.

Check if the phone is traceable

Once you sign in, the app displays a current location map. The screen will have details of the phone’s make and model. You will also see options to erase data, enable lock, play sound, etc. Those who log in from multiple devices can also browse for a specific phone.

From the home screen, navigate to the applications drawer. Select the app and browse the list of devices displayed at the screen top. Now check if the particular device is discoverable or not. If the phone is not available, then the location service might be off.

Since the app tracking depends on GPS technology, you have to enable this service. Open the settings and tap the location option. Now, enable the location services to complete this step.

How to use the app?

If the phone gets stolen or misplaced, you should get online for a remote search. Visit the official website of the tracking application. Log in to your Google or personal account for verification purposes. After a few seconds, the service will kick in, and it will successfully track the lost device.

The results screen will display the phone make and model at the top. It will specify the last seen or located information below that. You will also find other options along with the corresponding Google Map.

Locking with find my phone app

Once the lost gadget gets traced, you will have a variety of options to follow. The find my phone app will have data tracking, usage monitoring, and call restriction options. Some applications offer full, real-time location tracking, along with low battery alerts. They also have safety features and silent mode. The software can also perform network tracking and display indoor and outdoor maps.

Find my phone app

To lock the device, first, locate it on the application’s website. After that, select the lock option. Now enter the phone number and message to display on the lock screen. Complete the locking procedure by finally tapping the lock button at the bottom of the screen.

Making a call to the stolen device

Open the application website and log in to your account. Locate the device and scroll down the results display screen. Here you will find the play sound option that can make a call to the phone. Tap it to play a loud tone on the lost device continuously for full 5 minutes. This high volume sound will play even if the phone is in silent mode. Once you locate the phone, hit the power button to stop the ring.

Erase data with find my phone app

Mobile devices are efficient for personal and professional communications. They also have sensitive data, photos, videos, messages, and mail. The lost phone should not lead to leakage of sensitive information. For instance, you might have your bank card details listed in the mobile wallet app. The thief can make use of that information to make purchases.

If the phone gets unfortunately lost forever, then invoke the erase option. It will remotely delete all the data, including the files stored on a connected SD card. Open the website and locate the gadget using the service. Scroll down and tap on the erase option. Confirm the deletion process by hitting the erase button at the bottom of the screen. Even if the phone is off, the factory resetting process gets irrevocably initiated after it comes online.

All it takes is a few minutes to install the app that will safeguard your phone and sensitive data.


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