How I Passed The ServiceNow CSA Exam

CSA exam

You must have read a lot about certification exams over the internet. I have also read a lot about these exams. Most of the material comes from vendors or exam providers. Though it is usually informative to know about the exam topics and training. But for me, it has always been great to read about certifications from a third person’s perspective. A third person has nothing to do with the exam vendor or the exam administrator so it is always a treat to read from an end-user point of view. These articles provide you with a neutral perspective about the certifications and exams. I never thought that one day I will be writing the same. This is my first ever article for an online publication. What motivated me to write this article is my personal experience. Let’s begin. 

Last week I passed the ServiceNow CSA exam to earn the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator credentials. In the following paragraphs, I will share my experience with the exam. 


Let me begin with my introduction. I am an IT professional working as an IT administrator in a solution provider company. I have done bachelor’s in IT. Besides formal education, I have earned the CompTIA Network+ certification. I have been managing the company networks and hardware infrastructure for the last five years. I have always been tech-savvy and I like to learn about new trends in IT. I found it greatly helpful in pursuing my job role. Our organization recently deployed the ServiceNow platform in the office. Being an administrator I have to learn the necessary skills required to smoothly run the day-to-day operations. For this purpose, I decided to take a ServiceNow professional certification. Being an administrator, my natural choice was SystemNow Certified System Administrator certification. So I took the challenge and opted for the certification exam. 

Preparing For The Exam

As it was my second certification, besides multiple non-certification courses, so I was kind of aware of the training practices required for a certification exam. From my previous certification and courses, I have learned that a focused training approach and good practice can lead you to your goal. A good preparation plan can help you in overcoming the obstacles and challenges effectively. The technical background can be very helpful in taking the professional certification exams. You need to obtain the latest course layout and exam objectives. This can be achieved through the exam vendor’s website. In the field of IT, there is always a continuous evolution. That is why the exam curriculum and course contents keep on changing. That is why you need to be updated about the most updated course contents. Once you have the updated layout, you can then choose the training material more effectively. The selection of training methods and training material is also equally critical. You can prepare for the exam in two ways. The first one is instructor-led training and the second one is self-paced learning. The instructor-led training is usually expensive and not very flexible. You are required to follow the classes schedule and you’re mostly required to physically attend those. This becomes difficult for an on-job professional. That is why most professionals take the second option. A self-paced study is fully flexible and you can choose the time allocation on your own. Besides that, you can decide the pace you can cope with. Based on my previous certification experience, I decided to go through the trusted partner for training material. 

I downloaded the CSA exam guide from the ServiceNow website to know the latest exam objectives. Then I took the study material from CertsDone. The training package for the CSA exam by CertsDone included a PDF guide and Testing Engine. The braindumps by  CertsDone were of great help during the exam preparation. With the help of the professionally designed updated study material by , I was able to prepare for the CSA exam in 4 weeks only. After that, I took the exam and passed it on my first attempt to earn the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification. 

Value Addition

With ServiceNow Certified System Administrator credentials, I have learned all the necessary skills required for a platform administrator and I have been able to tackle the issues I encounter during my everyday work. The certification is a continuous source of confidence at my workplace. I can not only solve the problems as they occur but also be vigilant and able to foresee the issues and take necessary steps to prevent those happenings. It has added professional value to my portfolio. My employer is more confident in my capabilities than before. My colleagues also recognize my abilities and skills. Besides professional recognition, the certification has added monetary values as well. I have received an increment and bonus after acquiring this certification. The certification holds a central place in my updated resume. 

Purpose Of The Exam

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification verifies that a candidate has the necessary skills and expertise to contribute to the ServiceNow system’s configuration, implementation, and maintenance. Passing this certification test establishes a set of skills that are required to progress through the ServiceNow Certification pathways. 

Exam Details

The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam is based on a multiple-choice, multiple answers format.  The total number of questions in the CSA exam is 60. The candidate is informed about the pass/fail status immediately after the completion of the exam. 


Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is a critical component of modern IT infrastructure. More and more companies are implementing ITSM practices to ensure smoother business operations. The job market has lately seen significant growth in ITSM skills-related jobs. ServiceNow is among the leading ITSM solution providers today. The unique cloud-hosted IT management platform supports businesses to manage and maintain IT infrastructure. ServiceNow credentials are a great way to pursue a career in IT service management. ServiceNow Certified System Administrator is a professional certification with good career prospects in the ServiceNow environment.


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