How to Choose a Good Proxy for Your Needs

a Good Proxy

A proxy server can take your security as an Internet user to the next level. For those who don’t limit their pursuits on the web to casual browsing, it can also boost productivity and unlock undertakings that would otherwise be unthinkable. Let’s explore this topic with a focus on the following:

  • how proxies work;
  • which types of proxies there are;
  • why you might need proxies in general and the best mobile proxies in particular;
  • how to make sure you purchase quality proxies.

Proxy Servers: What Are They?

A shield is probably the most common comparison when it comes to explaining how proxy servers work. This is because a proxy server acts as an extra layer between you (or your browser) and the web.

When you send a request to the Internet because you need some data, it doesn’t go directly to the resource you’re querying. Instead, it hits the proxy. The proxy then redirects it on your behalf, at which point the IP associated with your request changes. It looks as if a different person were asking for the data, situated in another location. With a veritable and authentic proxy (see the section “How proxies Differ From Each Other”), it’s impossible to identify you.

Why You Need a Proxy

You might be wondering why you would want to anonymize your requests to the web if you aren’t doing anything “wrong.” It turns out, however, that even a casual user has to face some annoying restrictions on a daily basis, such as the content being limited to a certain geographical region. An IP from a place that’s on the white list will solve the problem.

Apart from this, there are professional uses for proxies such as the following:

  • web crawling/scraping to collect useful data;
  • verifying ads;
  • accessing offers that are only available in certain locations, and more.

How Proxies Differ From Each Other

Generally, proxies fall into two major categories, datacenter and residential. The former term refers to batch-made proxies that all come with an IP reflecting the data center’s location and might prove too suspicious for serious activities. They are cheap and usually enough for overcoming geo-restrictions, though.

Residential proxies are authentic servers with real devices behind them. For example, mobile proxy servers are set up on portable devices such as tablets or phones and ensure IP rotation within a 3G or 4G network for maximum anonymity.

Choosing a Proxy to Rely On

When purchasing a proxy plan, pay attention to the following:

  • residential proxies are more reliable than datacenter ones;
  • trustworthy providers will offer you to test the proxies you buy;
  • you should look for flexible subscription plans based on your needs.

Summary: Opt for the Best You Can Afford

Proxies are a powerful tool that you might need at every moment, which is why we recommend investing in a pack of quality residential proxies such as a mobile set.

Can you think of a special use case for proxies? Share in the comments!

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