How to choose a software development company?


    If you are looking for a good company that specializes in the software development for startups, you may be confused by the availability of choices. This turns a simple task into a sometimes difficult challenge. Making the wrong decision might result in delays, money squandering, and even badly built software. So, how do you make the best decision? This is where this guide can help.

    We’ll walk you through easy and practical procedures to avoid common errors while selecting the best software development firm for your requirements.

    Set specific goals for yourself

    Before you begin, you should have a clear notion of what you want to accomplish. This implies that before you ever consider hiring a software development firm like Intellectsoft, you should have a clear purpose in mind. You don’t have to arrange everything exactly, but you should have a good strategy in place before you begin your hunt.

    If you’re asking why this matters, the answer is straightforward. This saves you time and money by not having to write an abstract notion for a development team that will not comprehend your vision until you explain the idea and procedures.

    So, it’s important to have an idea of your project specifications, what to look for and what criteria to define when choosing a development team or software development company to build your product or solution, it’s time to dive a little deeper.

    View the company’s portfolio

    The first thing to do on your to-do list is to check the portfolio of the applicant company. See who they’ve previously worked with and what projects they’ve completed. This serves several purposes.

    • This lets you see if they’ve made something similar to what you need.
    • It measures the level of experience of the company.
    • This allows you to understand the scale of the work that the company has done and whether it is able to cope with your task.

    Companies with a wide customer base and a large portfolio aren’t necessarily the best for your use case, but that’s a plus in their favor.

    If the question of startups arises and you are going to use a software development startup, you should expect that the portfolio will not be very large. Although they may not have a lot of experience, they often have very good customer service.

    Find out what technologies they use

    Often, a software development company is used to using certain tools and specializes in building applications/solutions with them. This can be an advantage, but in any case, it is certain that you should be careful.

    • Companies that do not keep up with the latest technology breakthroughs should be excluded. New ideas and developments are essential. Any organization you select should be eager to stay up with all the current upgrades and modifications to its technological stack.
    • Incompatible development tools or languages. If you need your solution to be based on Node.js, check out companies that focus on Node.js. Find a firm that specializes in what you require. It also means avoiding organizations with various specialities because no one is an expert in everything (this is not the case for large software companies, as they have the manpower and resources to handle it).

    What are the communication channels?

    The worst thing that can happen during product development is that there is silence. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the system and communication channels will be managed during the development of the project.

    Make sure the company you choose provides a systematic communication process for your software development project. It is always helpful to be able to discuss, share and clarify different ideas and the progress of the development process. That way, you know you and the development team are always on the same page.

    This allows not only to track specific development goals, but also to monitor the budget, set priorities, and solve challenges as they arise.

    What is the company’s development methodology?

    Creating a good development structure will make the whole process transparent and efficient while being able to respond to the challenges that will arise along the way. Therefore, it is necessary that the software development company uses appropriate methodologies. You need to check if the development company uses SCRUM or other Agile approaches.

    Agile software development must be implemented by the company you choose. Its foundation is built on adaptive planning, early delivery, project updates, and communication technologies. This implies that you will be completely absorbed by what is going on at any level of the project’s development. However, even if the organization uses agile, consider your position in it. Because each organization interprets agile approaches differently, it was vital to clarify everything ahead of time.

    What are the dynamics and structure of their team?

    The structure and team dynamics of a software development business are two of the most critical aspects to consider. If you want to use or just run a certain business, you must first understand how it is structured and how team members collaborate. Some businesses lack such a framework, which is a solid sign that doing business with them is not worthwhile. Understanding a company’s dynamics begins with understanding its organizational level. Your work is more likely to be managed appropriately by a well-managed and organized team.

    Testing, after developer support and maintenance

    Before signing up with a software development company, you need to sit down and understand what their testing policy is (at different stages of development). In addition, what to expect in terms of support and follow-up of the solution or project after the final work is done.

    After all, you don’t want to be told there’s no support or that you’ll be left with a huge maintenance bill for your project when all is said and done. It’s best to understand all of these details before committing to one company.


    While your requirements and needs may vary from project to project, it’s always a good idea to review these few checklists with any company you plan to use as an outsourced software development team. It’s not that hard, but it takes work to find the right pair.

    Either way, the time and energy you put into selecting the right candidate will pay off in the end result. So don’t forget to compare and evaluate your options, but if none of them work for you, don’t be afraid to throw out the list and try others.


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