How to Choose the Best PSP for a Specific Use

    the Best PSP

    The PlayStation Portable is rightly considered one of the best gaming devices that allow fans of console gaming to play favorite titles on the go. PSP fans are well aware of the different models of the PSP and probably know which model can best satisfy their specific gaming needs. Still, there are those retro gaming fans that are at a loss to know which device to buy to get the most out of their gaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular SPS models and try to figure out which model can be the best fit for you.

    • Note that today you don’t need to even get a physical PSP console to embark on a trip down memory lane. You can install a dedicated emulator, which can work as a full-fledged PSP console. Then, you can download PSP ROMs of your favorite games and voila! 


    It is obvious that prior to purchasing your PSP, you need to know what you expect from it. Thus, those gamers that choose the PSP-1000 model mostly want to run homebrew games. The point is the PSP-1000 is considered the best option for those PlayStation gamers that want to create homebrew games. Such enthusiasts usually are skilled in programming and want to become part of the process of making video games. Unlike ready-made retail games that can be purchased from shops, homebrew games always have a personal touch and are more sophisticated. 

    You can run homebrew on different PSP models. That being said, if you want to have the best experience possible, you should definitely consider buying the PSP-1000. It’s best suited for homebrewing, especially those units that have the 1.50 firmware version. Of course, it’s not an easy task these days. But you can always look for used consoles on dedicated online selling platforms like eBay. 


    Now that modern technologies provide you with sophisticated tools to play games and watch movies in the best quality possible, it seems that very few would trade this experience for UMD gaming and movies. Still, avid PSP retrogamers draw particular pleasure from the ability to play native retail games and see good old UMD movies using their favorite PS device. If you’re one of such connoisseurs, consider getting the -2000 model. Unlike other models in the family of PSP consoles, the -2000 is famed for its crisp screen and clear picture. So, if you want to enjoy the best graphics possible, you’ll be happy with the PSP-2000. Still, if you fail to put your hands on this model, you can safely use its 3000 counterpart for the same purpose. Alternatively, you may download the PPSSPP emulator, get some PPSSPP games for it, and enjoy cult titles. visit here   


    It’s hard to believe, but some people don’t use smartphones to play games on the go today. And they are not some elderly people unfamiliar with the latest technological achievements. The fans find it exciting to play their games using PSPgo. In its time, this PSP model broke so many gamers’ hearts! No other model could match its crisp sliding screen, super high performance, and portability. Of course, Sony had to sacrifice some characteristics to make this all possible. Thus, they ditched their optical drive and doomed all PSPgo owners to downloading their games. That being said, the popularity of the PSPgo was quite impressive. And now most PS classic gamers take immense pride in owning this model. It’s very convenient and can easily fit in your pocket. You won’t be able to play your UMD games on this device, of course. But if you don’t mind downloading titles from the PS Network and want to play your favorite classic from anywhere anytime, the PSPgo is just for you.


    .The most universal choice for any PSP admirer is the PSP-3000 It boasts optimal characteristics to satisfy the needs of homebrew gamers and those who just want to enjoy normal retail games on the go. It’s a great machine to play almost all popular PSP games and watch movies on optimal screens. It’s not as expensive as PSPgo and more technologically improved than its predecessors. It gives you more flexibility by allowing you to play both downloaded games and those you have on your UMDs. This model has a rechargeable battery and more internal memory, which makes it a more attractive option for PSP gamers.



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