How To Clear Cache In Chrome

How To Clear Cache In Chrome

One of the best ways to speed up a browser when it seems to have gotten slow (even without connection problems). And free up disk space is to clear the cache. The cache is the data set that programs. Such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome save on the PC to make Internet sites faster. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how to clear cache in chrome.

Taking this into account, if you too have encountered some strange slowdowns in Internet browsing or you experience some problems on certain sites. And use Chrome as a browser, you have come to the right place. In fact, I’m going to explain how to clear the Chrome cache with a step-by-step guide. That will make the task much easier than you imagine.

Come on then, take a few minutes of free time, roll up your sleeves, and concentrate on reading the information you find below. I am sure that in the end, you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied. And that, if necessary, you will also be ready and willing to explain to all your friends in need of receiving a similar tip on how to clear the Chrome cache. What do you say, we bet?

Emptying the Chrome cache is an operation that can be performed without problems both on computers ( Windows and macOS ) and on smartphones and tablets ( Android and iOS ). The final result is practically the same in both cases but the procedure to be put into practice is slightly different. In any case, don’t worry, below you will find everything explained in detail.

What is it, and why clear it?

The Chrome cache is a memory space in which most of the browsing data, images, and other elements of the websites we visit most frequently are stored. The usefulness of this memory occupation, therefore, comes by itself: Chrome, by storing such data, allows the user to visit his websites with greater speed since, in fact, he already has some bytes required for the correct loading of the page. . So why should you delete it, even from time to time, if the browser uses the cache to allow us to browse faster?

The reasons are varied. This process of storing useful data can fail, possibly leading to the rescue of corrupt data, or perhaps it could store more than is needed. As a result, there would be a slowdown in browsing speed, defeating the cache’s very purpose. Even the browser itself may have problems with cached data, and so on. In short, it goes without saying that a little maintenance never hurts, which is why it is advisable from time to time to clean the Chrome cache to ensure its proper functioning.

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How to clear cache in chrome: On the computer

Empty all Chrome cache

If you want to learn how to clear the Chrome cache on your computer, the first step you need to take is to position yourself in front of your multimedia station, start the web browser, click on the Menu icon located at the top right (the three dots ) and select the Settings item from the menu that appears. In the tab that opens, click first on the item Show advanced settings, located at the bottom of the page, and then on the Clear browsing data … button attached to the Privacy section.

If you do not want to delete all the cache but only the most recently stored data, expand the drop-down menu  Delete the following items from:  and select, according to your needs, one of the other available options:  last hour,  last day,  last week or last four weeks.

Two other methods – very fast – to reach the screen by which to clear the Chrome cache are the following:

  • Click on the Menu button always located in the upper right part of the navigation program window and select the item Other tools and then Delete navigation data… from the menu that appears;
  • Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del or cmd + shift + backspace on Mac.

In addition to the cache, following the same path seen above, it is also possible to delete the history (i.e., the list of sites visited). To do this, just put the checkmark next to the appropriate options, select the time span of the data to be deleted from the drop-down menu at the top right and click on the Clear browsing data button located at the bottom. Easier than that?

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Clear a single site’s Chrome cache

Also, as I indicated in the claiming lines, you can clear the Chrome cache by acting on a single website. It is an effortless operation. All you have to do is visit the site in question, click on the Menu button located in the upper right part of the Chrome window, move the cursor to the item  Other tools,  select the Developer tools option and hold down the left button mouse or trackpad on the reload page icon   (the circular arrow at the top left) in the browser toolbar.

Within a few seconds, you will see another small menu appear. The latter selects the item  Empty the cache and reload manually. And Chrome will reload the site by automatically clearing the cache.

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Empty all Chrome Cache

Let’s start with the most drastic solution: to clear all the Chrome cache on your computer. Here are the steps to clear all cache data on Chrome:

  • At the top right, press the button for Settings (the three dots vertically);
  • In the menu that appears, select the Settings item that appears at the end of the list;
  • You will find yourself in the Settings screen. At the bottom, as the last entry, there should be “ Show advanced settings… “. Press us.
  • The Privacy section should now have appeared. Here you will find the button ” Clear browsing data … “. Press us, and don’t worry.
  • At this point, Chrome will ask you which browsing data you want to delete. Just check the item Cached images and files.
  • Before proceeding, you must decide whether to delete the data stored in the last week (this should be the default option) or delete those of the last hour, the last day. The last four weeks or all the data stored in the appropriate drop-down menu you find under ” Delete the following elements from. ” If you want to do a complete cleaning, select All.

There are also shortcuts that you can take advantage of to access the menu for clearing browsing data more quickly. For example, always pressing the button for settings, three points vertically, and selecting the item Other tools will find the item Clear navigation data. Right from here, you can find the suggestion for the keyboard shortcut to use to call up the menu for clearing navigation data. On Windows or GNU / Linux systems, it is sufficient to press the combination Ctrl + Shift + Del, while on macOS, you will have to press cmd + shift + backspace.

Empty the Cache of a single site

You may also be faced with the need to clear the cache of a single site. Obviously, it is impossible to use what we told you in the previous paragraph, but there is a solution to this problem too. You have to go back to the More tools menu, clicking on Settings (top right) -> More tools, and clicking on Developer tools. The control console will appear at the bottom, but you basically have to ignore it. Instead, turn your attention to the page refresh button. The one you find at the top left next to the home button. And the buttons to go forward or backward in-page navigation.

Pressing the right button on the refresh button, the drop-down menu will appear that you can see in the image we have just proposed. By clicking on how to clear cache in chrome and reload manually. You can clear the cache of the visiting web page.

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How to clear cache in chrome: Automatically.

Why does something manually when there are programs that can do it for you periodically? It is probably behind this reasoning that the Chrome extension called Click & Clean was born. Installing it is quite simple: click on the badge you find below and then click on the blue Add button. You decide whether to install it or not. Basically, Click & Clean allows you to clear the Chrome cache every time you open the browser, in total autonomy. Attention, in the Options item, you should select only the Empty cache item. However, it is up to you to choose the items you prefer. (

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How to clear cache in chrome: Android

Even on the version dedicated to Android, you can delete browsing data, including those stored in the cache. Finding the setting to use is a bit cumbersome, but we’re here to help.

So here is a list of steps to get to find the items you see represented in the screenshots we have just proposed. This is the latest Chrome version for Android (at least on the date we report this guide). But there should be no problem following the directions, even in older versions.

  • First press on the settings button that you find, as usual, at the top right (the three points arranged vertically);
  • Press on Settings and, once the list is displayed, scroll to Advanced; there you will find Privacy, press it;
  • Scroll to the bottom and look for the item Clear browsing data ;
  • From this menu, you can delete navigation data, cookies, and so on. Let’s focus on the cached data;
  • Select only the checkbox for Cached images and files. Among other things, Chrome should suggest how many MB are occupied by these files;
  • Now press the Clear data button.

Easy right? You can also proceed in another way. Which we have already illustrated in our guide How to Clear the Android Cache. Just go to your smartphone settings and follow these steps: Settings -> Apps (or Applications) -> All -> Chrome -> Memory -> Clear Cache.

How to clear cache in Chrome on iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Even clearing the cache of the version dedicated to iOS (iPhone and iPad) of Google Chrome is not that difficult. The steps are very similar to those indicated above.

  • Press the settings button, always located at the top right and always represented by three points placed vertically;
  • Click on Settings and then on Privacy;
  • Click on Clear browsing data and select, from the items present, only Images and files stored in the cache ;
  • Press Clear Browsing Data.

There is also an alternative method that goes through the History screen. Always pressing on Settings, you will also find the History item. Here you will find the Clear browsing data… button, and again you have to select Cached images and files.

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Clear the Chrome cache on a scheduled basis

Would you like to clear the Chrome cache automatically every time you open the browser? Yes? Then I suggest you resort to using the free Click & Clean extension, which was designed to add this particular feature to Google Chrome. In addition to allowing you to do this, it allows you to delete the history, cookies, plug-in data, and all information. That, in some way, may represent a risk to the user’s privacy.

To install Click & Clean on your computer, connected to the Chrome Web Store page that hosts the extension, press the Add button twice in a row, and you’re done. Complete it by clicking on the Skip button to refuse the installation of a small app. That serves to test the degree of privacy of the browser and close the tab of the browser.

Now click on the Click & Clean icon that appeared in the Chrome toolbar at the top right and select the Options item from the box that appears. In the window that opens, leave the checkmark only next to the options. Once these steps are done, every time you open rare Chrome, your browser cache will be cleared without you having to do anything. Convenient!

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On smartphones and tablets

How to clear cache in chrome: Android

Suppose you have an  Android phone or tablet and are interested in understanding. How to clear the Chrome cache, grab your device immediately. Now press the Menu button located at the top right, select the Settings item. And then tap on  Privacy and Clear browsing data. Alternatively, you can access the section by removing navigational data. From Chrome on Android by tapping on the item history attached to the menu.

Then put a checkmark only next to the item  Images. And files stored in the cache and then press the Delete data button at the bottom. As well as on a computer, in addition to the cache, by carrying out the steps in question, you can also delete the history. The list of downloads, cookies, the passwords saved in the program. And the information about applications installed in Chrome. To do this, press on the box located in correspondence with the appropriate items and then presses the Delete data button at the bottom.

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