How To Connect Ps3 Controller To Pc Few Easy Steps

    How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC

    Are you tired of playing your favorite games under the torment of the keyboard and mouse? Do not worry; today, I will teach you how to connect a PS3 controller to a PC easily.

    Playing on a PC with a PS3 controller makes a huge difference in gameplay for the most enthusiastic gamers. It is because the catalog of games expands considerably and because of the comfort that a Dualshock3 offers.

    The PS3 was influential in its day, and if you are a gamer, indeed you have your old Sony bold somewhere raising dust. Well, what better way to reuse the console than to use the PS3 controller on your PC? Therefore, if you are intrigued by how to do it, I recommend staying until the end. In just 5 minutes, I promise that you will be playing your favorite Windows 10 games with your Play Station 3 controller.

    Although Windows officially only recognizes Xbox gamepads, thanks to the open-source benefit of many computer software. It is easy to link and sync a PS3 controller to a Windows PC.

    How to connect PS3 controller to PC?

    In the competitive world of gamepads, the DualShock 3 has an excellent reputation for its ergonomic design. And the resistance of its sticks and buttons only surpasses by its successor. The DualShock 4, which optimize with a 2-inch touchscreen.

    Next, we will show you how to connect a PlayStation 3 controller to your Windows computer.

    Previous requirements

    If you have a computer whose operating system is Windows 7, it is essential to download and install the following applications:

    • The latest version of DirectX Runtime
    • Microsoft .NET 4.0
    • Visual C 2013 Runtime

    These packages do not come by default in Windows 7, so you have to install them manually. In Windows 10, they are found from the factory.

    Regardless of the operating system, it is necessary to download an SCP driver package, which is responsible for emulating the operation of the gamepad on the computer.

    Steps to Connect A PS3 Controller to Windows 10

    1. Once we have downloaded SCP Server, we unzip the RAR file into a folder (choose the folder well because we won’t be able to change it later). Inside the folder “Bin,” we open the file SCPDriver.
    2. A program called SCP Driver Installer will open. Now we will follow the following steps.
    3. Mark the “Force Install” box.
    4. Press “Install.”
    5. The drivers will be installed to connect the PS3 controller to your PC. Once it is finished, click on “EXIT.”
    6. We go back to the “BIN” folder and execute the file “SCPServer.EXE” a new window called “SCPServer” will open. Once this is done, we take our PS3 controller and see where it has the miniUSB input.
    7. Connect the miniUSB cable to the PS3 controller.
    8. Let’s connect the mini USB cable to the ps3 controller
    9. Now we join our PS3 controller to our Windows 10 computer.
    10. Connecting ps3 controller to our pc.
    11. If we have done well, we will hear a noise, and we will have succeeded in connecting the PS3 controller to Windows 10. Now we go to “SCPServer” and point to “PAD 1”.

    How to connect the controller via Bluetooth?

    It is the most popular option due to the practicality of dispensing with uncomfortable cables. For this, the PC must have a Bluetooth port.

    Once the SCP drivers have been installed, the installation process is as follows:

    Unzip and run

    1. In the ScpServer folder, look for “bin” and then “Zadig.”
    2. Run the .exe file.
    3. Once executed, an application window will open. Look for the Device tab and select “Load Preset Device.”
    4. Find the file “cfg.”
    5. Connect Dualshock 3
    6. After connecting the device, go to “Options” and then to “List All Devices.”
    7. Once the newly connected PS3 controller is displayed, you must select the “Replace Driver” option.

    Installation and pairing

    1. Once the installation has finished, go back to the “bin” folder and run the “Scpserver” application.
    2. Note the code that appears at the top of “Host Address,” as you will use that code later.
    3. We proceed to open “ScpPair.”
    4. In the blank bar of this new window, you must write the code “Host Address” that just copied above.
    5. If you followed the steps correctly, Scpserver should see the controller connected and ready to use.

    How to connect it with the cable?

    The most significant advantage that playing with the cable offers is that the slight delay “input lag”. You can avoid it, which is nothing more than a synchronization error from when you press a button until its action in the game.That usually occurs with devices in Bluetooth.


    Undoubtedly, playing with cable offers more efficient playability, although in a somewhat less comfortable way, as mentioned before.

    The steps for connection are simple. Here we show you what you have to do.

    1. Download, decompress and install files.
    2. To connect it, you must first download a file with the necessary drivers (ScpServer) so that the computer can process the PlayStation 3 controller.
    3. Once the files downloaded, they usually come in a compressed format. They must be decompressed using a suitable program, such as WinRAR or Winzip.
    4. You have to open the folder and install them, one by one.
    5. Once it installed, enter the “ScpServer” folder,” bin,” and run the “exe” app as administrator.
    6. Connect the PS3 controller to the PC with the USB cable.
    7. Check the option “Force Install” and uncheck “Bluetooth Driver.”
    8. Select “Install.”

    Command execution and operation

    1. A message will appear on the screen saying “Install Succeeded,”. That indicating that the you have completed the installation successfully.
    2. In the “bin” folder, you must run the ScpServer application as administrator.
    3. After this, a new window opens in which the controller display as “Pad 1”. You must select it.
    4. Once this process is complete, you can now play with the PS3 gamepad on the PC. However, you must keep open the “ScpServer” application while playing the game for the controller to work correctly. gry hazardowe za darmo

    What do I need to connect a PS3 controller to a PC?

    To use the PS3 controller on your PC with cables, you will need the following items:

    • USB to mini-USB cable (If you still have your old PS3, you will have this cable since it is the one used).
    • A computer with Windows 7 or higher.
    • The SCP Server program (I’ll leave it to you below).
    • Microsoft .NET 4.0
    • Visual C 2013 Runtime.
    • DirectX Runtime version.

    Luckily if you use Windows 10, it is very likely that you do not need to install Microsoft .NET 4.0, Visual C 2013 Runtime, and Directx Runtime.

    What is SCP Server, and what is it for?

    As you all know, you can use an Xbox controller in Windows. That is not possible using a PS3 controller since our PC will not recognize the said controller. Luckily, a user called Nefarius Software Solutions came up with the brilliant idea of translating the instructions that Windows sends to the Xbox controller to carry out on a PS3 controller, hence this project called SCP Server.

    Download SCP Server To Use PS3 Controller On PC

    You can download SCP Server directly from the following link in mega. You will need Winrar to be able to unzip the file.

    How To Connect The Ps3 Controller To PC Using Bluetooth Windows 10?

    The first thing we must do before connecting a PS3 controller to a PC via Bluetooth is obviously to have a Bluetooth adapter on our computer. Once our Bluetooth adapter is activated, we go to the ScpServer> Bin folder and execute the ScpDriver.EXE file.

    Now to connect the PS3 controller to Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth, we must activate the following boxes:

    • Force install.
    • Configure service.
    • Bluetooth driver.
    • And then, we will click on “Install.”

    Synchronize Ps3 Bluetooth Controller With PC.

    Go back to the BIN folder, execute the file “SCPServer.EXE,” and press the power button to synchronize the Ps3 controller with PC via Bluetooth until Pad 1 appears.

    • Install ps3 controller on pc.
    • Pair Ps3 Controller to Pc with Bluetooth.
    • Play with ps3 controller on pc.
    • Connect Ps3 Controller to Pc by Bluetooth.
    • And voila, all that remains is to enjoy PC games with our PS3 controller.

    If you have any questions about how to connect PS3 controller to PC, you can always leave me a comment; I promise to answer. Remember that you have the social media buttons to share content. Thank you very much, and have a fantastic day.

    FAQ on How to connect PS3 controller to PC

    How to know if the controller of the PS3 is original?

    The easiest way to check if your PS3 controller is official is to open it and check the battery. When it is original, you will find a lithium battery with a gray plastic shell. Otherwise, a smaller battery will be present inside it and wrapped in blue plastic tape.

    How to connect my phone to play PS3 via Bluetooth?

    Activate Bluetooth on your Android: The PlayStation 3 connects to the controls through Bluetooth wireless technology, so to use the smartphone in the same way, we must activate the Bluetooth of the mobile, something that we can do by going a Settings> Wireless connections> Bluetooth.

    What to do when the PS3 does not recognize the controller?

    Go to the settings of the ps3, and it will set your wireless device settings; in those settings, it will let you adjust the controller and all the devices so that it recognizes them. Please take it to the game to get it fixed. It may be under warranty.

    How to test PS3 controls?

    From the HOME Menu, select Console Settings. Then scroll down the menu on the left and select Controls & Sensors. Select Test input devices and then Test control buttons.

    How to use the PS DualShock 4 button on PS3?

    We enter the Settings menu on our PS3, and we go to the option: Accessory settings. Now, click on Manage Bluetooth devices and click on the Register a new device button. When we start the scan, we must press the Share button plus the PS button on the PS4 controller at the same time.

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