How to Create Animated Brand Videos?


    An animated brand video is an effective marketing tool in the fight for the audience’s attention. Modern corporate video trends are more creative, spectacular, and useful. Therefore, companies have begun to use branded videos more often in their marketing strategies. Such clips are designed to form a positive attitude toward the brand and increase its awareness. In this guide, we will tell you what advantages branded videos have over other advertising formats, and also describe how to create branded animation in the step-by-step process.

    What are the Best Types of Branded Animated Video

    A branded video helps to gain consumer loyalty to your company. This loyalty can then become definite for the client when choosing among equivalent products from several manufacturers. A person will make a choice in your favor if the values that you broadcast are close to him. Customers will want to associate themself with your brand.

    When you are going to create branded animation, you should consider several types of videos that differ in their main purpose:

    • Branded animation video for an external audience. It will help to form consumer loyalty to a product or brand.
    • Video for current employees and future job seekers. Such content tells about the company in a simple and understandable way and strengthens the HR brand.
    • Videos for events, exhibitions, and presentations. It will help you to attract potential partners or investors.

    Step-by-step Process of Creating Animated Brand Story Video

    Any piece of information can be turned into an honest and meaningful story that will influence and inspire the audience. To do this, you should seriously consider the process of creating a branded animation video, given the importance of each step, which we will discuss below.

    Choosing an Animation Style

    There are many different types of animation, ranging from 2D and 3D, to whiteboard animation, stop motion, and various experimental styles. Specialists will help you select the right style depending on the specific goals and ideas that you want to implement in the video.

    Script Writing

    The quality of the script determines how good the video will turn out and whether it will allow you to achieve your goals. If you do not have a ready script, share your ideas with the experts, on the basis of which they will write an interesting script.

    Creating Animation Characters

    Depending on the characteristics of the company activities, specialists will create the appropriate characters. It can be people, animals, or even fictional creatures because animation imposes absolutely no restrictions on the plot.

    Working on Creating Animation

    Animation is painstaking work because specialists need to keep a lot of details in mind at the same time. Based on reality, the animator brings the characters to life, giving them movements and emotions.

    Sound Accompaniment

    It is especially interesting to work with sound in animated videos because it is conditional, metaphorical, and, in fact, can be anything. It depends only on the script and imagination and professionalism of the sound engineer and director.

    Benefits of Using Branded Animated Videos

    Branded animations are in high demand due to their many benefits:

    • Simplicity and clarity to the audience. Animation clips are close to any person, regardless of age and profession. Even if someone has never paid attention to your products, a quality video will attract attention and arouse interest.
    • High engagement. Branded videos are closer to entertainment content than advertising. The art part is important here. Such a clip does not irritate with calls to action, so the viewer is more likely to watch it to the end and remember it.
    • Long-lasting effect. A brand video lasts longer than a product video. It does not touch on the momentary properties of the product but on more general topics, often socially significant. Such advertising will not give an immediate result but it will be watched in a year and 5 years if the idea and topic remain relevant. For example, the Apple video shown in 1984 is still considered the standard of advertising.
    • Strong connection with the audience. Consumers like to associate themselves with favorite brands whose values they share. At the same time, it happens that the product is inferior in terms of its characteristics or cost to competitors. But the brand video can become decisive for the consumer when choosing from products that are equivalent in properties or price.
    • Viral effect. Not only a short defiant video can become viral. Brand advertising can go to the masses no less effectively. However, this should not be the goal, otherwise, the message of the video will be diluted too wide for your potential audience.


    A properly created positive brand video is valuable to the product almost regardless of the market segment in which your organization operates. Many companies often promote only the product itself, without paying more attention to the brand. But first of all, the brand forms customer loyalty, which motivates people to choose the products of a certain manufacturer. As practice shows, loyalty to the brand for the consumer is more important than the cost of the product. 

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