How to Decorate Above a Sofa

How to Decorate Above a Sofa

If you’re unsure of how to decorate above your sofa, you can always start by placing some books or decorative objects on the shelves. There are several ways to display books, including a bookshelf or floating shelves. You can also place some modern art or even wallpaper in this area. A rug also looks nice! This article will show you how to decorate above a sofa to suit your style. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration and ideas to get started.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be a great addition to your living room. Place them above the custom sofa or to the side of it, and display your favorite décor pieces. You can display books, decorative collectibles, framed photographs, and artwork. Floating shelves also allow you to swap out items and easily switch out the look of your living room. The possibilities are endless. Here are three ways to decorate above a sofa with floating shelves:

If you don’t have much wall space, you can opt for a distressed wooden fireplace mantel for the shelf above the couch. Its distressed white finish will blend with the wall and add texture to your living room. A collection of greenery and a rustic farmhouse sign complete the look. For an added pop of color, add a decorative lamp or two or use wall accents to fill the empty space.

Modern art

A stylish way to create a statement wall above a sofa is to add several pieces of modern art. Using large pieces of art in symmetrical patterns and grids can give your living room a cohesive and modern look. A large work of art can be the center of attention and can help bring out the geometric patterns in throw pillows. In addition, modern wall décor can add an organic feeling to your living room.

One large painting or a grouping of paintings can also add an interesting element. The art should be centered over the sofa and should be positioned 4 to 6 inches above the back of the sofa. You can also choose a different arrangement by using different pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sculptures can also add a unique touch, especially if they are made of interesting materials. Hanging posters and other art pieces is also a fun way to add interest to your walls.


When deciding how to decorate above a sofa with wallpaper, you should consider your taste and the style of the room. It should have a calm and relaxed ambiance, and it should have a symmetrical focal point. You can go with a simple patterned wall or an intricate woven basket. Here are some ideas to make your choice easier. One great option is a grid of prints over the back of the sofa. The idea is to make it look like it’s connected to the rest of the room.

Wallpaper can make an otherwise boring wall look more vibrant. For example, a large patterned wallpaper can bring a room to life. This type of wallpaper is perfect for large walls, and there is a wide variety of patterns available. When choosing a pattern, decide whether you want a bold pattern or a more muted color scheme. A great way to find a wallpaper that fits the theme of your room is to research it online before purchasing it.

Adding a rug

Adding a rug above a sofa will make it look larger, and it will also tie the room together. A rug should compliment the color of the sofa, and should also match accent colors in the room. The rug also sets the mood of the room. For an intimate space, a dark, rich color works well. Lighter colors make a room appear larger. Warm colors add warmth to the room while cool ones create a calming atmosphere.

If your space is small, a smaller rug can be used to tie in other seating pieces in the room. The front legs of the furniture can sit on the rug, while the back legs can rest on the floor. In large rooms, you can also place a runner rug at the front leg of the sofa. This will make the room look larger, and will keep furniture from scratching the floor. If you’re not sure how to put a rug over a sofa, you can start by planning the size of the space.

Adding a clock

When you are decorating your home, one of the best ways to add interest is to add a clock above a sofa. It is a simple way to add a unique touch to the room. You can choose from a variety of options for lighting. You can use twinkle lights to wrap around the clock or you can use LED strips. You can also hang lights from the sides of the wall. These lights are more radiant than twinkle lights, and you can use transparent tape or removable adhesive hooks to attach them to the wall. If your wall is brick, you can use brick clips to mount the lights above the clock.

A simple wall clock will work for most spaces. Place it on a north wall, the east wall, the west side, or the north-east wall. If you’d like a large wall clock, consider placing it above your favorite sofa or in the corner of the room. If you have a large living room, you might want to place a large wall clock near the TV, where people tend to congregate.

Adding a console table

Adding a console table to decorate above your sofa can make a big difference in your living room décor. It can add height and interest without overwhelming the room with too much décor. You can use a table to display your favorite trinkets or collectibles, or use it to organize and store other objects. This furniture piece can also be used in other rooms of the house, such as your home office or hallway.

Most console tables are located in the entryway, making them a perfect spot for a rug. In addition to its functional use, a generous rug will add visual interest to the space. A table topped with a mirror will complete the look, and art above it will complete the vignette. However, you must keep in mind that the size of the console table is a factor when selecting an accessory for it.

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