How to find a CTO when launching a startup?


Ensuring the technical innovation of a large or small company can be a daunting task. For this reason, it is necessary to call on a CTO, able to set up, supervise and develop the activities of a start-up or organization.

However, the how to find a cto question requires following an effective recruitment strategy. Indeed, it is important to place a reliable person in this position, as he will be part of the management committee and will contribute to the long-term development of the company. Discover in this article what qualities and skills a CTO should have, as well as the mistakes to avoid when choosing it.

What is a CTO?

The Chief Technical Officer, better known by the acronym CTO, is responsible for the study and implementation of newly created technical opportunities. These technologies are intended to make the company more dynamic in its activities. Similarly, it is necessary for a CTO to be ahead of new practices to boost the functioning of the start-up.

In addition, the role of a CTO is to assess the relevance of the innovations that will be brought to the company. These new technological tools can be adopted within the various departments of the company.

However, the CTO is mainly involved in the development of new technologies for data processing. Its know-how sometimes extends to software innovations, as well as biotechnologies and connected devices. It is therefore a jack-of-all-trades, necessary for the proper functioning of the start-up as well as the dynamism of its activity.

How do I find a good CTO?

Quality CTO don’t run the streets, so it’s important to set up a good talent search methodology. Similarly, the company must identify its needs in order to choose the ideal person to occupy such a position. It may seem difficult at first, but it is possible to find your rare pearl with time and energy.

A complex task and competitive

Before embarking on the search for a CTO, it is important to know that it requires good preparation. This position requires a spirit of initiative and a real experience of entrepreneurship: most students just out of university do not have it.

To give you less of a hard time, it would be a good idea to first determine the roles of your CTO. In the second step, it will be necessary to list the different tasks that he will have to take care of. Finally, it will be necessary to define what its responsibilities will be.

How do assess the technical abilities of the candidates?

To choose the right candidate, a small assessment of his technical skills must be made. Indeed, the CTO must be able to properly manage the risks. Since it makes a wider contribution to the start-up, the latter must have a good command of change management.

Similarly, the candidate for the position of CTO must have in-depth knowledge of ICT, especially with the incessant advances in this field. Good experience in the use of technologies in companies and real relational ease is also required to carry out this mission. However, an important criterion in the choice of the director of new technologies is his ability to effectively manage transversal projects.

In addition, it is crucial to detect in the candidate a real involvement in it research and development. This criterion is sometimes decisive in the choice between several candidates for the position of CTO.

3 key points to make it easier to recruit a CTO

There are different tricks that a start-up can use to find a CTO. Indeed, although the competition in this area is fierce, it is possible to gain an advantage by adopting a better strategy. It then becomes easy to find a dynamic person, able to choose IT innovations according to their relevance.

Attract a CTO against the competition?

An effective way to convince a CTO to join your company would be to put forward your vision. Indeed, having a good idea and a market to conquer, gives your business real potential. This argument can allow you to attract a CTO, who will later help grow the business.

On the other hand, when a company has several investors whose reliability is beyond doubt, this is an advantage over the competition. In this way, it becomes easier to get a CTO to join the ship. In addition to reassuring him about the sustainability of the business, it arouses personal pride. Expose your strengths, they are the ones who will make the difference!

Also, a good work environment can motivate a CTO to join your company. It is not necessarily a question of having table football in the workplace, but of having a welcoming atmosphere and employees. Similarly, the personality of the members of the team can reassure the new recruit about the smooth running of the work.

Finally, do not hesitate to be proactive to gain an advantage over your competitors. It is a question of using sourcing, that is to say, to proceed to the identification, the making of contact, and the canvassing of talents useful to the company. To do this, the recruiter must accurately identify the profiles that meet the selection criteria.

Use networking to find your CTO

Networking consists of creating a secure professional network, targeting the people with whom you want to get in touch. This method is very useful for finding a CTO. Indeed, it is easier to identify in the various established networks, people who have the potential to director of new technologies.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to rely on the many recommendations of the people you meet, to convince your recruit. In addition, various companies, Inoxoft, are now creating internal sites on which they highlight CTO. To do this, they grant them the status of founder or co-founder.


Despite the challenges it presents, finding the right CTO is definitely one of the best decisions you can make for your startup. While there is no magic formula to get your hands on this rare gem, mobilizing your network or outsourcing this strategic position remain options to consider. Whatever strategy you choose, take your time and make sure you choose the right person!


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