How to Find Someone on Snapchat by Phone Number


Finding someone on Snapchat using only their phone number might seem confusing, but this is a simple process sure to help you find the Snapchat account you are looking for. With a phone number, you can narrow down someone’s profile, connect up with them, and take advantage of all the features Snapchat has to offer. 

Our article gives you step-by-step instructions on this process as well as advice on other methods to find Snapchat accounts.

Why Use a Phone Number to Locate Someone on Snapchat?

Using a phone number to locate someone on Snapchat is an easy way of finding accounts when you aren’t sure of the username. It’s also a great way to connect with the people you already have as contacts on your phone, seamlessly blending your connection between social media apps. 

A phone number is also an effective way to search when you want to be sure of which Snapchat account you are locating. You can use a phone number to locate someone on Snapchat in lieu of a username or an attempt to find someone with their real name.

Finding Someone on Snapchat by Phone Number

The following steps will help you locate someone on Snapchat using only their phone number. You will need to have Snapchat installed on your smartphone and a Snapchat account to follow these steps.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone or another device.
  2. Navigate to the top left corner where the search icon is located and tap on it.
  3. Type the phone number into the search bar that appears and then look through the list of profiles the phone number retrieves.
  4. Once you find the profile you are looking for, tap on it for more information, and then select ‘add friend’ to connect with the account on Snapchat. The other person will need to accept your friend request before you can send messages and snaps to each other.

Keep in mind that the person you are looking for will need to have their profile set to searchable with their phone number for this search method to work. If you can’t locate someone on Snapchat using their phone number, try one of the alternate search methods we provide below.

Alternate Snapchat User Search Methods

In the case that searching by phone number doesn’t pull up the accounts you need, you can try these alternate search methods to find a specific user on Snapchat.

Reverse Phone Lookup

A reverse phone lookup tool is a convenient way to locate all of the social media accounts that are connected to a specific phone number. 

Simply type the phone number you are searching for in the tool, run the search, and review the information connected to that number. This method is helpful if you want to determine whether or not someone has a Snapchat account in the first place and what their overall online presence looks like.

It’s important to note that the phone number you are searching for will need to have been used to sign up for various online accounts and social media websites for accurate results. 

In the case that the phone number you have for someone is not the one they use for social media and online use, you won’t be able to locate their Snapchat account or any other account.

Contacts Sync

Syncing your contacts with your Snapchat account is an easy way to figure out the Snapchat accounts of people you may know and to search by phone number without typing it into the search bar. 

When you sync your contact with Snapchat, the app will find all of the accounts that are related to the phone numbers saved in your phone and give you the option of adding them as friends on the app.

To make sure your contacts sync on Snapchat, open up the Snapchat app on your smartphone. Navigate to the top right corner where the “add friends” icon is located. Tap on this, and then navigate to the prompt that says “all contacts.” 

Once you tap on this, Snapchat will ask you if you want to sync your contacts with the app. Tap to allow this, and then you will be able to add friends on Snapchat based on the phone numbers you have saved on your phone.

Search by Username

Searching by username is a simple way to locate someone on Snapchat when you don’t want to sync your contacts or you aren’t sure if the phone number you have for someone is the same one connected to their Snapchat account. 

For this method, open the Snapchat app and navigate to the top left corner where the search icon is. Tap on this, and then type the username you have for someone in the search bar. 

You may also be able to search by their real name and see if this pulls up their Snapchat account. Review the profiles that appear after you search by username and tap “add friends” for the ones that you want to connect with.

Finding the Snapchat Information You Need

Adding friends on Snapchat is a fun way to stay in contact with messages, videos, and snaps of your daily life. However, you may be confused about adding someone on Snapchat if all you have is their phone number. Make sure to review the steps in our article or try some alternative search methods if you need further assistance locating someone on Snapchat with or without a phone number.


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