How to gain more followers on Instagram and make them stay: 3 main hacks you should use


    If you’re a beginner Instagram blogger it might seem like promoting your page is something very hard to do – there are so many talented bloggers here, and you’re not offering anything highly unique or news-breaking, so why would people want to view you in their feed daily? Actually, this is not quite true – each new account on IG brings something new to the table if it is being run by a different person, and when there is authenticity, the readers will be found no matter the theme of the content. To fasten the process of promotion you might need some help from the side, and to make the search for help easier and less expensive we will tell you of several efficient methods of promotion. Some of them won’t demand any money, and some will, but compared to other methods you will need to invest very little to get a great payoff later. 

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    So the first thing that you can do in terms of social media promotion is to analyze your competitors – who’s following them and what are they interested in? Why are people following people? Make that research by yourself or using some help from your friends who have gone through the similar process of promotion, they should have something to tell and share with you. And not only look through the list of subscribers and analyze the target audience, but also… steal those subscribers. Yes, you can do that and it is completely legal; look through the pages of people who are reading your competitors blogs, check if those have recent activity on them (that’s important!) and subscribe to them. But don’t do that if you have nothing on your page, you better add some nice posts and stories in highlights before that, so when the person will visit your page to see who’s following them now, they would see something that can potentially interest them and make them follow you in return. Visit here

    Okay, that’s clear, but what do you do if you need to gain your first dozen subs, and you cannot attract your family and friends for help? There is a hack for that as well, you can buy Instagram followers, but you should be careful with it. Look closely at what exactly you’re buying and whom from: make sure those aren’t just bots and fake pages, because it will negatively backfire on your profile for sure. Instagram algorithms are smart enough to see that a certain page is being visited and followed only by bots – it will lead you to a situation where Instagram will perceive your page as fake as well, and won’t show your content as recommended to real people. And this is the main mechanism that supports any account’s growth and natural development. So if you want to buy real Instagram followers, make sure that those are real – and yes, this is possible, there are decent companies that work by dint of people who are keen on following somebody for a reward. 

    After you’ve gained your “base” that will help with attracting people in the future, how do you make people stay? It is the hardest point, because you might interest somebody enough for a short period of time, but a permanent subscription is a totally different thing that takes lots of effort from a creator of the content. Or doesn’t it? In general, to make people stay you need to stay in touch with them and surprise them from time to time. This is no different from any other type of relationship, and actually, it is easy to do if you perceive blogging as an obligatory part of running your business or living your life in general. Yes, many people who have lots of stuff to do due to their work or business think that they don’t have time for that, but as any new routine it takes several days to adjust and figure out the boundaries – what, why and when can you post to make it easy for you and interesting for the audience? Answer that question and start off; you will quickly see that this isn’t that hard, really. 

    Being on the same wave with your audience is the hardest and the easiest thing at the same – if you have some time to scroll through Insta or TikTok, you’ll find some time to be a blogger. Share sincerely, always answer the questions in the comments and direct messages, and you won’t have any difficulties interacting with your people. They can even give you some clues on what you should post next or what you can do with your brand to  make it grow. If people see that you’re interested in their feedback, they will give it to you and will expect the changes that they were trying to motivate you for. 

    Use the paid services to start off and give yourself a boost, put enough time and effort on posting and on being in touch with people and things will change for the best very quickly. If you don’t have time for direct communication with people, make sure that you hire a person for that – somebody should be “on the phone” and should process all the things that should be done right here and right now. People value responsiveness highly, and if they see that some brand reacts to their needs and questions quicker, they will choose to stay with it and not with the competitor who might look better, but reacts and adjusts slower. 

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