New Year Advice: How To Get Prolific Results This Year- Joro Olumofin

    Best 10 ways to have a fruitful year

    10 ways to get prolific result this year, 2019
    The Love Doctor

    An Abuja based relationship expert and consultant, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram handle(@Joroolumofin) to advice his followers on the best ways to get prolific results this year, 2019.

    Joro Olumofin, popularly known as ‘The Love Doctor’ listed and explained 10 ways to get prolific results this year, which includes having multiple streams of income, doing away with toxic friends and so on. Below is what he has to say..

    Some people are bound not to listen. To those who will listen; You will get Prolific results this Year.

    1: If you have a 9-5 job you need to open a side business and Instagram account for that business. Multiple streams of revenue is key. You can make extra money without leaving your office.

    2: Eliminate Distractions : -Cut off all friends who haven’t patronized your product or given you a simple business referral. -Cut off all friends who beg for credit( I will pay you back Gang) -Cut off Girlfriends who are asking for Valentine’s Day / Birthday gift / Hair money instead of motivating your hustle -Cut any guy off who is asking you to Borrow him money more than once

    3: Stop advertising your business on your personal WhatsApp and Snapchat. Your friends will never patronize you the way strangers will. Your friends will owe you and bargain for useless prices. Strangers can order worth millions. Friends will never.

    4: Advertise your products consistently on blogs. Key word is consistency. 1 advert is enough for your business to Blow into millions.

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    5: Compromise : -If you’re a smart guy stick to your girlfriend or wife you will save a lot of money. More girlfriends is more spending on useless investments without any results. Only temporary gains.
    -If you’re a lady cut back on material things like shoes, hair , material, makeup etc advertise your business, buy land, look for 3 smart minded people like you and start a business

    6:YouTube : watch YouTube videos on how to run multiple business and ideas that will bring millions in Months

    7: Start small. You don’t need a lot of money to start. All you need is a phone and MB. People can pre-order from you

    8: Don’t market what you can’t deliver. Do what you can.

    9: Have a monthly budget for adverts

    10: No idea is Stupid
    Good luck everyone ❤️



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