How to Get UK Phone Number for SMS?


    The United Kingdom of Great Britain is an island country that consists of three territories –  England, Scotland, and Wales. It occupies about 242,5 thousand square kilometers with almost 200 cities. The country is home to almost 66,650,000 people.

    Many businesses have their divisions, branches, or offices there. Many people have friends, relatives, or acquaintances in the county. Thus, connection is important in both the business sphere and everyday life.

    The modern world is distinguished by a wide variety of means for communication and staying in touch. Virtual phone numbers are convenient tools of VoIP telephony that allow connecting residents of other countries from abroad. Users can:

    • give calls and receive incoming calls;
    • send and receive SMSs;
    • set multi-channel lines;
    • connect a Welcome message or other voice questionnaires, etc.

    Moreover, to cope with all these actions, a smartphone is not needed. The solution has lots of features and simplifies the lives of both ordinary users and businessmen.

    Reasons to Connect a Virtual Number

    If you buy virtual number receive SMS, you’ll get the following perks:

    1. 100% privacy when registering on social networks or in messengers. A fake phone will help protect yourself from hackers and data leakage. Security when browsing websites is guaranteed.
    2. No need to buy any hardware or SIM cards. Virtual phone management is carried out online in your personal account.
    3. Scalability and flexibility. There is no need to go on missions or frequently visit the country to guide the business.
    4. Unlimited access to all websites. Some utilities, apps, or portals are not available in your country. Buying a foregone number will help bypass this ban and access all resources, including forbidden ones.
    5. A cost-effective solution. If compared to roaming, temporary online phones are cheaper. Service providers offer reasonable tariffs for subscriptions.

    How and Where to Get this Solution?

    Are you interested in how to get a UK mobile number? Here’s a detailed guide:

    Choose a trusted service provider.

    Temporary phone numbers are sold on specialized online resources. Thus, to start with, you should surf several websites, study the offered conditions, and select a suitable one. When browsing platforms, pay attention to the following points:

    • the codes of what countries are offered?
    • how many numbers can one person buy per time? (some providers can set limits);
    • what subscription plans are available?
    • what is the geo of covered regions?
    • what other perks are provided?
    • price policies.

    Compare several websites and filter the most suitable one.

    1. Register on the website.

    Pass the registration procedure by filling out all the needed personal information. Here, you should enter your real phone to confirm your identity and activate a profile.

    2. Decide on the crucial issues.

    Think about the following information:

    • how many phones do you need?
    • for how long do you need them?
    1. Study a price policy and calculate the cost of the number and the subscription.
    2. Deposit your balance for a sufficient sum of money to pay for services.
    3. Submit a purchase request where you should specify the mentioned points.
    4. Make a payment.

    Further, you’ll have to enter a login and password to access your account. All settings and management will be carried out directly in this account.

    Alternative Options for Online Numbers

    Now, let’s consider what other solutions on how to get a UK phone number in the US exist. These include:

    • disposable phones;
    • free phone numbers.

    Disposable phones are temporary solutions. As a rule, the validity period is limited. Usually, users can apply them just one or several times. Yet, the price for such numbers is quite high. Virtual phones have a more affordable price policy and are valid for the subscription period. Thus, it is possible to use them an unlimited number of times.

    Free phone numbers are insecure. Moreover, their quality is not guaranteed. Then trying to save money, users can face personal data stealing and blackmailing or right infringement.

    Online phones come as the most convenient, secure, and cost-effective solution for international communication. Now, you know how to get UK number in India, Europe, America, or wherever throughout the globe. Virtual numbers are designed to improve user privacy and security when surfing the Internet and get unlimited access to all Web resources. In the business environment, the solution simplifies the process of business development and promotion in a new region and brings customers closer to managers.

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