How to make the most out of your devices in academia?


    As students, we often pay little to no attention to devices and their potential, using them as pdf openers or presentation makers. Of course, it doesn’t mean all students use gadgets like laptops and smartphones similarly. Some are incredibly innovative and squeeze the most out of their devices, automatically generating texts, coding, etc. But the number of such students is insufficient. Besides, you should have a knack for such things, as they are not effortless. Regardless, many more easy ways to leverage your laptop and smartphone exist, and this is what this article is about. Read on to learn more.

    Work in Google Docs

    Google Docs is a product of Google which needs to be pointed out. Essay writing is a constitutive part of any academic degree and course. As you might have already experienced, nearly every teacher assigns papers, so it’s crucial to know how and where to write them quickly and effectively. Of course, there will be moments where you can’t complete the report but turn to an essay writing service,, for instance. But it is no need to say that you will handle most papers individually. And this is when Google Docs comes into play. In a nutshell, it’s fast, smooth, and reliable. Likewise, you can work in Google Docs from any device without worrying about the progress, as it saves every keyboard move momentarily.

    Customize the browser

    A browser is a window to the depth of online content that will come in handy in college. With the browser, you can find answers to academic questions, find the relevant literature, and many more. But on the other hand, inappropriate use of the browser jeopardizes your personal data, which you want to keep under lock and key, undoubtedly (unless?). So the first thing we encourage you to do is customize the browser. We, for instance, like using Brave because it’s time-trusted and highly performative. Not only can you rest assured that your data is protected, but you can also quickly send links to your smartphone. Brave is a product of Mozilla’s creator, so its functionality speaks for itself. Plus, it allows you to make some crypto coins. Feel enticed enough yet?

    Leverage Google Drive

    Google Drive is a must in academia, period. This cloud storage is a lifesaver for those who forget their materials at home while having relentless teachers who can easily score you low just because you are forgetful. Besides, why carry a batch of books if you can get them in pdf, upload them to your Google Drive account, and reach them from any device? The free space offered by the app is enough to help do your B. ( A., M.A., and even Ph.D. degrees.

    Use practical web resources

    College is a promising field for app devs, which is why you can find numerous apps and resources for students, but not only. Take Grammarly, for instance. Although initially designed for business purposes, students can take advantage of this tool, and so should you! Grammarly will give your writing a good polish, allowing the paper to score high. In addition, check Hemingway Editor, Notion, and Cold Turkey to reach even better productivity and attention.


    These are only a drop in the ocean of things you can do with your laptop in academia. Check our other articles to learn more ways to leverage your devices. Good luck!


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