How to make Windows 10 desktop look like Mac [In one click]?


    Do you want to make your messy office Windows 10 desktop look like a Mac? Are you looking for a free desktop management tool to clean your cluttered desktop? As you know, in the office many people use the signal computer because of a shortage of PCs. While a group of people working on the Same project uses each other’s PC which is a normal thing. Personally, we do this, but one thing that irritates me the most is that people keep their PC desktops full of files, photos, and software icons. Because of all this mess, i experience difficulty finding my files, and it takes time to find files one by one. I always try to clean my office messy desktop, but because of time shortage, I can’t clean the desktop manually. 

    Keeping your desktop messy is not good at all because a messy desktop affects the efficiency of a PC and also decreases your productivity. You can’t perform different tasks and functions easily on your messy desktop. 

    Additionally, it is important to clean and organize the PC desktop because it saves time. You don’t need to spend much time finding a single file. During the presentation, I saw a lot of people take too much time to show their files on the presentation screen because of their cluttered desktops. That’s why keeping your desktop organized is important to save your and others time. But how is it possible to keep the desktop clean? What should we do to manage everything? 

    This article will guide you on how to quickly clean your cluttered PC with iTop Easy Desktop in 2023.

    iTop Easy Desktop 

    iTop Easy Desktop is a  user-friendly desktop organizer that enables you to arrange the files, folders, and desktop icons in accordance with your own guidelines. 

    iTop Easy Desktop is an intriguing software program that was created specifically to give you a simple technique of arranging all of your folders and files so that you can access them from the desktop with just a few quick mouse clicks. Your desktop icons won’t need to be manually arranged anymore because iTop Easy Desktop is Available.

    The main benefit of iTop Easy Desktop is that it increases your productivity and efficiency. Because keeping everything organized will enable you to do more work, whether in your physical workspace or your computer desktop. 

    If you want your windows PC well organized and smooth to use, get iTop Easy Desktop on your windows10.  It will organize desktop quickly. 

    Features and functions of iTop Easy Desktop  

    iTop Easy Desktop aims to give you effective tools for decluttering your desktop. It can assist you in organizing your icons so that you can work more quickly and effectively. 

    Here are some epic features and functions of iTop Easy Desktop mentioned below 

    • Declutter desktop quickly 

    The iTop Easy Desktop organizer is completely automatic. This all-encompassing software can also be used to clean & organize things into boxes and group files, folders, photos, or icons downloaded, created, or received on the desktop. There is also a convenient manual mode there. All in all, iTop Easy Desktop makes it simple for everyone to organize their desktops in one click.

    • Easy Access Folder with Folder Portal & Personalize Boxes

    All users of the iTop Easy Desktop can instantly access every folder from the desktop thanks to the feature called “Folder Portal.” Making use of this tool significantly enhances users’ productivity. 

    Additionally, users can use the one and only iTop Easy Desktop to perform more activities by changing the exact transparency of boxes, simply altering the color of the boxes, adding different names of folders and more.

    • Quickly locate or hide things 

    iTop Easy Desktop has a lot of helpful tools to increase productivity in addition to organizing desktop icons. On the desktop, you can quickly double-click to show and hide each box.

    Additionally, the quick search bar makes it possible for users to quickly find folders and files using hotkeys, which is much quicker than the default Windows search tools.

    • Data security

    The iTop Easy Desktop is loaded with advanced features that protect the user data from being stolen. If there is any important file or sensitive data available in users PC they can encrypt that file and protect data. These files can be opened by a person who has the password of those files. 

    How to use iTop Easy Desktop? 

    This user-friendly desktop organizer is feasible to use. You don’t have to make any extra effort to use it because it automatically arranges all the things in the shortest time. 

    if you are interested in organizing your desktop automatically, follow these below-mentioned steps

    Step 1: 

    First of all, turn on that PC which you want to clean and organize, go to Google or any other chrome and visit iTop official website or Softonic and download iTop Easy Desktop. This file will be completely downloaded in a short time. 

    Step 2: 

    When you see it is completely downloaded, go to the downloads folder, open this file and install it. It will ask for your permission and some other basic settings during the installation process. The Installation process takes less than one minute.

    Step 3

    After the installation, launch the iTop Easy Desktop on your PC 

    Step 4:

    Now you will be directed to the Application interface; here, a complete guide is available on how to organize manually. But the easiest way is to do it automatically. Choose a Quick start option, and the iTop Easy Desktop will clean your desktop by arranging all files in different boxes and folders.

    Final words

    As you know it is really satisfying to have a tidy and clean desktop. Keeping an extremely structured desktop can help you to relax. Before it gets worse, keep an eye on the desktop clutter. It always takes longer than expected to organize an extremely disorganized desktop. But right now, you don’t have to be concerned about this disaster. Because iTop Easy Desktop is available. This tool will help you to get rid of a messy desktop.

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