How to Pin a Comment On TikTok?

    How to Pin a Comment On TikTok

    TikTok is following other social media platforms in allowing users to pin comments. Here are the steps to take and the benefits of doing so. Each of us has encountered pinned comments in the comments section of an Instagram or YouTube post. 

    Additionally, TikTok now allows you to pin comments. You may have been curious about why creators pin comments and how they operate.

    Any app would benefit from having a “pinned comment” function because they are helpful for various purposes. We’ll define pinned comments, examine their significance, and demonstrate how to use them in the comment sections of your TikTok articles.

    What is a Pinned Comment?

    Not all comment sections have pinned comments, but when they do, they always show up at the top or in the summary of comments that can be seen from the feed. A pinned remark will typically have additional text that says “pinned” directly above or adjacent to the author’s words. Additionally, it might contain a tiny push-pin icon to show that the comment is pinned.

    On their postings, only creators can pin and unpin TikTok Comments. When they do, the author will be notified that the remark has been pinned; an unpinned comment does not trigger a notification.

    What Does a Pinned Comment Mean?

    Pinned comments are no different from other app features because they all have a purpose. Let’s look at the reasons creators decide to pin comments.

    Creators desire that viewers see their preferred comment

    The goal of posting on TikTok is to engage viewers to the content you want them to see. The same logic applies to comments. The comment you liked the most or that made you feel the best can be pinned to show visitors more about you as a creator.

    Emphasizing Vital Information

    Some commenters will summarize a post, mainly if it is lengthy, which can aid visitors in better conceptualizing the information.

    Sometimes a writer forgets to provide crucial information in the post. To remind viewers of what they overlooked, the creator will pin the comment that contains that information. Additionally, the author can pin comments so that their response is prominently displayed towards the top when a viewer asks a question about the topic.

    Emphasize a Commentary Thread

    A creator could want to pin a comment that leads into a thread where users discuss ideas and perspectives related to the material, much to how vital information is highlighted.

    Reduce critical remarks

    For many creators, online bullying is an awful reality, but one way to prevent it is to pin a comment. If a creator gets negative feedback, they can choose one encouraging comment and pin it. It will probably become the most well-liked comment because it will be the first one viewers see. By doing this, other people could be more likely to comment positively.

    Decide on the General Ambience of the Comment Section

    Whatever the justification, a pinned comment will establish the general atmosphere for the comment section and possibly the entire post. For instance, pinning a humorous comment would let viewers know that the writer enjoys comedy and wants to reflect that in their posts, making the comment section more jovial. 

    Pinning information texts encourages conversation by letting readers know that the post’s author takes it seriously.

    How to Pin a TikTok Comment

    It’s simple to pin a comment on TikTok. Just carry out these actions.

    • Find the comment that you want to save. You may do this by using the Me symbol in the bottom tab to find the post on your account, then pressing on the three-dot bubble to navigate through the comments. Alternatively, you can select Inbox to see your alerts, find the comment, and then access the post’s comment area.
    • When you long-press a comment, a pop up will display
    • Choose Pin comment from the pop-up menu.

    The word “Pinned” will show in a grey box to the left of the comment. The remark might not appear at the top of this section right away.

    Why it’s Important to Pin Comments on TikTok Posts

    Pinning comments may enhance your TikTok postings by sparking debates, preventing hostility, and providing your audience with a better understanding of your thoughts. And that’ll probably boost your involvement as well. Therefore, use this easy tutorial to pin a comment the next time you see one you like.

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