How To Solve Storage Problems On Your Mac?

Storage Problems On Mac

Ever since the launch of M1 macs, the number of Mac users has grown exponentially. While most people have upgraded from previous models of macs to the new M1, many have chosen to shift from a windows environment to the Mac OS. Let’s see how to solve storage problems on your Mac.

Whether you’ve brought a new mac or you’re planning to buy one, one of your biggest concerns is the storage. While Apple has bumped up their minimum storage from 128 GB to 256 GB, people switching from Windows are still used to working with 512 GB at least. 

You can check your storage usage by clicking on the apple icon in the top menu and clicking on the “About This Mac” option. You will see your information, such as the Mac OS version, etc. You should switch to the storage tab to see the division of the used space in your mac. Here are some ways with which you can better optimize and manage your storage space. 

Use Cloud Storage

Many online storage options are available in the present day, be it from Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any other tech giant. While cloud storage may not look convenient at first glance, it is extremely useful and handy for utility. More than just eliminating your worries about running out of storage. 

Cloud storage provides a universality, meaning that you can access your data through any device, be it your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. Some of the options you can look at are iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One drive, etc. 

Use External Hard-drive

External Hard disks are very convenient to use; Solid State Drive (SSD) is a better option. You can find many other uses for it besides storage as well. Moreover, they are affordable one-time investments and are very cost-effective. If you travel frequently and have to work while traveling, this is a safer option because it does not require internet connectivity. Depending on your usage, you can find many storage options, such as 1 TB, 2 TB.

Optimize your Mac

You can do this manually; however, it is tricky for you to do so because it requires you to look at the System and Others files. Take the help of the internet to learn more about it. You can easily do this through third-party apps.

Manage your disk space, delete the unwanted files, only keep urgently required files on your Mac, rest all transfer it to cloud or external HD 


These are some of how you can declutter your mac. While Cloud storage is the best option, it serves to be one of the more expensive options in the long run with the most affordable payment scheme. Moreover, different options offer different storage, so the value of money depends highly on which service you choose. 

They might not be the greatest choice for someone who has limited access to the internet or is a frequent traveler. On the other hand, while SSDs and HDDs are more of a relatively less expensive investment, they offer great return value. It does not depend on the internet, so it might be perfect for someone who travels a lot. 


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