How to uninstall 4rabet apps?


    The 4rabet application is a licensed software developed by the legendary bookmaker. Now it is not necessary to move away from the desktop computer screen to bet on money, it is enough to take a smartphone and download a convenient application. To date, an updated version of the program is available to users of the bookmaker. Installing the software is relatively easy, as the updated version weighs only 36. ( 53 MB. There is no need to pay for downloading, the program is compatible with all Android devices, starting with Android 4.x. For people who bet on sports, it is extremely important to always have an overview of all sports events. The 4rabet app will help you save and win large sums.

    Advantages of the 4rabet mobile app

    1. Simple and clear interface of the mobile application, perfectly adapted for one-finger control and extremely conveniently scaled to any known screen resolution of the mobile device;
    2. Saving internet traffic by constantly updating content. You will be able to use the bookmaker club efficiently, even in the conditions of the worst mobile Internet.
    3. There is always access, if there is Internet and there is no need to look for alternatives and mirrors;
    4. Viewing sports matches in real time.

    Download the mobile app

    4rabet for Android was not developed by chance, since the vast majority of smartphone users use Android-based aggregates. Although the process of downloading the software itself seems very simple, there are still important nuances. The standard way to download the 4rabet package will not work, since it is forbidden to publish applications from bookmakers in the official software store. Now every betting fan will be able to start making profitable sports betting at any time and place convenient for himself, using just his mobile phone. This way you can earn even more money, because you have more time to bet in the 4rabet gaming betting club.

    Differences between a mobile site and a desktop

    The capabilities of 4rabet mobile completely duplicate the functionality of the desktop version of the bookmaker’s website. But the interface is different. This is due to the optimization for touch control and the relatively small size of the smartphone display. Here are the main differences:

    • Main menu. On the desktop portal, it is a horizontal ruler of links and is always displayed. On the mobile version of 4rabet, the main menu is hidden. To call it, you need to press the button at the top of the screen. After that, a list of sections will appear.
    • Coupon. On a desktop resource, the ticket is always displayed on the right side of the screen. It is hidden on the phone version (for obvious reasons – it just wouldn’t fit on the page). The link to the coupon is located in the main menu.
    • Top selection of sports events. 4rabet, like other bookmakers, places a pool of the most interesting matches on the main page. On the gadget resource, it is made not in the form of a list, but in the form of a ribbon that scrolls from left to right. The selection is divided into two parts: pre-match and live. On the one hand, this solution saves space on the screen. On the other hand, it allows you to display all sports events from the top.
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