How to use video branding to improve your online presence? 

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#Just stating facts – An average adult will spend 80 minutes per day watching digital videos by 2023. As a marketer, you need to hear, remember this, and plan your brand strategy accordingly. 

It is no secret that videos can create and boost customer engagement fourfold compared to digital content. It is a shareable and compelling way to convey your brand’s message. With the assistance of video branding – you will convince your target audience that your product is worth their investment (both mental and financial). In this digital document, you will get an outline of how you may use video format to establish your brand. 

Let’s explore – 

How to make a video to promote your brand?

Your TikTok reels will not be the standard when you are looking to make videos for brand promotion. So, how will you make that perfect video? 

Step 1 – Note down your target audience 

Before you come up with a plan to create a video format to highlight your brand, you need to know your target audience. It is based on that, you will chart out an objective to captivate your audience. 

Take an example – Say your brand targets kids and pre-teenage groups. When you are creating a video, you will have to use colors, language, and pictures that they can easily catch. For this, you will have to choose a video editing tool of high caliber that comes with multiple features quite like Vidnoz, which ensures that you can customize the video as per your target audience’s demand. 

Step 2 – Tell stories that people want to know 

When you have recognized your target audience, you will have to concentrate on the story. Start by deciding on what people want to know, and then narrate it in a manner that suits their mental parity. Your video has to be intriguing and also have girth so that the audience shares and re-shares it. 

Step 3 – Create a video customized for ‘your brand’ 

Why is it that some colors or a particular song get associated with a brand? It’s because of the visual and aural connections! When you create a video to highlight your brand to the market, you must create ‘a unique’ feature, maybe pick up a color that strategically points towards your brand. Maybe you could add a jingle to your video, which would remind people of your brand! That’s how you forge a bond between your brand and the audience. 

You could try this – create a content highlighting the values of your brand and then use a video editing tool to personalise the video. This will automatically shoot up your customer base. 

Which style of video engages the audience most? 

Assuming you have understood how to create that specifically targeted video for brand promotion, the next salient feature you must know is – which style engages the maximum audience. Here are some of the most-opted picks – 

  • An animated explainer video 

This animated video – which mostly starts with an intriguing query, is a true hit and hot topic with most viewers! They allow the viewers to see a context beyond the basic characters, engaging them in a wider context. In fact, the color combo is a key factor in this. After all, everyone attaches ‘red’ to the Coca-Cola brand. 

  • The ‘tell your story’ style

The other way to prep branding videos is to present the message in a ‘tell your story’ format. As the video rolls, the viewer seems to resonate their personal story with your brand, thereby attracting customers. To personalize it – you must use a supreme quality online sound tester that will help to modulate the voice, asserting it more with the viewers’ emotions. 

  • The ‘direct people’s views’ alternative

How about directly talking and telling about your product to the audience as the reels play on the backdrop? A category of the audience prefers to see or hear directly about your brand rather than going in for an animation roll-out. Therefore, when you create a branding video for them, you must curate it accordingly. 

When you prepare a branding video keeping these styles in your mind, the mass engagement of those videos is wider vis-a-vis a random video for your brand promotion. 

What to check before choosing a video editing tool 

If you are still on the page, one may assume you have comprehended how to use a video editing tool accurately to enhance your business. But a query remains. With too much branding – how do you know which video editor will suit your requirement more? 

Here’s the checklist – 

  1. The stock content must have the license 

When you are picking up a video editing tool, they come with a set of stock content. Ensure that they are copyright protected, the required licensing is done, and the usage details are clear – so that you have no issues when using them (especially for putting them up on social media). 

  1. Cloud integration is essential 

If you decide to pick up a video editing tool, ensure that it has a cloud integration facility. There will be multiple people working on a video, and with a cloud integration facility, they will be able to collaborate on the video as a team. 

  1. Must have multiple video formats 

As a video creator for your brand, you must have access to numerous facilities in a video tool to create that ‘perfect video for your brand.’ From using the facility to record webcam online to capturing video in different resolutions – your editing tool must be equipped with a variety of formats that you may adjust as per your target video format. 

  1. Check the features and optimization 

Lastly, you have to check the smart features (color grading and correction and visual effects) that this tool offers. When creating professional videos, you need advanced skills, and therefore you must choose accordingly. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know how precisely video promotion can amplify your brand’s market presence, let’s give you some statistics to confirm. 

As per an individual survey, the viewers of branded content were more likely (by a margin of 62%) to show a marked change in reaction compared to a brand with a written media presence. Another figure from this survey showed that almost 17% of those who had watched the branded videos were more likely to buy the brand. 

Therefore, as you see the popularity from the stats, you must invest in an excellent video-making tool where you can create the ‘ideal video’ content for your brand to expand its reach. 



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