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Do You Know You Can Watch Free Movies On Youtube? See How

You Can Watch Interesting Movies such as Terminator, Legally Blonde, Zookeeper, etc. free on Youtube

Watch free movies on Youtube


When I saw that you can now watch free movies on YouTube, I was simply amazed. Though, the movies are not the latest blockbusters, but this is a welcome development for a start. More than 100 movies were quietly added from major studios to YouTube’s  service recently for your viewing pleasure. You don’t need  to be a YouTube TV subscriber or  YouTube Premium user to watch the free movies. No signed in to your google account is needed either to watch the free movies on YouTube. The only problem is that you’ll be willing to see few ads before you can watch the movies. No doubt, it’s a major turn off for some but considering the fact that most streaming platforms offer this service for some bucks, YouTube deserves some praises for making it free. Some of the titles include all the Rocky films, Terminator, Legally Blonde, Zookeeper, and others.

How To Watch Free Movies on YouTube

Watch free movies on YouTube

To watch the free movies on YouTube from a browser, go to the YouTube Free to Watch section. You will see all the free movies available to you. Just browse through them and choose the one you’ll love to see from the right playlist panel.

For those using YouTube app, you can access the free movies in the Trending category under the Movies & Shows section. You will be served with some ads too but not much before watching the free movies.

Meanwhile, the Roku Channel launched free ad-supported movie streaming service in 2017 on its Roku devices and TVs. Roku later extended the service to the web for everyone to access. Seems this was what YouTube noticed, before quietly launching the free streaming flicks, in an attempt to keep up with the competition.

It also important to note that you can watch free ad-supported movies and TV on Vudu as well. Vudu offers a lot more films than either YouTube or Roku. It has lots of titles broken down into different categories like Action, Dramas, Comedies, and more. You can as well get the latest Marvel blockbuster or popular Oscar-nominated films, but they are decent titles and the best part is they are free.

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