Hublot Takes A Responsible Approach to Green Watch Trend


Corporate responsibility is the way a business takes responsibility for its decisions and their impact on its employees, the environment, and communities, overall. It is increasingly more important today as consumers become more aware of the potential impact of their purchases. Let’s see Hublot takes a responsible approach to the green watch trend.

This responsibility can take many forms. But, one that yields significant results is supporting community activities targeted at solving social and environmental problems such as poverty and global warming. In the case of Hublot, the latest in its efforts to give back to the community is by directing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of its new Big Bang Unico watch to rhino conservation. 

The new Big Bang Unico SORAI follows the green watch trend with its green ceramic case, reminiscent of the rich green landscapes of South Africa. It is Hublot’s clever way to remain relevant while supporting an initiative to protect biodiversity. 

LOOK: Hublot Launches Big Bang Unico SORAI to Help Save Baby Rhino 

Just a year and a half after partnering with Save Our Rhino Africa India (SORAI), Hublot has renewed its commitment to rhino conservation with the launch of its second limited-edition ceramic Big Bang Unico SORAI. It follows the inaugural SORAI watch released in the fall of 2019, but instead of the original beige, it has a warm green color and is also limited to just 100 pieces. 

The new Big Bang Unico SORAI watch features a warm green micro-blasted ceramic case that measures about 45mm wide and 15mm thick, a matching green skeletonized dial, and markers. Interestingly, the unusual colorway of the new SORAI coordinates with its quick-change strap options—a camo-effect rubber and a green fabric strap. Whereas the fabric option renders a rugged and tool-like appearance, the rubber strap looks functional as it is durable and comfortable on the wrist. Both options are fitted with a proprietary strap system that uses a seat-belt-like clip on both ends that is released using a push-button. 

Like any other Big Bang Unico, the SORAI is powered by a Hublot-manufactured flyback chronograph movement, the MHUB1242. It is automatically wound and impresses with a generous 72 hours of power reserve. It offers time and date features as well as a 60-minute chronograph measurement with flyback capability. These complications are partially visible through the skeletonized dial. 

Beyond these features, arguably the highlight of this watch is the rhino applique at 9 o’clock. It not only adds a beautiful detail to the model but also serves as a symbol of its true purpose. Other interesting specs include a sapphire glass caseback printed with the SORAI logo and 100m of water resistance. 

Big Bang Unico SORAI Sales Will Be Donated to a Rhino Sanctuary 

A portion of the sales of the new Hublot SORAI watch will be donated to Care for Wild, the world’s largest rhino sanctuary located in South Africa. It is being supported by SORAI, an initiative started by Kevin Pietersen, and is geared towards protecting endangered animals, including rhinos.

It has formed several partnerships with different organizations to help with its cause and one of them is Hublot. While the Swiss watch brand did not disclose what percentage of the sales will go to SORAI, they stated that a large portion of it is earmarked for saving and raising orphaned baby rhinos. 

What’s better news is that although Hublot has already committed part of the proceeds of its SORAI watch, you can also do your part without having to purchase a watch by making donations. The Hublot website accepts donations as little as $1. These will be used to fund the milk supply for the baby rhinos. 

Rescuing & Rehabilitating Orphaned Baby Rhinos

Rhinos in Africa face an ongoing threat of being poached for the illegal trade of their horns. This surge in poaching is primarily driven by the demand for their horns in Vietnam, both for their medicinal purposes and as a way to display wealth. 

After poachers slaughter the rhinos, baby rhinos are left behind. Being orphaned is a traumatic event, even for humans—just imagine its impact on young, fragile animals. Left on their own, orphaned baby rhinos have little to zero chance of survival. This underlines the necessity for immediate action and coordinated efforts to protect the well-being of rhinos and ensure their growth in secure environments. 

Care for Wild takes on this enormous task by rescuing these orphaned rhinos, providing immediate aid, and raising them in a sanctuary equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, communication networks, and monitored by trained dogs. Its mission also involves rehabilitation and rewilding or the release of rhinos to their natural but monitored habitat. 

SORAI and Hublot

Hublot is using its global influence to shed light on an urgent ecological cause. Its partnership with SORAI and its return for a second limited-edition can have a catalyst effect that would inspire other brands to do the same. It goes to show that beyond following today’s trends, there is more to this green Hublot Big Bang watch. 

Limited to just 100 units, the new Unico SORAI retails for $24,100 and is available now via the Hublot website as an online exclusive. It’s for the brand’s fans who are looking for a unique green ceramic watch that delivers, both aesthetic and purpose-wise. 


True to its name, Big Bang, the brand’s flagship collection made a significant impact in the world of watchmaking. Since its launch in 2005, it propelled Hublot to great success, earning them several awards in design and functionality. To this day, it continues to show no sign of slowing down. 

From 2005 forward, there have been several Big Bang models, each reflecting the brand’s innovative concept, the “Art of Fusion”. This stems from its success in combining gold and rubber to create a one-of-a-kind piece that not only looks exceptional but also one that’s built to last. The latest offering under this collection not only preserves this traditional and cutting-edge expertise but also renews Hublot’s social responsibility and commitment to wildlife preservation. 

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