Ideas For Reflective Essay Topics


What is a reflective essay?

Reflective essays allow you to express your thoughts and emotions about certain events that can be real or imaginary. Writing this type of essay helps you to boost your analysis and critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to develop and express your opinions, thoughts, and emotions on a topic. Writing such essays will help you explore your creativity, and subjective ideas and reflect upon deeper meanings in things. These examples will surely inspire you too, and make it easier for you to order an essay! Let’s begin.

Is the fear of writing your very first reflective essay looming over you and making you feel paralyzed? Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us but don’t let buttons on your keyboard scare you. If you are not sure where to begin Top Essay Writing is here with some amazing essay topic ideas for you.

Reflective essays can seem completely confusing if you’re not quite sure of the topic to start with. Let’s start with the basics first, critical essays analyze life experiences (real or made up) and, with the right topic, they’re not too hard to write. This kind of essay is a lot like a personal diary entry because it’s really subjective. So let’s explore in detail what kind of reflective essay topics you can write on.

Reflective Essay Topics:

  • A conversation that made you very angry and why did it make you feel that way.
  • A time someone close to you said something that disappointed or discouraged you.
  • Your experience of watching the ocean with sand between your toes.
  • How did you feel looking at a sunset in the meadows?
  • Your childhood bedroom versus your bedroom at this point in life.
  • The town where you grew up and how has it changed with time.
  • A Holiday that holds meaning to you; for example, Christmas, Easter, Hanukah, Valentines, 4th of July, Chinese New Year, Eid, or St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Your visit to a museum or a zoo and what impact it had on you? Was it good or bad and in what way was this a turning point for me?
  • A time when you went on a trip to an exotic location.
  • Something you saw that involved human rights violation and how did you react to it?
  • How did you go through a difficult problem and what did you do about it?
  • How you completed a difficult research project and your feelings throughout the entire experience.
  • The time you went to your favorite landscape such as the beach, mountains, countryside, city, or desert.
  • Your special hideaway as a kid or as an adult.
  • Your childhood home or your permanent home.
  • What does your grandparents’ home mean to you?
  • A life-altering event, what was your experience, and what did you learn out of it?
  • A special date, what did you notice, and what does it mean in your life?
  • The time when you failed or succeeded at something, how it impacted your life, and whether it was a good or a bad thing for you.
  • A time you learned something new, what skills did you learn and how can this help in your life and career?
  • An experience that helped you expand your understanding of your own culture or a different culture.
  • A time you overcame one of your fears, its emotional importance and how has it changed the way you think.
  • An important memory that still affects you and why. Is that effect good or bad or how do you react to it?
  • A significant conversation made you realize someone else was right.
  • Recurring or significant thoughts that affect you, what effect do they have and what do they make you feel this way?
  • A dream or daydream that foretold things that would happen later.
  • A conversation you wish you had or something you wish you had done when you were a certain age or at a point in life.
  • A story you have told about yourself that wasn’t true and why you do it.
  • An embarrassing moment that was unexpected or expected and how do you feel about it now?
  • The person you’d like to be and what made you want to be like them.
  • A strong emotion that acts as a driving force in your life. Why is it emotionally important or emotionally difficult?
  • An impactful experience or series of experiences that developed or changed your understanding of theology, God, or religion.
  • A book, movie, T.V. show, song, play, or another form of media that changed the way you think. What are your favorite elements and what do they mean?
  • Social media posts that left a deep impact on you and the reason for the impact.
  • An article that turned out to be completely different from what you were expecting it to be.
  • A concert you went to that became an unforgettable memory.
  • A vacation that made you discover your purpose or meaning in life.
  • Important people, who have an impact on your life, who are they, and why?
  • Your best friend or someone extremely close to you (pets included).
  • Someone who hurt you and what did it make you realize?
  • A special teacher or life coach who hanged the way you think and how has it impacted your life?
  • An experience that you share with others that is unique to you. Why and how would have others experienced it in a different way?
  • What does your typical routine look like and is it good or bad for your future goals?
  • Something you learned from someone else that you now use to help other people.
  • A first-time experience that you would want to relive.
  • The happiest day, month, or year of your life.
  • A time when you woke up feeling different and why?
  • Your first or most significant social embarrassment and how did it affect the way you think and behave?
  • A fictional character who inspired you to change something about yourself.
  • A time when someone entered or left your life, how it happened and what impact did it have on you.
  • Your experience of getting caught and confronted with a lie and what did you learn from it?
  • Your earliest childhood memory and what significance does it hold for you?
  • A time you helped someone but regretted it.
  • What happened when you told someone or a group of people something they didn’t want to hear or weren’t prepared to hear it?
  • Your experience of sitting on the roof of a building or at a height looking down at the horizon.


The first step when it comes to writing any kind of essay is to choose a topic to work on. Although this stage sounds fun, it can be incredibly confusing with all those options to choose from. Most students go blank at this point and settle for a mediocre topic, only to regret it later. ( If you haven’t been able to brainstorm a workable topic, here is an entire list to choose from.

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