How To Increase The Rate Of Engagement On TikTok?

    Rate Of Engagement On TikTok

    TikTok’s popularity is dynamically increasing, and it has recently been one of the most downloaded social media applications. Millions of businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers are using TikTok and gaining organic reach for their content. TikTok’s engagement rate is high compared to other social media platforms. So the brands to increase engagement rates have started to buy tiktok likes and secure a great spot on the ‘For You Page.’ First, it is essential to understand the key metrics to maximize your reach.

    Let’s get onto the article and explore more strategies for gaining organic visibility. Let’s get started!

    What Is A Reasonable Engagement Rate In TikTok, And How To Calculate It?

    As per statistics, the average engagement rate on TikTok is 15.86% worldwide. It proves that there is potential interactivity between creators and audiences. In TikTok, the engagement rates are dependent on various factors like the number of followers, likes, comments, shares, and views. Generally, a healthy engagement rate in TikTok ranges between 17 and 21%.

    People commonly believe that the higher the number of followers, the higher the engagement rate, but it is not true. Even with low followers and well-curated content, creators shall drive traffic to their profiles. The engagement rate is calculated using a simple formula: (Total number of likes, shares, and comments/ Number of views) ✕ 100.

    5 Golden Rules To Improve Engagement On TikTok

    1. Update High-Quality Footage

    One of the common phenomena you could notice in all the viral videos is high-resolution videos. It increases the chances for the creators to pop up from the crowd. The first milliseconds of your videos will decide whether they will get more likes or none. You don’t need any professionals to shoot a high-quality video. Even smartphones today are enough to deliver good TikTok videos to the audience. As viewers of TikTok like bright and aesthetically pleasing videos, it is much better to film your videos in daylight.

    2. Post Content Frequently

    Posting content frequently is the key to unlocking the impact of engagement level. When you consider posting your videos regularly and stick to the schedule, we bet no one can beat you on TikTok. A consistent posting will develop a unique relationship with your core audience. It gradually paves the way to increase the chances of placing on the for you page. Thus your video will be trending! The more the eyes on your videos, the more is the audience engagement.

    3. Be Active And Stay On Top Of Trends

    Being active means posting frequently, and you should take some extra time to reply to your audience’s comments or interact with them. You may like, share, and comment on other creators or influencers to seek more attention. When you perform these actions continuously, your engagement rate will soon increase. On the other hand, hopping on the trends will drive more likes and views to your present and past posts. You can take part in trends and try out duet and collage videos. But all-inclusive, do not lose your authenticity.

    Consider using trending hashtags for your posts. It is not compulsory to make scripted or polished videos, and you can also opt for natural content to engage the audience. Even some creators insert text on their videos so that when people watch the video, they will pause, read and continue with the remaining. It is a simple hack to increase engagement.

    4. Go For Live Streaming

    Live streams, in general, are a great way to strengthen the online community. Most content creators announce their live stream beforehand. So it increases the curiosity among the audience and effortlessly improves your engagement rate. During the live stream, make it more interactive by asking questions, sharing your experiences, answering their questions, etc. So doing Live is always an extra boost to viewers and TikTokers. Moreover, the audience visits your profile, enhancing the TikTok algorithm to recognize your account. Apart from going live, you can try using Tikviral and boost your social proof.

    5. Add Captivating CTA

    Adding CTA will encourage your visitors to take specific actions like call, chat, install, download, and more. Add your CTA in the description part, where people will click on the link, which drives them to a particular landing page. Over and above, CTA brings conversion. Add your CTA with colorful fonts that quickly grab millions of views.

    Bottom Line

    The algorithm functions of top social media networks still look mysterious to everyone. Nobody can judge a post and categorize its engagement rate before posting it online. But the critical rule every TikToker should have in mind is determination and delivering value on your content. Don’t think of your past or future. Just give your best shot of videos at present with confidence. It is enough to build a strong foundation in TikTok. We hope this article delivers valuable points to increase your engagement rate on TikTok. Read, learn and share your comments with us! (buy modafinil canada)

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