Infinix smart 3 plus mobile review

infinix smart 3 plus

Phones are becoming cheaper every day but yet maintaining an excellent design and some remarkable features that will intrigue you. At a good price, you can be able to get the Infinix Smart 3 Plus which entails some of the best features that you cannot imagine. Infinix is one of the biggest brands that focus on making amazing phones while still considering a good price.

The price range of a product is what Infinix have fully mastered, and that is why they are among the best phone brands in the world. Getting a decent phone is vital as phones are becoming a part of our daily lives and thus you need something that can get a lot done in this article, I will highlight some of the remarkable features that you can get on Infinix Smart 3 Plus. This will be a complete review on some of the best and worst features of the Infinix Smart 3 Plus. So, stay tuned to see if the phone is worth every penny that it costs.

Appealing Design

Right off the box, the first thing that you will happen to notice with the Infinix Smart 3 Plus is the excellent design the phone has. When talking about the phone’s design, it’s all about the look and feel of the phone while in hand.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus is one of those phones that the design is sturdy and you won’t measure it up with its price. The phone has dimensions of 157.00 x 76.00 x 7.80 mm and a weight of about 148g. The phone is not that bulky in hand, and therefore you will not be struggling while using it, which is fantastic.

If you look at the build of the phone, it’s made of a plastic frame and a glass front which also makes it lightweight. The look of the phone is just great both at the front and at the back which makes it an excellent phone to use. I love the fact that Infinix spends its time in creating a unique design for the phone no matter what the price point of their phone is.

Great Cameras 

When thinking about the phone at a similar price point like that of Infinix Smart 3 Plus you cannot imagine getting any good with the cameras. The Infinix Smart 3 Plus is one phone that will make you wonder how Infinix got to give the users these great cameras at such a price.

Firstly, the phone has triple cameras at the back that is the 13MP camera at an f/1.8 and a 2MP camera and finally a QVGA. The cameras are so great, and they do record in HDR, which means that they have enough detail on both the highlights and the shadows. When a camera is able to capture enough data, it means you can easily be able to make your corrections while editing without affecting the colors.

The colors from the primary camera are so good, and they are so vivid which look real compared to those from cheap cameras. There is also a dual flash at the back of the phone, which is excellent, especially for night time photos. The selfie camera works excellent too, and it features an 8MP camera which is great in capturing faces.


The selfie camera also takes pictures in HDR, which makes it easy for you to get enough detail and use it to your advantage when editing. 

When it comes to video recording, I think Infinix Smart 3 Plus does a great job considering its price. The phone records at 1080p at 30 FPS and the videos are in HDR. The images coming from this video are great, and people should not bash the phone for not having a 4K recording.

I think Infinix Smart 3 Plus is one of the few phones that you will find out there that can give you all these great impressive cameras for that price point.

High Battery Life

When thing about today’s portable gadgets, the first thing that pops on your mind is battery capacity. Battery capacity is crucial for these devices as it enables you to complete your tasks without having to run out of power.

We are always on our phones these days, so there is a high chance we are using apps that are continually draining a lot of power from the battery. The other thing that you need to note is that as phones are advancing their computing power is increasing, which makes the phone drain more power.

The one thing I love about the Infinix Smart 3 Plus is the all-day battery life that you get from the big capacity it has. The phone entails a 3500mAh which I think is big considering the price range of this phone. The battery can last you a long time even while playing games and watching movies. If you are thinking about a phone with functional battery capacity and yet pocket friendly, then this is the phone that I will highly recommend to you.

Premium Looking Aesthetics

The other thing I love about the Infinix Smart 3 Plus phone is the premium looking aesthetics it got. For most phone companies, they cannot offer some of the features that Infinix Smart 3 Plus has at the price range of the phone.

Some of the few features that you get from the phone include the face unlock which I don’t think some phones offer at that price. Also, there is an excellent display with the phone which is excellent, and it provides you with a decent viewing angle which I find so impressive.

The display is also great, and it entails vibrant colors that work so great, but it’s reflective. The fingerprint sensor is another premium looking aesthetic that you find in the Infinix Smart 3 Plus that is great and works fine. All these are the premium features I think make the Infinix Smart 3 Plus stand out from other phones of a similar price range.

Sluggish Performance

Not only are the above features great there are some drawbacks that you get from buying the phone. Firstly, you will note that you will experience a sluggish performance with the phone, which is not something you would want. Right from the start installing heavy apps can be problematic, making the phone either crash or just work slowly, which is disgusting.

If you are a gaming fan, there is a high chance that you will not be satisfied with how the phone performs. The reason for this is probably some of the processors that the phone uses. The phone uses a Mediatek Helio chipset, a quad-core CPU, and a PowerVR GPU which are not that bad but their performance is.

The other reason that I think is the cause of the sluggish performance is the less RAM which the phone offers. If you have used the phone continuously, you will note that this phone cannot handle multitasking that well. Which is a major drawback from the phone. A phone’s performance is so vital, and having a phone whose performance is top-form. There is a high chance that you will always get a lot done in no time.

Camera App HAS Fewer Features

We already praised the Infinix Smart 3 Plus of how good the cameras are, but there is a place this phone falls short. When you have a good camera, you always want to have the best camera features that you can use to tweak and make the image epic.

However, with Infinix Smart 3 Plus you do not get all those in the camera app, which is sad, and you have to play around with the few features. Infinix is known for the many camera apps features that you get with their phones and thus having fewer features with the Smart that is a big drawback.

However, you can use other third-party camera apps which will allow you to have more features that you can use for tweaking your images. 

Built-in Bloatware

The other drawback of the Infinix Smart 3 Plus is the built-in bloatware that the phone has. To those who have no idea what bloatware is, it’s a software that cannot work to the max because of the reduced space and memory.

This software tends always to waste a lot of memory and space, and the bad thing is that you cannot be able to get rid of this bloatware. Some companies have bloatware on their phones. But you can delete the apps that tend to take up space and make the phone work right.

The bloatware in the Infinix Smart 3 Plus is what makes it result in a sluggish performance as it takes more space and more memory. Therefore, the built-in bloatware is something. That makes the Infinix Smart 3 Plus a problematic phone when it comes to using it.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus Price

Infinix Smart 3 Plus has awesome features for the price range of the phone, which is so awesome. The phone goes for about ₹ 7,499 in the Indian market. It’s less than $120 for a 2GB RAM and 32GB memory. There are great features that you will get with this phone which are only available on high-end phones.


Display Type LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
Screen inches 6.21 inches
Resolution    720 x 1520 pixel
Screen to body ratio of the brand  80.7%
Pixel Density     271 PPI
Screen Protection      Corning Gorilla Glass protection


Width        2.99 inches
Weight          148g
Thickness  0.31 inches
Height  6.18 inches
Colors Midnight Black, Sapphire Cyan 


Wi-Fi         Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported   802.11b/g/n
GPS Yes with A-GPS
Bluetooth YES
Micro-USB Yes
Headphones 3.5 mm
FM Yes



Fingerprint Sensors  Yes
Compass/ Magnetometer  Yes
Proximity Sensor      Yes
Accelerometer        Yes
Ambient light sensor   Yes
Face Unlock      Yes



Real Camera 13mp and 2 mp
Font Camera 8mp HDR
Pop-up Camera No
Video 1080p @30fcps



Battery Capacity 3500mah
First Charging Yes
Removable Non-removable



Processor make  2GHz Octa-core
Cheapest Mediatek MT6771 Helio P70
RAM 2gb
Internal Storage 32gb
Microsd yes



Operating system Android 9.0 Pie
Skin XOS 5.0



Infinix Smart 3 Plus is one of the best mid-range smartphones that I think can sort you in your day to day stuff. There are a lot of features that the phone entails like the triple rear cameras and a big battery that can last you all day long. It has a distinctive display which displays a lot of reach colors which is impressive.

The processor of the phone is not that bad even though it is sluggish in a way. The phone has a lot of trouble dealing with heavy apps. Also, the other thing that you need to know is that when multitasking with the phone you will have a lot of trouble.

I did try playing games with this phone while other applications are running. Also, I hard a lot of trouble using it. The price range of the phone is exceptional. I think that is the reason a lot of people are falling in love with it. The premium features also make the phone awesome.


Is Infinix Smart 3 Plus a good phone?

Yes. Infinix Smart 3 Plus is a good phone that you can buy as the price is even less. The phone features some of the excellent features that you can get in premium smartphones. I like the phone because of the design and some other things that make this phone stand from many similar to its price.

What is the price of Infinix Smart 3 Plus?

Smart 3 Pus goes for around ₹ 7,499, which I think is a good price for a phone that features a lot of awesome stuff. The cameras of the phone are excellent, and they shoot in HDR. Also, you can compare the images to that of expensive phones.

What operating system does the Infinix Smart 3 Plus use?

The phone uses Android 9.0 Pie with the XOS 5.0 skin, which I think work pretty well. 


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