Instagram Account in 2022: How Should it Look Like?


Instagram has evolved from a social network where people shared news and photos of food to a blogging platform. The audience is used to quality content, and the competition is high: you compete with the users from all over the world, because photos do not care about language or geographic location, and professional models, photographers, makeup artists and artists also actively use the social network. 

Of course, many people do not know how to manage Instagram so that it develops and generates income. To do this, you should learn how to properly draw up a profile and templates for instagram story will help you.

Managing Instagram

Start with an idea. Even if it’s hard to decide, and “taking pictures of everything that surrounds me” seems like the best way out, focus on a specific topic: 

  • culinary blogs; 
  • profiles about proper nutrition;
  • about dancing;
  • about clothes;
  • make-up.

Instagram already has everything. But you will do it your way. And people don’t collect a list of subscriptions based on the principle “I already subscribed to a food blog, so I don’t need another one.”

You need a concept too. Remember the character of the brand, decide on the tone of voice. Create value for subscribers: talk about topics related to your product. Consider that SMM from 2010, when beauty salons could post “10 hairstyle ideas” and get thousands of likes, is in the past. People won’t subscribe to something they can google. Create authored content: create a branded character or choose your storytelling style and list of topics you can cover.

Instagram Profile Design

At a glance at your account, it should be clear what it is about. Briefly formulate the topic of the blog in the bio and tell us about yourself. Typically, users enter their first name, age, and city. Use emoji to highlight different information blocks in your bio. It is not necessary to choose bright and intrusive ones: dots, arrows, squares will look neat, but everyone will visually separate the text (name and topic of the blog) in meaning.

Making Instagram Beautiful

There is an unspoken rule: profile photos should be combined with each other. Open the pages of bloggers again: you will surely notice that the pictures standing next to each other were taken in the same tone or overlapped with each other in vivid detail. Photos must be of high quality, interesting and well processed. Instagram has its own trends – just try to bring photos processed in the Retrica app to your audience.

To find a visual style for your profile, follow audience members. See what content they post, what profiles they follow.


You’ve read about how to rule an Instagram account in a good way. The visual perception of a page by users plays a key role in its popularity. Do not despair if you do not have a budget for a photographer. Above, we showed a screenshot from a bookstore account with an interesting presentation, where the pictures were invented by employees. Any blog will become significantly better if you follow all the recommendations from this article.


I am the one who loves to read and also has a special interest in writing. I have written for many websites and shared my views with the reader. I have always received warmth and love from my audience. I hope you will love my work too.


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