Ipad Pro 2020 Review

    Ipad Pro 2020 Review

    Every time I approach a new tablet. I ask myself the same question: “Will I be able to work on it as I do with my laptop, or will it remain just a fantastic sofa device?”. All manufacturers are trying to convince us that working with the tablet is possible and is developing new interfaces and operating systems in an attempt to increase the functions dedicated to productivity. With the same thought in my head, I took this new iPad Pro out of the box – specifically the 11 “screen model – but I tell you right away that this is not the place where we will answer the fateful question. In this article you can know about Ipad Pro 2020 Review.

    Yeah, I’ve decided to postpone the higher productivity evaluations until we can also try out the new Magic Keyboard with an integrated trackpad and the promising new stand. For now, we will limit ourselves to establishing whether the few changes introduced by Apple compared to the 2018 model ( reviewed at the time by Antonio ) justify the expense and the possible transition from a previous model.

    2020 iPad Pro review
    Ipad Pro 2020 Review


    Finding differences from the 2018 model is almost impossible. Except for the camera module. Now larger and similar in design to that of the iPhone 11 Pro, virtually nothing changes. The dimensions are identical, the thickness is the same, and the weight also increases by only 3 grams – 471 against the previous 468 – attributable to the new cameras and the Lidar because otherwise, the two products are exactly overlapping.

    On the one hand, it is undoubtedly good because any accessories that do not take cameras into account will probably be compatible with the new model. On the other hand, the defects also remain unaltered. the first “bend tests” showed the same unpleasant tendency to bend if not treated with due attention.

    It is impossible not to appreciate the almost maniacal attention to detail that Apple places in the creation of its products and which has always been its trademark. However, it remains one of the solutions with the highest screen-to-body ratio. (Xanax) The dimensions remain, for this reason, all in all, compact. In short, it is a pleasure to hold, and carrying it is not a problem.

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    Like all iPads, the format and arrangement of some elements – e.g., the power button at the top – would lead to use it vertically. Still, in reality, you will find yourself better off navigating the interface in landscape mode. Precisely for this reason. The front camera is designed to be able to use FaceID unlocking in any position. The recognition is always immediate, and we can also use it to access passwords or make purchases with Apple Pay.

    On one of the two short sides. We finally have the Type-C port that was also present in the previous generation of iPad Pro. Now its high time to talk about ipad Pro 2020 review. It is a connector with standard 3.1, thanks to which we can connect a monitor up to 5K resolution, adapters for ethernet cables, keyboards, microphones, and so on. Of course, always check that these accessories are compatible with iPad and iPad OS.


    iPad Pro (2020) review: The ultimate 2-in-1 for everyone
    Ipad Pro 2020 Review

    There is no denying it, a large part of the user experience in a tablet is in the quality of the display. In fact, as in the smartphone. It has always been the element with which one interacts the most and also the one that we ever really “watch.” The iPad Pro 2020 review and still is one of the best panels in the category, if not the best. The frames measure 4 mm on all sides, and we are talking about an 11-inch IPS screen with 2732×2048 pixel resolution and 264ppi density,

    There is TrueTone – which I turned off for colorimeter measurement – and we have a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz. It starts from 24Hz for static content to reach 120Hz when needed. The feeling of high fluidity is evident in all situations. The extreme reactivity also allows greater precision when we write or draw using the Pencil.

    The analysis using a colorimeter confirms the excellent quality of this panel. Which offers sRGB coverage very close to 100% and delta E around 2 for both grayscale and colors. If we consider that 3 is the value below which the human eye does not recognize differences with the reference color. We can see how these values ​​are excellent. The maximum brightness is also not insufficient. The peak is over 600 cd / m2 while typically at full brightness. It stands at around 450. Despite being an IPS display, we also have intense blacks and an excellent contrast ratio that improves visibility under direct sunlight.

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    Is there anything to improve? In my opinion ipad Pro 2020 review, yes, the oleophobic treatment. Leaving fingerprints on this display is all too simple and regularly removing them is a bore, also because a quick swipe on the sweatshirt is often not enough.

    However, as mentioned, it remains one of the best displays around. When we observe video content. The yield is fantastic. It is further enhanced by the presence of four speakers that sound very good. As always when we talk about Apple solutions. The reproduced audio is well balanced, the volume is high, and you do not give up a superior quality to most of the competition. But this year, Apple didn’t stop with the speakers and redesigned the layout and number of microphones. Improving the performance of audio recordings and bringing it to a level close to that of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, reviewed some time ago.


    And we come to the hardware. Inside this iPad Pro 2020 review, we find an Apple A12Z Bionic platform, basically an updated version of the A12X Bionic that we found and still find in the 2018 model. The CPU does not change. The same eight cores remain with confirmed frequencies, while the GPU now offers a body also, activating what until now had been “silent.”

    What does this more core mean than the GPU? Nothing, in daily use, you will not notice this difference in the slightest. The performances were excellent, and they remain so, neither more nor less. Even comparing the benchmark scores, improvements are noted but to such an extent that they are practically irrelevant in the final judgment. We would have liked to do a few more graphics benchmarks. But apps like 3D Mark and GFX Bench have not yet been optimized for iPad OS, and they crash inexorably.

    GeekBench 5

    The user experience is still excellent, perhaps the best ever among those we can have with a tablet. The system is always fluid, reactive. You almost have the feeling that the computing power available is much more than necessary. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you, but it often happened to me that I had a Ferrari in my hands and that I couldn’t make the most of the engine, having paid for it as a racing engine.

    However, the limitations are mostly software related, as we will see shortly. Even at the level of sensors and connectivity, in fact, this iPad Pro certainly does not send them to say. There is everything you need, from Bluetooth 5.0 to the latest generation WiFi ax and finally, in the versions that support it, 4G LTE, and the GPS module. If we really want to be picky, there is no 5G, but at the present time, we do not miss it.


    iPad Pro "Full" Magic Mouse 2 Support in iOS 13.4..
    Ipad Pro 2020 Review

    From hardware to software, which, as mentioned above, is a cross and delight of this iPad Pro. IPad OS is undoubtedly the best tablet interface on the market to perform at least 80/85% of operations. I have already praised Apple’s work in this regard in the review of the cheapest iPad 2019. I can’t stop believing that creating an ad hoc operating system for your tablet was an absolutely winning move.

    Since the launch of iPad OS. For example, browsers that always open web pages in the desktop version. The possibility of better exploiting the double window display, or even applications developed to best adapt to the size of the portion of the screen dedicated to them.

    Let’s say that in some situations. You get very close to using utterly similar to that of the notebook, and that’s where Apple wants to get. The recent introduction of mouse support. Unfortunately, as I said at the beginning. The new Magic Keyboard is not yet available. Therefore, I cannot yet give you my final judgment in this regard. However, I tried the mouse, with which, excluding gestures. You can already savor all the innovations introduced in this software release. The most important is undoubtedly the dynamic pointer.

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    Which changes shape and function according to the moment. It usually is a gray dot, but passing it over the icons. It disappears, and the icon enlarges to make us understand that we are selecting it. In other scenarios. Such as when we open a web page or document. The dot is replaced by the classic “I,” which is used to position the cursor and select portions of text.

    Even with these limitations that do not allow you to take advantage of this Ferrari of tablets at 100%. IPad OS remains one of the added values of the whole family of Apple tablets. Compared to the old “zoomed” iOS. The leap in quality is evident, and we are probably facing the best tablet interface currently available, not that the competition is ruthless but so be it.


    Apart from the small changes that we have highlighted above. The element that really differentiates this iPad Pro from the 2018 model is undoubtedly the photographic sector. In particular, the presence of the Lidar. But what is it about? We are talking about a sensor that allows you to calculate distances from objects in the environment around us by laser projection of an invisible grid of points. It works up to 5 meters away and is, at this time, use in a few situations.

    You can measure your pieces of furniture, or indulge yourself with some new app for augmented reality. If you want the story of my experience. However, I can tell you that if I had not forced myself to try it, in 10 days, I would never have used it. The result we obtain is, however, satisfactory and certainly better than systems that do not use this type of technology. Currently, the apps that exploit it are really few, and although this sensor is accurate.

    In addition to the sensor for the Lidar. This new iPad Pro introduces a dual camera on board an Apple tablet for the first time. The main one has a 12-megapixel sensor and standard lens. While the second module features a 10-megapixel sensor with an ultra-wide lens. Nothing significantly advanced from a technical point of view, but it is still appreciable that Apple also offers a slightly more versatile sector on its flagship tablet.

    Considerations for Ipad Pro 2020 Review

    Returning to our initial question, is it convenient right now to buy this iPad Pro 2020? If you already have an iPad Pro 2018. You will have understood that the differences are really minimal. Therefore, absolutely not, it is not worth switching to the new model. My advice is to wait for real evolution. The only reason you might want to change anyway is the need for more memory, but make sure you sell your current iPad at a reasonable price so you can take home the new one for a small outlay.

    If, on the other hand, your tablet is older or you don’t have it. This is probably the best iPad you can buy. But the amount to shell out is still challenging. The 11-inch starts from 899 euros. Finally for the 128 GB model, to which we must add 339 euros of Magic Keyboard (when it will be available) and 135 of Apple Pencil, for a total of 1370 euros and change. In short, certainly not broccolini as they would say in Rome. If we think that a completely new model will almost certainly come out next year, with a new generation chipset and Mini LED display. I would say that if you are not in a hurry, you should definitely wait.

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