iPhone 11 Price In Kuwait

iPhone 11 Price In Kuwait

The iPhone XR was Apple’s best-selling smartphone last year, although many people consider it the “base” model. The iPhone 11, this year, is destined for the same fate for a mix of factors, with an absolutely attractive price compared to the “pro,” 267.900 KD, up to the colored body that appeals. Especially to the younger ones. Yet when someone asks us for advice on which iPhone to buy and suggests choosing the cheapest model, many are skeptical. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about iPhone 11 Price In Kuwait.

After having thoroughly tested the high-end model, we have dedicated ourselves in recent weeks to the iPhone 11, and in this review, we will try to focus above all on what are the differences between the two models, the 11 and the 11 Pro, to understand what weight these differences can have in the use that a person can make every day of the iPhone. This article will give you a complete guide about the iPhone 11 price in Kuwait, Features, and our special 11 days’ review of the iPhone 11 price.

The first piece of advice we give is to read the review of the iPhone 11 Pro, along with our photo report from Morocco, to understand what the new Apple smartphones offer this year. The differences between the two models are not so many. Change the screen, change the battery, obviously change the design, and a camera is missing. That’s all.

iPhone 11 price in Kuwait

Marginal changes if we look at the whole, but allow you to save 210 KD on the 64 GB base model. For those who want more memory, buy the 128 GB version instead of the 64 GB that Apple offers as a basic cut, always saving something. iPhone 11 price in Kuwait 267.900 KD, required for the 128 GB model is still 213 less than the 267.900 KD of the iPhone 11 price in Kuwait for Pro.

For performance, call and network quality, and speed. The iPhone 11 has exactly everything that the iPhone 11 Pro has: iOS 13.1 is the same (here the news). There is a night mode. There will be Deep Fusion. So, there is wireless charging, fast charging, and also the new high definition front camera with slow motion.

In a pure comparison between the two models. Some elements lean in favor of the iPhone 11: the body of the iPhone 11. For example, in recycled aluminum instead of stainless steel. If the latter is more resistant to an eventual fall, the first is certainly less marked with time. The drafting iPhone XS Max, after a year, shows many small superficial marks absent on the body of the iPhone XR. Which still looks new.

LCD vs. OLED, the difference isn’t just in resolution

Apple has drastically improved the quality of the iPhone 11 Pro’s OLED. It is brighter, even outdoors, has greater dynamics, and a much sharper color rendering—the LCD screen of the iPhone 11. Which Apple calls Liquid Retina is instead the same 6.1 “screen that is mounted on the iPhone XR. This difference is even more marked.

Some might say that it is absurd to be in front of a non-full HD screen on a top-of-the-range smartphone of 2019, but the image is so compact that, on such a small display, it is really difficult to talk about a lack of resolution. Indeed, perhaps between readability under sunlight, dynamic contrast, and resolution, the answer is the only aspect where the iPhone 11 does not look bad at all compared to the Pro.

For the rest, just look at both screens in the sun. Enjoy a movie with the lights out in HDR from Netflix. Even review the photos taken to understand that there is a significant gap between the two displays, even if not huge. One iPhone 11 is a very good screen with a calibrated color rendering, good contrast, and good peak brightness. The other is the screen that everyone deserves to have on their smartphone.

The 6.1 “Liquid Retina for accuracy, readability under sunlight, and general performance are in any case still superior, despite being LCD, with too many OLEDs that are mounted on other smartphones.

The only point in favor of the iPhone 11 screen compared to the Pro’s OLED is the management of the display brightness. Some particularly sensitive people may experience discomfort in front of a screen with organic technology (for adjusting the brightness in PWM), but these are very rare cases.

There is the super wide-angle, but the third camera regrets it.

When Apple decided what to put and what to remove on the iPhone 11 in order to have two models on the market for two different targets, it, fortunately, decided not to sacrifice the super wide-angle camera. The 14 mm will also allow the base model owners to play with the perspective of looking for particular shots. The presence of this camera is enough not to consider, even for a moment. The models of last year. Between iPhone XS and iPhone 11. All life is the second: the super wide-angle really makes the difference. It allows you to take pictures that those who have had an iPhone until now have never been able to handle.

With an iPhone 11, you can take (almost) the same photos in Morocco with the Pro model, the same yield, and the same quality.

Let’s say almost why you have to give up the third camera. A focal length, in our opinion very useful for certain shots. On the iPhone XS, we used it very little because the performance was not exceptional. The iPhone 11 Pro is becoming our first choice for many photos.

There is no lack of portrait mode. The effect is certainly very good, even the management of the focus, but the shot is absolutely not the same. Below the same portrait, one made with the iPhone 11 camera and one instead with the 50mm of the iPhone 11 Pro. However, bokeh management is similar, and also the quality of the crop. It is made with the 11 Pro.

I am using the digital zoom to simulate 50mm. The image undergoes a slight qualitative degradation. It’s not like having a dedicated lens with lossless zoom. For the rest, from night mode to Deep Fusion, coming soon with iOS 13.2, the features are identical.

Super autonomy, but the saving on the charger is incomprehensible.

Another element of distinction is the battery. Apple talks about an hour of autonomy more than XR, but from the tests we have done. We don’t always realize that we have this extra reserve. In terms of energy saving, the iPhone 11, with its LCD panel, cannot benefit from the use of the dark theme even when the screen is black. The board and backlight are active, unlike the OLED, where the pixels are practically off.

As we struggle to digest the cut from 64GB of memory, more on the iPhone 11 Pro than on this, to be honest. There is another thing we do not digest, which is the choice not to put the 18-watt fast charger in iPhone 11 packaging.

There is still the old model, a decision that can be criticized because. In the end, the cost difference is just a few KD. It would have been better to sell it without the charger included, perhaps for about ten kd less. Those who have a charger from another iPhone at home can use that. Those who have to buy it can take the 18 watts one. The same as with the iPhone 11 Pro. One less charger, less electronic waste, and the environment thanks.

For those who shoot iPhone 11 Pro, a lot

Last year was paradoxically simpler: the differences between iPhone XR and iPhone XS were there, but they were much less marked. Maybe we tried the “Pro” first and then the standard version. But that little voice tells us,” recommend the Pro, recommend the pro “every time we are asked for an opinion. We cannot get it out of our minds. Anyone who sees in the iPhone a smartphone to do a bit of everything, without special needs, can easily buy the iPhone 11, save 300 kd, and can do everything they would do with the Pro in the same way and with the same speed.

For those who also see a camera on the iPhone. Therefore users particularly care about their Instagram profile. 

As we wrote in our photo-reportage. The third camera of the iPhone 11 Pro is 50mm, which represents for many photographers the focal length with a capital F, like the 35mm as soon as you get that “2x” out of your head and think in terms of framing. You start using the 50mm of the classic 27 wide-angle much more. Not having it is a shame.

Some reasoning should be done on the “pro” model. It is called this because it really offers something more for those who create content, photos, and videos in these cases. Not only does the additional camera allow more flexibility, but the higher quality of the display will enable you to review and evaluate the photos were taken and videos recorded in better conditions. But the difference is only in this: for 90% of people. The iPhone 11 is not good. It is great.

11 days with the iPhone 11, our review

iPhone 11 Price In Kuwait: The cameras

Photos have always been a distinctive element of the iPhone. It is the same for the 11, even if we are far from the innovative capacity of other brands. This version does not deny not only the photographic vocation but also relaunches with videos. The 12 MP wide-angle camera is very comfortable. Both obviously for group shots and landscapes and for more artistic endeavors, taking advantage of the lens’s slight deformation compared to close subjects.

4K videos at 60 fps could easily replace those made with a professional video camera, at least for some uses, but in this case. The generated files are really large and, despite a good transfer speed. When you want to move to the Mac, it is not enough time for a coffee. Suppose you love making high-resolution videos. You need to choose models with 128 or (even better) 256 GB memory cuts, obviously, so the costs go up.

The Apple ecosystem

The real strength of the iPhone 11, and of those that preceded it, is the operating system: iOS, now at version 13.1. It is tailor-made for this smartphone and while bringing several interesting innovations. It maintains that stability, that reactivity, and above all, that simplicity of use that has always characterized it. Apps work better, are safer, more beautiful, and more stable than those for Android, and make the iPhone the reference for reliability.

The new features of iOS 13 add that little bit extra without introducing unnecessary complexity among all. It also works in the Control Center: by pressing. For example, the wi-fi icon or the Bluetooth icon. You can directly access the relevant settings.

After months of rumors and leaks, the much-talked-about Dark Mode is now a reality. In this case, it is the fact that it continues to be a closed system. As long as you remain within the Apple ecosystem (Mac, iPhone, or iPad), all is well. But when it comes to having to communicate with other operating systems and devices, the limits are evident.

iPhone 11 Price In Kuwait: The battery and the rest

The battery continues to be an Achilles heel. It has improved, but it still struggles to get to the evening with intense use, especially if the GPS is active. Powerful with a clean sound the stereo speakers, in the package. There are headphones with a Lightning connection but not the adapter for the old headphones with the jack that was instead present in the iPhone X. Speaking of equipment. The included power supply is from standard type, while iPhone 11 supports fast charging that would allow it to recharge 50% of the battery in half an hour. It is necessary to purchase a separate power supply (instead included in the iPhone 11 Pro package).

iPhone 11 price in Kuwait and conclusions

In short, the iPhone 11 confirms itself as an Apple product: reliable, pleasant, with an intuitive and fast operating system, but it is not surprising, it does not strike, it does not excite. It is probably the obligatory choice for those who love the world of the bitten apple and want a top phone but without spending a fortune. But it is difficult to seduce those who do not make it a matter of religious faith.

It is perhaps also for this reason that for the first time in the history of the iPhone 11 price in Kuwait 211.900 KD compared to the previous model and six different colors are available immediately, including the RED one, which contributes part of the proceeds to the Global Fund against AIDS. Of course, if the price range were that of the American market (699 dollars). We could really talk about an excellent mid-range smartphone.

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