Iphone 6 Plus Fiyat

    Iphone 6 Plus Fiyat

    Apple officially announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, smartphones based on the new version 8 of the iOS operating system. And equipped with a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch diagonal display, respectively. After having purchased them on “day one” in France. Today we try the “bigger” of the two, the iPhone 6 plus fiyat. With the device question, Apple has “adapted” to the market that requires large smartphones. And at the same time, it competed directly with Samsung’s Note range. In addition to the generous display, the new iPhone 6 Plus offers a renewed design, greater autonomy, and new features thanks to iOS8. Will it have what it takes to conquer the phablet market? Let’s find out in our full review.

    Hardware, Ergonomics

    In addition to the renewed design, we also have a significant performance increase than the previous generation. Thanks to adopting the new A8, a dual-core CPU with 64-bit architecture made with 20nm technology is always flanked by the M8 motion coprocessor. That allows you to collect information about your motor activity without subtracting power from the processor. The RAM remains at 1GB.

    We have three cuts for the integrated memory: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB, not expandable. Apple has decided to eliminate the 32GB version, leaving “only” 100 euros of difference between the 16GB and 64GB versions. Obviously, this is a clear incentive to buy the superior model. And thinking of buying a 16GB Plus seems somewhat inadvisable. In addition to the 5.5-inch display with Full HD resolution, we also have a connectivity department complete with dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, and, new, even NFC, which will only allow electronic payments to be made via the new Apple Pay service. Thanks to the more space available, Apple has managed to integrate a 2915mAh battery. Certainly, a big leap forward compared to the iPhone 6, which is equipped with a 1800mAh one.

    Materials: iPhone 6 Plus Fiyat

    Excellent, as usual, the materials used. The body, made entirely of aluminium, embraces the side profiles with a soft curve that joins perfectly with the display and allows to offer, despite the size, pleasant ergonomics thanks to the weight, not excessive, of 172 grams. The rear linearity is interrupted by plastic inserts that delimit the parts with the antennas. The camera’s protrusion flanked by the circular dual-tone flash and a secondary microphone.

    Unlike what is shown these days, the body offers, in our opinion, an excellent feeling of solidity. Obviously, if you put the device in your pants’ back pocket, you weigh over 100kg and sit down quickly, and it is possible that the iPhone 6 plus fiyat could actually fold. Although a software feature has been implemented that allows, with a double tap on the Touch, to lower the entire interface downwards, the use with one hand is not very easy because the body is particularly slippery.

    For better use, the power button has been moved to the right side. On the lower part, we have the Lightning connector, the grid for the system speaker, the main microphone, and the 3.5mm audio jack. There are the keys for adjusting the volume, no longer circular, and the keys for excluding the ringtone on the left side. So on the front, we have only the home button with the integrated TouchID biometric scanner.


    The main feature of this iPhone 6 plus fiyat is the display, a 5.5-inch diagonal IPS with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a density of 401ppi, and a contrast ratio of 1300: 1. Thanks to a “double domino” pixel technology, the viewing angle is vast. The colours are very well balanced, and the visibility of indirect light is excellent, thanks to the display’s oleophobic coating. Also, excellent sensitivity.

    Given the size so important, Apple has studied a software solution that allows you to resize the UI by tapping twice on the TouchID without pressing it. This is an interesting “trick” but, in fact, not well used. Although notifications can also be opened in the middle of the screen, once the curtain is pulled down, it will still be as large as the entire display, and you won’t get there at the top. Furthermore, every click on an icon or part of the software restores the interface to its original size. In short, a little uncomfortable.

    Processor: iPhone 6 Plus Fiyat

    Inside the iPhone 6 plus fiyat beats the new Apple A8 SoC. Produced no longer by Samsung but by TMSC with 20nm technology. For Apple, the A8 is the second generation of a 64-bit processor a step. That began last year, translating into approximately 30% higher performance than similar apps on a 32-bit platform.

    The use of 64 bits instead of 32 bits in the mobile environment. The leap from A7 to A8, however, cannot be compared with the great upgrade. That Apple made last year from A6 to A7: Apple itself spoke of 25% higher performance in this case. And usually, Apple tends to “enhance” some of these performances. In practice, with the benchmarks that seem to confirm this. Apple has gained a bit in speed by optimizing some processes and going from a dual-core at 1.3 GHz to a dual-core at 1.4 GHz.

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    Using a dual-core SoC offers more benefits than a quadcore solution with single-threaded apps while with applications. That makes heavy use of multi-threading (but this is rare with mobile apps). A Qualcomm-like solution should offer higher performance. During the presentation of the iPhone 6, Phil Schiller praised a peculiarity of the new A8, namely the possibility of maintaining constant performance over time thanks to an improved design.

    In fact, all modern CPUs, to avoid failures due to overheating, use a technique called “CPU Throttling” to reduce the processor’s working frequency over time dynamically: Apple’s A8 processor should be able to work at the full capacity regime for longer than an A7 without the working frequency being lowered.

    Battery, Audio, and Reception

    IPhone’s Achilles heel has always been the battery, but in iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has integrated a 2915mAh one that allowed us to arrive without problems late in the evening with heavy use. Charging also takes place very quickly. Obviously, we don’t have the best autonomy ever seen in the smartphone segment, but it is certainly the iPhone with the longest duration launched on the market today.

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    Excellent both cellular network signal reception and audio quality via system speaker and ear capsule. There is no problem regarding the GPS receiver, very fast in finding the position, and excellent Dual-Band Wi-Fi.

    Software: iPhone 6 Plus Fiyat

    iPhone 6 Plus is based on the new version 8 of the iOS operating platform that offers many new features than the previous release. A unique feature in iPhone 6 Plus is using the user interface even in landscape mode. This is a feature exclusive to this model and not implemented in the 4.7-inch version. In principle, even here, the idea is potentially excellent since it brings the Plus closer to the world of iPad Mini but the implementation at the moment is an end in itself. The apps that can really benefit from this option are very few. And it will take a while to understand if the rotation will bring real benefits in daily use.

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    The higher resolution of the display also does not allow you to better view non-optimized applications. Of course, it will now be up to developers to update applications to this new resolution. Also, voice and video and to create groups while the keyboard offers an intuitive word prediction system. It is also possible to use third-party keyboards downloadable from the App Store. One of the most important innovations of this new update together with the major APIs.

    The e-mail client is confirmed as one of the best thanks to the new gestures that allow you to quickly report a message as read, delete it or move it. HTML messages are perfectly displayed with the possibility of having a complete overview.

    Another change

    Another interesting change is offered by the possibility of inserting “widgets” in the notification centre. In the photo gallery, we can now share images also through third-party applications. And renovations also come with regards to web browsing. Render, zoom, movement in the pages, and navigation are really excellent. And even iPhone 6 plus fiyat is reconfirmed as a perfect tool for the use of web content. Finally, the switch for desktop mode has also been inserted in Safari and, more importantly. It is possible to interface third-party apps with the browser to fill in fields, fill passwords or share with multiple programs.

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    Finally, the general fluidity is really excellent, even if you still notice that the system is slightly immature in some passages, in certain rotations, animations, and scrolling menus. The pleasantness of use remains, but iOS 8 has yet to refine. That had so many web tabs open becomes difficult with even frequent reloads. It is equally true that jumping from one app to another even after a full day of use is always lightning fast.

    Camera and Multimedia: iPhone 6 Plus Fiyat

    The main camera of the iPhone 6 Plus has an 8-megapixel sensor. That does not change in resolution compared to the previous generation. But improves the optics and the aperture. Not only that, on the iPhone 6 Plus, we also have an optical image stabilizer. That is not present on the 6 and which is an added value. The interface is the classic iOS one with some new features, including slow motion at 120 and 240fps. This last feature is exciting because combined with the optical stabilizer. It allows you to make slow-motion videos of sure effect and perfectly stabilized—analogous speech for time-lapse, a panorama that can then exploit some filters in real-time and HDR.

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    Excellent quality of photos taken both in wide field and in macro mode. The quality of the photos taken in low light conditions is also excellent. The native iOS audio player, Musica, is confirmed as excellent thanks to the many possibilities of managing our music tracks and the remarkable listening quality. limited, however, the video player.

    Good performance

    iPhone 6 Plus does not improve over previous models in terms of reception sensitivity and call quality. We did a test in different areas of a basement of a house where the reception of H3G comes. And goes, and even with the iPhone 6 Plus, it is not possible to keep a constant signal. (atticsandmore.com) With the smartphone that often switches to TIM. A similar situation to other smartphones we have tried. However, some older, dated phones receive two notches without problems. The quality of the calls, filtered out of ambient noise thanks to the triple microphone, is decidedly good: with the iPhone 6 Plus.

    The calls of multi-tasking and the opening of a new tab in Safari. The iPhone 6 Plus didn’t seem much faster than the iPhone 5S, and we have to say that in our opinion, benchmarks aside, the performance is equal. From the speed of opening the apps to the fluidity of navigation of the interface.

    The only impression we got is that iOS 8 needs some optimization: in some operations. The iPhone 6 Plus seemed slower even than an iPhone 5. One case, but not the only one, is the proximity sensor’s deactivation: at the end of a call, it takes a fraction of a second before to review the active screen. After disconnecting the terminal from the ear and being able to press “finish.”

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    On the other hand, the gaming performance is excellent: thanks to the new Metal graphic engine. The games have reached the level of a past generation console. Too bad that in the mobile field, there is a complete lack of serious games.

    Conclusions: iPhone 6 Plus Fiyat

    “iPhone is iPhone,” as we always say, and also, the Plus is absolutely no less. The selling price is definitely important, but let’s say exaggerated. For a device that certainly does not make ergonomics, it’s a strong point. The impossibility of expanding the memory makes it almost obligatory to choose a size of at least 64GB. iPhone 6 Plus is the ideal device for those looking for a large display. Good autonomy compared to previous iPhones. And do not want to give up all the advantages offered by the Apple ecosystem.

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