Iphone or Android, Which Is Better

    Why you have to choose IPhone over Android devices

    This has been one hell of an argument on the internet for a couple of years now. Baseless points have been used at different times.

    The truth is, one has to be better at least when considering some factors like speed, quality of the applications, security etc.
    Let’s see some of those areas iPhone beats android.

    1. Considering Speed: Latest iPhones released come with an A11 Bionic chip, this makes them faster
    than all Android devices even the latest galaxy s9 is way behind in terms of speed.
    This processor is more than capable of editing 4K videos, opening large files and playing intensive
    games efficiently.

    2. The best apps first: Top rated apps and most useful app are first developed in the iOS version before
    their Android version is programmed.
    It is true that both iOS and Android have millions of apps in their stores but trending new apps are first
    released on the ios app store as many developers tend to favour iPhone as a rich market to launch their
    So if you’re an Android phone user you might want to know this, most newly released Android apps are
    apps that the iPhone users have already been using for months.
    Also, iPhone apps are of better quality compared to Android apps which can crash easily when in use.

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    3. No bloatware: Android users know the pain that comes with getting rid of bloatware on Android phone.
    Sometimes the bloatware consumes a significant volume of the internal storage of the device.
    iPhone definitely has no bloatware as it doesn’t have any pre-installed app lurking around on your home screen. And on iOS 11, you can at least disable built-in apps you don’t need.
    And to crown it all, to remove that bloatware on Android, it requires technical expertise. Some might
    advice to root an Android phone in order to remove bloatware but if I may remind you of the risk, YOUR

    4. Security: The iPhone is really difficult to break which makes it safe for users data. You can be sure
    that a stolen iPhone is going to remain useless wherever it is. Contrary, the android phones are not that
    hard to break.
    Also, there is a high chance of finding android applications with malware which steals user data but that’s
    not possible with iPhones since all the application are installed directly from istore.

    Android phones are still good devices but are just behind iPhones looking at the above factors.


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