Is your assignment plagiarized? Here are the consequences you might face

    Is your assignment plagiarized

    Assignments are one of the essentials of every school including the lower education as well as the higher education.The assignments are sometimes complex and can require a lot of time to be solved. This is common amongst the students that they find shortcuts to making their assignments done.Thus, while getting in the shortcuts, the students get involved in the cases of plagiarism which is might not be a good option.In this article, we will discuss more about the assignment plagiarized and its consequences.

    What is plagiarism and how is it possible?

    Plagiarism is copying someone’s content or idea from their website or printed copies. The plagiarism is usually in the assignments during the research and then writing the words.

    Plagiarism is bad practice and can be a reason for punishment from the school or the platform it is being published.

    There are different types of plagiarism in the education system and some of them are discussed below:

    ·        Self-Plagiarism

    Self-Plagiarism is the common plagiarism that is the copying of your content which the student has published previously.

    Self-Plagiarism is one of the most found errors in the assignments of the students that are facing the shortage of time in completing the assignments.

    This type is usually detectable manually by the teacher and can be the reason for doing the assignments again.

    For example, if the concerned student’s assignments are detected with self-plagiarism then there are chances that they would be getting some serious punishment from the school.

    ·        Direct plagiarism

    In high schools and universities, this is common to copy the content from the internet or the school’s previous publications.

    Direct plagiarism is the plagiarism that a student copies from sentence to sentence or even word by word.

    Moreover, during the duplication of the other author’s work, direct plagiarism would be when it is used without any citation or quotation marks.

    Direct plagiarism is the most easily detectable with the help of the plagiarism checkers. This type is completely against the ethical practices and academically dishonor to the source and author.

    When you are taking the ideas about certain topics, you should always consider the facts, not the concept itself.

    The best way to deal with this is to research online first and then close the browser. Later, start writing the words that you think you came to know with your research.

    Consequences of using duplicate content in your assignments

    The problems occur because of the copied content are not specific because every institute has its own rules and regulation.

    Some of the education systems usually have low standard schools that have little punishment like doing the assignments again.

    However, most of the universities have policies of expelling the student upon the case of plagiarism.

    Remember, school is the place of learning and becoming a professional while someone’s content is against the ethics of professionalism.

    Below, we have mentioned some of the consequences that are possible when using the content from other websites.

    ·        Getting low grades for assignments

    Almost all the teachers have the mutual policy of “assignments without plagiarism” but the punishment and the way of checking might be different.

    Teachers sometimes have the authority to make the punishments while some of them have to follow the regulations of the institute.

    The most used punishment for plagiarism is the allocating of an ‘F’ grade to the assignments of these students. Assignments have a very high contribution to the overall performance and grades and if you get a bad grade in an assignment then it would be bad for your final report.

    Even the small section of plagiarism can be the reason for decreasing your grades. Even if you copy the part from your old writing, you would be ruining your grades profile.

    ·        Failure of the semester

    Sometimes, plagiarism in your content can punish you in a bad way like repeating the whole semester.

    This way, you will lose time and affect your success.

    In some of the education systems, at the end of the semester, there is a final assignment known as the “final project of the semester”.

    This has a major role in the grading system. If you are plagiarizing in this project, then you would make a mistake because this is the assignment that can make repeating your whole semester.

    ·        Plagiarism case

    Using duplicate content in your writing can cause you to attend the hearing from the committee that is related to literature discipline.

    Then you will be asked different questions like why, how, what did you plagiarized. Moreover, in front of your seniors and committee members, you have to admire that you were on a mistake.

    This usually becomes stressful as well as discouraging to the student and can be harmful in achieving the success rate of your career.

    ·        Excess of tasks

    When you are caught the plagiarism, you could have the punishments of some additional tasks. For example, you have to write the assignment again as well as get some more assignments for the same subject.

    This way, you would get less time with the work would be excess. Think of using plagiarism in your assignments and then getting the penalty of writing a 5000-word essay on the same topic.

    To manage your writing for these assignments, you must use the plagiarism checker for essays in ordertoverify the originality of the essays you wrote. This way, you would have less chances of getting punishment.

    ·        Expelled from the school

    If the institute is having tough policies, then there are chances that you are fired from the institute over plagiarism again and again.

    There are different cases where you have to meet the standard of the university or school and in this sense, you have to avoid plagiarism being include in your content.

    You could be expelled from the school because the education system has no trust in you and they want you to overcome the mistake.

    This way, you might not get admission easily in some other institutes because of poor certification as well as academic records.


    When you are writing your assignments, you must write fresh and unique words. If you are just copying the content and pasting in your work, then you are disgracing the concept of assignments.

    Using plagiarism in your content  making your institute foolish especially when you don’t admire it.

    Remember, the advancement in technology has made it possible to detect plagiarism easily without any manual matching.

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