Jio phone 3 price

    jio phone 3 price

    Reliance is one of the biggest companies in India that deals with a lot of things ranging from telecommunication and many more. Since they entered into telecommunication, the company has tried to ensure they do provide services and products relatively cheap to the users.

    The company has a telecommunication subsidiary called jio phone three prices, and this company provides data plans, fiber internet, and more. The company has grown since its introduction in 2007, and it even has 388 million users now. Jio announced that it would release its entry smartphone, the Jio phone, which is an excellent entry phone with so many awesome features and at a reasonable price.

    The phone has not yet had an official release date, but they did highlight some excellent features that you will get on the phone. In this article, we will highlight some of the remarkable features of the phone and also its price. 


    When Reliance did reveal the phone and its features, they also did highlight the price point of the phone. The phone will go for about ₹ 1,228, which is a pretty fair price for the users because this phone has fantastic features that the users will like, which is great. There is a great feature, and even if this phone is an entry phone, there are great features that you will always get with it that are in mid-range phones. We will highlight some of the great features on the phone that make it excellent.

    DISPLAY IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen

    5.0 inches

    68.9% Screen to body ratio

    720 x 1280 pixels 

    294 PPI Density

    PLATFORM OS                 Android 8 Oreo

    CHIPSET       MediaTek

    CPU              Quad-core 1.4GHz 

    GPU              Mali-400

    CAMERA Single-camera


    Digital zoom, LED flash

    Image Resolution 2592 x 1944

    BATTERY Li-Ion 2800mAh battery
    COMMS WLAN                   Yes

    Bluetooth            Yes

    GPS                       Yes

    FM Radio              Yes

    USB                       Yes

    Sensors Accelerometer



    The Jio Phone 3 is an entry phone, but its performance will be great because of the several features that it entails. When thinking about a phone’s performance, there are so many things that play in there. Some of the things include an operating system, the chipset, CPU, and even the GPU. Jio Phone 3 uses the Android 8.0 Oreo, and this is still an excellent operating system.

    There are several upgrades to the operating system, and we now have the Android 10, but 8 still works fine. You will still be able to get the best updates, and the user interface is still excellent. The other thing is the chipset, and the Jio Phone 3 uses MediaTek chipset. This is an impressive chipset, and chipset tends to hold a lot of things on the phone in place. A good chipset will guarantee that your phone works fast.

    The CPU of the phone is like the brains of the phone, and this phone will use a Quad-core 1.4GHz CPU. The Quad-core CPU will mean an increased processing speed of your phone and many more. Lastly, the GPU is one great tool that will guarantee you good graphics when gaming. Jio Phone 3 will entail a Mali GPU, and this is one of the best graphic processing units available. All these features in the processor are why this phone will be fast, and they are not relatively bad considering the Jio Phone 3 price.


    I don’t think anyone will be interested in a smartphone if it never had a good display to it. The display is great as that is the place that you will be interacting with the phone and seeing all the applications and other things. If you happen to have a bad display on a p[hone, there is a high chance the interaction will be hard, or you will have some slight trouble.

    The Jio phone 3 price is great considering the features they do offer you with the display. The phone display entails an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen that works excellent when displaying the colors. The Jio Phone 3 display size is 5.0 inches, and this is a big screen with which you can work with and even have a comfortable time when watching movies.

    The phone has a screen to body ratio of about 68.9%, and this refers to the surface with which you have access to the screen. The phone displays at 720 x 1280 pixels, which is so awesome as you have great resolution when streaming movies. Also, The phone has a pixel density of 294PPI, and this is a high pixel density that will guarantee you great display.


    Most people might not know this, but the RAM of a phone is very paramount as it allows you to do a lot of things. Firstly, what you should know is the RAM plays a big role in ensuring that your phone does not hang all the time when you are using it. A big RAM ensures that the operating systems have a conducive environment for it to work great.

    There is a lot you can do with a big Ram as you can multitask without having any trouble. The Jio Phone 3 price is great as it offers the users phone with a considerable size of RAM that allows the phone to perform a lot of things. The phone has a 2GB RAM, and this RAM is big as the operating system can work just fine without hanging at all.

    The other thing that makes the phone portable is the phone’s storage. The Jio Phone 3 has a storage of 64GB, which I think is one of the awesome things that you can get on a phone of this price. You can store a lot of data on the phone, which is awesome. This is one of the best phones that I can urge anyone looking for an entry phone. The Jio Phone 3 price is great because even some mid-range phones don’t offer users such as big storage.


    The other thing that highly complements the Jio Phone 3 price is the build quality of the phone. The way a phone looks at hand when using it is essential, and many people want to feel good when using their phones. The look and feel are what most phone companies have now mastered, and they ensure that the phone is great.

    The design for the Jio Phone 3 is fantastic and is great for an entry phone. The dimensions of the device are not precise, but from the pictures, the phone might be about 5.62 x 2.76 x 0.35 inches. These dimensions make the phone in hand feel awesome. The build is from glass and plastic, and that is it has front glass, a plastic back, and a plastic frame, which all these make it very light for carrying around. Considering the Jio Phone 3 price, I think this is one of the best builds that you will get. 


    I don’t think anyone will consider buying a phone if they are not sure of the battery capacity. Most people don’t realize it, but these days we have become so dependent on phones for several reasons. Firstly, there is so much we can do with our phones these days compared to years back then.

    The other reason is phones have more computing power, which is the reason they drain more power. Therefore, when thinking about a phone, the battery capacity should always play a big role in determining if you will buy the phone or not. The Jio Phone 3 has a relatively good battery capacity even though it’s not that big. The phone entails a battery capacity of about 2800mAh, and this capacity works excellent.

    This size of the battery can last you a long-time watching movie, playing games, and even surfing the internet. I love the fact that this phone also charges so fast, that means when the phone is depleted. You can charge it so fast and go back doing other things with the phone. When using the phone sparingly, there is a high chance that the battery can last you a whole day.  The Jio Phone 3 price is relatively considerable, considering the battery size that comes with this phone. 


    Cameras are so excellent in our everyday life as we can document our lives or other or even capture some of the most amazing moments of our lives. Therefore, before we go out buying a phone, we always tend to know to want to know the quality of the camera. The Jio Phone 3 camera is not pretty bad, but it can do the task, although not that well. This is an entry phone; therefore, the price point is low and, thus, fewer features.

    Phone companies, especially in 2020, have ensured that phones have the best cameras, and they can shoot like professional cameras. Jio Phone 3 has only a primary camera, and the primary camera features a single 5MP camera. As we did state, it’s an excellent camera that can do a job, but it’s not exceptionally well.

    There is also a digital zoom feature with this device, which is excellent as it allows you to zoom and take great pictures. The camera records at a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels, which is fantastic. Jio Phone 3 price is excellent as it’s an entry phone, and this is an awesome phone to consider.


    Other things make this phone not that very interesting. Some of the cons for this phone include;


    Phones are so great when they have up to date operating systems with them. An operating system is software that ensures that the user can communicate with the phone’s hardware easily, which is excellent. Jio Phone 3 uses the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, but this is an outdated operating system.

    The OS has great features, and you can get awesome updates, but in 2020 there are so many phones which have the newer OS, which is Android 10. I was thinking since the phone is being released this year, it would entail the newer version, which happens not to be the case. These are some of the few drawbacks that make the Jio Phone 3 a not good phone in 2020.


    The Jio Phone 3 does not have a good camera, which is a big con considering the many phones released in 2020 have great cameras. When you compare the phone to other entry phones of a similar price, you will see this phone cannot match their cameras. Most companies are ensuring that most of the phones have great cameras, and Jio phone three did not pay attention to that. This is one very big drawback to anyone who loves great cameras as this will not do them any good. 


    The Jio phone three prices is a great phone to have as this is an entry phone that offers the users some great features that they can take advantage of. The phone goes for about ₹ 1,228, and it’s pretty affordable, and it can get you by. However, some other features on the phone are outdated, and others not to the par when compared to phones of 2020. The phone will be launched around June, and it can be an excellent phone to hold you by.


    What is Jio Phone 3 price in India?

    The Reliance Jio phone will retail for ₹ 1,228, which is pretty fair for an entry phone considering some great features you get. The phone is fantastic in its design and another bunch of things you will like.

    What operating system does Jio Phone 3 use?

    Also, The phone uses the Android 8 Oreo operating system, which works great and has fantastic features. The one drawback with this is the phone is being released in 2020, and there is a new version of Android this year. 

    Should I buy the Jio Phone 3?

    Jio Phone 3 is good if you want an entry phone, and this phone can be an excellent present for older people. The phone is cheap, and considering the Jio Phone 3 price, and therefore it’s still a good phone to get in 2020.


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