KFC Franchise Business Opportunity: How To Set Up

    kfc franchise

    What about owning a KFC franchise? That is a real possibility, and I will show you exactly what you have to do to become an entrepreneur in that area.

    We are talking about one of the most valuable brands in the entire world that want to expand its business here in Brazil. They don’t have KFC in all regions yet, and this may be the opportunity you’ve wanted so much.

    If you are interested in the business model, it is time to look at this special article. With it, you will learn a series of information that will help you prepare to apply for the franchise.

    Of course, because it is a successful business, there are many interested parties. So for you to save time and have a better chance of being a KFC franchisee, it is essential to know all the steps of the venture.

    That is my goal here! It will give you as much knowledge as possible about the business model of the KFC franchise so that you have a better chance of becoming an entrepreneur representing this great brand.

    How to open a KFC franchise?

    A franchise is an interesting alternative for those who have money to invest in their own business and want to have a consolidated brand in the market. Open franchise in the fast-food segment is a safe investment option since this business tends to respond very quickly.

    However, the KFC franchise is a good option, as it is a fast-food chain. That known for offering differentiated fried chicken from its income. This franchise is present in more than 100 countries worldwide and has more than 15 thousand stores.

    The KFC Franchise

    It is not very cheap to open a KFC franchise with such success. However, it is a great investment. The minimum cost to open a KFC franchise is around $ 30,000,000. Also, it would be best if you had working capital of $ 10,000.00.

    kfc franchise

    The franchise fee (value to use the brand) is around US $ 45,000. The royalties applied by the company are 6% of net sales, and the advertising fund is 5% of net sales. However, all this investment rewards an average income of $ 70,000.00 per month. The return on investment is between 36 and 42 months.

    The KFC franchise supports the franchisee in conducting efficient business management and maintaining product quality. The restaurant chain has rice, beans, and Parmesan cheese options.

    Instructions for becoming a KFC franchisee

    Would you mind searching to ensure they are the restaurant you want to franchise? Get an idea of ​​company culture, business practices, and corporate structure to ensure they are a good fit for you.

    Make sure you meet the minimum financial requirements to start a KFC franchise. The company requires that any franchisee have a minimum net worth of $ 1.0 million and $ 487,500 in liquid assets.

    Apply to become a franchisee. KFC will make sure that you meet the minimum requirements. And it will conduct an interview and provide you with an in-store experience to get a feel for their operations.

    Select a location for your KFC franchise. The company offers a site selection strategy and helps franchisees ensure that the site you choose is a good one. KFC will approve and register your site once it has control of the land to build your restaurant.

    Finance and build your restaurant. Once the site is approved, you will need to start construction as soon as possible.

    Hire employees and complete all necessary KFC franchise training while your store is under construction.


    Contacting a franchise attorney to help you work with KFC is good. KFC is a good option if you like to work closely with the parent company.

    The company’s success depends on the brand and who is behind the KFC franchises. In your country, you can put it on the menu. For example, national dishes are profitable. If we know how to do it and Kentucky Fried Chicken does not, you can see other large franchises such as McDonald’s that offer other dishes and increase their sales.

    Buy a franchise from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Buying a KFC franchise is not easy, so we are happy to help you if you need advice. Remember that it is not a small investment and you should have everything to avoid problems in the future. Although negotiated if you want manager or lawyer expenses, our advice is free.

    kfc franchise

    To buy a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, we must do a feasibility study that the company will require us. However, it does not mean that we cannot lose money by working for them. With a good market study and business viability in that area, we guarantee to get our money back in a few years.

    The feasibility study that we must deliver to you:

    Amount of real population that can access our restaurant.

    Acquisition power of the population near the restaurant.

    The competition you can find.

    Learn a little more about the KFC Franchise

    As I have talked about before, this is one of the most valuable companies in the world. It is in position 64 among the most valuable companies in the world. Do you have any idea what it means? You have the opportunity to represent a leader!

    On the other hand, opening a KFC franchise means working with innovation and having no competitors. Unlike other fast food systems, KFC works with breaded chicken. A delicious chicken that is like no other.

    You take a business like this for a city where you do not yet have it, or even for a neighborhood in a city where people already know about the product, it is a great opportunity to earn money.

    One of the secrets of the company’s success is the quality of its products in any unit that you go. They managed to put together a perfect recipe that allows all the franchises to have the same service system and quality and flavor in the products.

    I need to talk about it because you have a lot of people out there who criticize the franchise system a lot without having a good understanding of how it works. Believe The business is your yes! You have autonomy, and you need to be present to have positive results.

    The simple question about a franchise is that it is a brand unit. All the units in the world need to have the same service and product. Everything needs to be the same.

    That is why you need to follow some guidelines from the company. That works to disqualify the brand so that the target audience is not confused about the franchises.

    Except that following the pattern is not negative for the entrepreneur, quite the contrary. In the case of setting up a KFC franchise, for example, people only go to your unit if it has the same characteristics as the other.

    That ensures that you are seen as a representative of the company. It means that the already loyal public buys in your hand too.

    How much does a KFC Franchise cost?

    The investment to establish a KFC franchise will largely depend on the size you want and the location.

    According to the information from the company itself, for you to open a Food Court / Chick franchise (which are restaurants from 55 m² in food courts in shopping centers or malls), you will have to invest around R $ 1,500. 000.

    It is because the construction value is $ 800,000. The franchise fee is $ 48,000, and you will need to buy the machinery that costs $ 400,000. It is important to know the value of the investment before applying for the franchise to ensure that you can have a business like that.

    Do you have that value available to invest? If you have, great! Only money is not enough to have your own KFC franchise.

    KFC Franchise profile

    To become a franchisee, you need to prove that you are willing to do your best for the business and have some experience. You need to have administrative and managerial skills and have a financial notion.

    In other words, you must prove that you can manage and manage the drive. In some cases, prior experience in retail business management and administration is required.

    Because it is a weighty company that takes care of its image, money is useless. It does not have the entrepreneurial profile of someone willing to dedicate 100% to their business.

    If you think you can create a franchise and earn money without working, this business is not for you. It is necessary to be living the day-to-day of the business. Do you know that saying that the owner’s eye makes the ox fat? It’s the same thing!

    Franchise support

    Stay calm! As in any other franchise, you will have support to mount your unit. The company will be close to you in choosing the place, your training, and even your team’s training.

    Not to mention that you will have access to franchise manuals, which show you all the business details. So you don’t run the risk of missing out on valuable things.

    FAQ on KFC Franchise

    Is KFC still best in 2021?

    KFC: ranking of countries by several restaurants in the world 2021. The fast-paced KFC game, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, has also been finalized in the second quarter of 2021 with 25,292 stable new worlds.

    Is KFC started in the USA?

    Added this, there are 37241 restaurants in the world in McDonald’s, 21,487 locations of KFC, 16,748 centers of Pizza Hut, and 6,849 centers of Taco Bell.

    Are the Kentucky Fried Chicken is best in the world?

    KFC Corporation is in Louisville to based in Kentucky. It is the leading brand in chicken products, owner of the genuine recipe in Colonel Sanders, has more than 17,000 restaurants worldwide.

    Conclusion on KFC Franchise

    Now that you know everything you need to own your franchise don’t waste any more time. Run after what you don’t have yet and get in touch with the company soon.

    After the unit is assembled, you don’t forget the importance of doing your best every day to earn money and be successful. Okay?

    I wish strength and a lot of perseverance for you!

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