Kinemaster App Download For PC

    Kinemaster App Download For PC

    Do you usually document every trip out of town and holiday with videos shot with your smartphone? Do you like to film what you admire with your own eyes? So that you can see it as many times as you want? Suppose you prefer a beautiful video edited and edited in an impeccable way to selfies. In that case, you will surely like to know KineMaster Video Editor, a feature-rich and easy-to-use video editing app. This article will give you a complete guide about how the kinemaster app download for pc.

    KineMaster Video Editor perfectly represents the category of apps for creating videos. Tagged on the Play Store as a “must-see” application, it is a powerful tool used by lovers of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and professionally by vloggers, journalists, educators, and marketers. So let’s see what its characteristics are.

    KineMaster Video Editor what it is

    Kinemaster App Download For PC

    KineMaster is one of the complete free video editors for Android and iOS platforms. The numerous features that characterize it make it a very professional video editing application. You will feel like you have actual PC software in your hands: starting from photos or recordings made with your mobile phone, you can edit a video in a few minutes.

    With KineMaster, you can, for example, cut the less attractive clips and merge the remaining ones, insert a transition between one scene and another, apply special effects, control the playback speed and add a musical accompaniment that best expresses the atmosphere of the montage. The final. All through an elegant and intuitive interface.

    The only two regarding the free version include the presence of advertising and the watermark at the top right to represent the logo; obstacles to be overlooked if you do not intend to switch to the paid version.

    KineMaster Video Editor how it works

    Once downloaded and installed, the app can finally be used to create amazing videos. To do this, you can follow two ways: using the wizard for choosing images, videos, and audio files to be included in the project or starting from a brand new template, following all the phases of the work. Our advice is to prefer the second procedure if you are using KineMaster for the first time. This is the best video editing software for Mac devices, iOS tablets, and smartphones that allows you to use a range of effects and backdrops without paying a dime. Even if you have never used such solutions before, you will easily figure out how to use its advanced audio controls, trimming tools, and effects.

    In any case, you can customize your video using all the tools that the application puts at your disposal, previewing the project’s status. With KineMaster Video Editor, you can:

    • add multiple video layers, effects, stickers, text, and hand lettering
    • cut and merge movies, blending them with particular transitions
    • add music, sound effects, voices, and voice changes
    • animate the frames
    • control the speed to get slow-motion effects (discover other applications to slow down videos ) or time lapse
    • adjust the volume of individual clips in the background
    • balance contrast, lighting, and colors
    • apply color filters to make your video stand out even more
    • export videos in 4K
    • share the final result on the various social channels.
    • Application video

    Watch the video presentation of the application:

    Download the app

    The application is available for free on the Play Store and Apple Store. Access your reference store and download the app with one click.

    how to edit videos on Android


    For starters, for me, effective video editing in general. This is not professional processing with subtle color grading, many plugins, super chroma key, and so on. I mean the level of, say, Movie Maker 13, a particular set of essential functions. Note – I said, “a certain set” since there are a lot of essential functions.

    This adds the text of arbitrary size duration and a bunch of fonts, and multiple layers. Stickers and primary effects like mirroring, wavy, blurring and pixelation, simple animation, overlaying music – all of which I have listed are in all self-respecting video editors. On a PC, of course. On Android, there are only a couple of these “powerful” tools – and KineMaster is among them.

    This program is free, although there is also a paid version, about which a little later. It allows you to turn all of the above and even more if you often visit the built-in multimedia store. First, we select the main video file, select one of the four themes, three main text files (intro, middle part, and end), and finally, the musical accompaniment.

    This program is free, although there is also a paid version, about which a little later. It allows you to turn all of the above and even more if you often visit the built-in multimedia store. First, we select the main video file, select one of the four themes, three main text files (intro, middle part, and end), and finally, the musical accompaniment.

    kinemaster app download for pc: How to work in KineMaster

    The primary step is only the video file – the rest can be safely skipped and added on the direct editing track. And if you do not even want to make a project step by step, do not choose “Project Assistant,” select “Empty Project,” and only get a bare track, which you will fill in with everything you need.

    In general, I want to answer how to edit video on Android – easy and straightforward! It’s all about the design of KineMaster, which will quickly plug any video editor on the PC into the belt without any problems. All functions here fit on one screen. You can add a layer with text, effect, and whatever. You can add your multimedia file, record a separate voice track or draw a cute face on the picture by hand. And then animate this thing in the form of rain!

    However, not everything is so smooth. Due to its external simplicity and ease of use, KineMaster does not explain some aspects and artificially limits others. First, the topics. As it turned out, this is a particular set of animations tied to the duplicate three text files. When creating a project, this is not obvious. Next – the trouble with the audio. You can’t add your MP3 file, at least – I haven’t found a way.

    kinemaster app download for pc: KineMaster from mobile and tablet

    Kinemaster App Download For PC

    KineMaster is the app to start editing videos from mobile and tablet. Then test it without limits of time and duration, in a limited version: logo in the exported movie and some less functionality and primary effects.

    In this post, I have collected several other “professional” apps for editing videos. However, I chose KineMaster for a tutorial. Because it is compatible with iOs and Android and because it has a generous trial version. You have plenty of time to test the application and purchase it when you feel the need. This is the YouTube episode where I show you the functions and effects.

    create a project in different formats

    With the kinemaster app download for PC, you can edit videos in horizontal format for youtube, square as is fashionable on FaceBook, or vertically for IGTV.

    apply filters and cutouts

    Filters, digital motions, cropping, and many more are the video editing features you can experience with KineMaster.

    add text layers and more

    Layers can be images, graphics, scribbles, or text and subtitles. They are clips that entirely or partially overlap the main movie. Then, having created your masterpiece, it remains to decide where to publish it to share what you have to tell with the world.

    YouTube is an excellent platform to store your works and share the link only with whoever you want or found in the sea of ​​the web. Download below the free course Blast Off With YouTube if you discover your goal. For personal help, designed for you and your needs, there is PILOT consultancy.

    kinemaster app download for pc: KineMaster 5.0.3

    KineMaster is a complete video editor for Android. Thanks to this application, you will be able to edit your videos. The application has excellent functionality for working with videos. You can overlay multiple video layers, add voiceovers, text, stickers, and more. You will be able to play videos backward and apply sound effects and change the voice. There are many effects in the application to improve the quality of your video – make your video unforgettable. Crop and join videos in KineMaster.

    The Kinomaster app has a built-in store where you can find music, effects, fonts, and transitions. Thanks to this application, you can make beautiful video transitions. A set of tools will help you, if necessary, slow down your video or, on the contrary, speed up it. The application supports many video formats and qualities, up to 4k. After correcting the video, you can immediately send it to a platform convenient for you or save it to the gallery.

    Key benefits of KineMaster:

    • The massive set of tools.
    • Complete video editor.
    • Change the sound, add voice acting.
    • Overlay videos on top of each other.

    kinemaster app download for pc- Pro Video Editor

    There was a time when I wondered if a video editor is needed on mobile platforms and the Android operating system in particular. Since I have experience in several video editors designed for PCs, I understood perfectly well that it is impossible to do even semi-professional editing with the help of a touch screen alone. There is no way to do without a keyboard and a mouse, and a large monitor (and preferably two ) with high resolution, in this case, is also necessary. It turns out that mobile video editors are needed only for entertainment and overlaying the most superficial effects?

    At first glance, it may seem that this is the case. But, on the other hand, some mobile video editors may now offer cloud file syncing. Which already makes them attractive. Thus, for example, you can shoot a video using a mobile phone camera, start doing elementary editing (or at least add the necessary files to the project) and then continue editing the video on a computer. Where the possibilities of some programs are almost endless. Synchronization is available for software such as Adobe Clip. This allows you to continue working with files in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC program (perhaps this is the best video editor for desktop Windows). But the capabilities of the mobile version of the software do not suit me, and I decided to find something more functional in the end.

    As a result, after getting acquainted with several applications, I made my choice in favor of the KineMaster editor, which provides reasonably good possibilities for video editing, as far as the mobile platform generally allows. But what is good about the kinemaster app download for PC and why you should choose it? I will try to explain in my review.

    kinemaster app download for pc: graphics

    The duration of displaying photos and the duration of the layer is when the files added to the project (a project, roughly speaking, are all files that you opened in the video editor for subsequent work with them), the files initially take up on the timeline. I do not consider this setting important at any time during editing. You can increase or decrease the playing time of all files.

    Much more interesting is the setting called “Photo Crop,” which has the Ken Burns effect by default. The files added for editing gradually increase in scale, confusing some users who first opened the application. Just keep in mind that you have to do this manipulation for each file. So it’s easier to use the first method I described.

    The rest of the settings can be left unchanged if there is no particular need for this. Although the frame rate is sometimes essential when editing on a PC, the frame rate of the original file remains the same during editing and after rendering. But how important is it for amateur editing of small videos? However, you can view the frame count directly in the kinemaster app download for PC and decide. Which settings to use before creating the video. Softinka still lacks additional frame rate settings because some cameras shoot at 29.97 frames, and some allow only 30 frames. And when watching a video after rendering, the difference can be found in the video is long enough (desynchronization appears).


    Enough theory, now you can practice studying everything because each video editor is unique in its way, and it is not always possible to figure out what’s what immediately. First of all, we select any file from which we plan to create a video. Thus, several files will be visible in the frame at once, which will already look interesting. Hope so, now you clear how kinemaster app download for pc. There are so many possibilities for working with layers that other mobile editors may envy. For example, you can animate a layer by placing key points and making video, text, or images move (pictures with a transparent background will look especially good) or add additional effects.

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