Lava Z50 ROMs Review

Lava Z50 ROMs Review and How to Flash Custom ROMS

Lava has been a popular Indian Smartphone brand that is trying to make an impression by launching good quality budget smartphones for the commoners. Lava has been very innovative over the years, and the products they have launched so far in the market are worth mentioning. You will have to know this by now that Lava does not target the people with thick pockets. They rather chose the basic commoners AKA the Millennial. People with limited grade income sources are the prime customers of Lava. But that does not mean that this company does not make smartphones with higher performances. They are quite good at what they do. Here we will give you a complete idea about Lava Z50.

Mobile Lava introduced the Z series as a low budget or entry-level smartphone. Lava Z50 is one of them. It has a price tag of around 3,999 INR in India. You can clearly tell that the phone is an entry budget smartphone in the market by seeing the price tag.


There is a trend going on about people flashing their phones with custom ROMs. You might have been thinking about what is flashing or hoe to flash custom ROMs on your phone. Some of you might not know what Custom ROMs are. Don’t worry. This article has got you covered.

On this article, I will be talking about the Lava Z50 and its specs, after that we will be going through the 101s of Custom ROMs, and then in the finishing portion, we will be discussing the step by step procedures to flash the Lava Z50 with custom ROMs.

This article will be a little different than usual. But do stick with us because we will be learning a lot of things today. So, without wasting any time and hurting my fingertips unnecessarily, let us dig into the discussion.


Lava Z50: The Low Budget Treat!

Lava Z50 comes with a cute little basket of surprises and wonders in this price tag. First of all, talking about the design, it is a typical low budget smartphone. So you need to expect that it will come in various limitations.

The phone has a dimension of 135 mm in length, 66.6 mm in width, and 9.7 mm in breadth. The frame and the body is made out of good quality plastic. It’s weighted around 140 grams. The front side is the screen, of course. The first threat is that it has a 2.5 D Curved Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the phone from getting shattered or scratches.

The power button and the volume adjustment rocker is on the right side of the phone. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is on the top, and the USB Type 2 charging port is on the bottom. On the back is the camera and the LED Flash. The branding of LAVA is in the center, and the speaker grills are on the bottom portion of the back part. The Phone comes in Gold and white combination, which looks cute.

On the front part, we have the screen and thick bezels. On the top bezel is the place where the earpiece, sensors, camera, and the front-facing LED Flash got installed. The on-display navigation bar is in the bottom portion.

Talking about the display, Lava Z50 comes with a 4.5 inch TFT screen, and the resolution is FWVGA. Looking at the screen, it is pretty bright and good looking in terms of color combination. It does get a little dim in the bright light conditions, but that’s not beyond the tolerance point.


Now let us talk about the camera real quick. The primary camera is of 5 Mega Pixels as well as the secondary camera, which is also of 5 Mega Pixels. The pictures are nice, and the video has some unique features like video beauty mode.

It runs in the Android Oreo Go edition and has some cool features preinstalled as it is the Go edition. YouTube Go is preinstalled, which means you can download YouTube videos and play it whenever you like on the go.

The Battery is a nonremovable 2000 mAh battery with super power-saving mode, which can save a lot of battery by closing all the extra background functions.

The Internal Memory is of 8 GB, and from that 5.5 GB is usable for the user. The Ram is of 1 GB DDR3 and has a 15% extra as advertised for the Android boost in the speed.

The phone comes in a one year warranty and a free screen replacement within a year if the screen is damaged.


Android and Custom ROMs

We all know that Android is the most popular Operating System in the world now. And some of you might not know that it is an open-source platform. That means you can download the source codes from Google and then edit it just the way you like your OS to be. You can add some cool features if you want. Or you could delete some of the annoying ones that you hate a lot.

This source code is known as ROMs. Every Smartphone company modifies its own codes as their smartphones can work more efficiently. These are known as factory ROMs or Stock ROMs.

But people do like to make things their own way. So as the day progresses, developers come up with new customized versions of their ROMs and making them available on the internet.

I do have to remind you that different devices have different carriers. That means not all the devices are compatible with all custom ROMs or firmware. So you will have to make sure that your device is compatible with the desired custom ROM, which you intend to flash into your device.


Lava Z50 Flash File: The Custom ROMs for Lava Z50

We have been reviewing the Lava Z50. It runs in Android Oreo Go Edition. But there are several Flash files or Custom ROMs available on the internet. These are:

  • AOSP Android 9.0 Pie:

Maybe you want to have the latest Android Pie experience on your smartphone. If that is the case, then we have you covered. Here is the AOSP Android Pie 9.0 flash file for you. It has some cool features like more improved adaptive brightness, Advanced Battery with AI support, Manual theme selection, and a lot more.

  • Pixel Experience ROM:

You have already heard about Google Pixel Smartphones, and you just want to have the best Stock Android experience. Then not to worry, dude! I have the right Custom ROM for you. This particular ROM will make your phone run in Pixel experience.


  • Resurrection Remix:

This ROM is a merged up ROM as it brings the best of everything. So you will have some hectic features like Lineage OS, SLIM, AOKP, and other popular Custom Android ROMs. It is compatible with Lava, but the Lava Z50 flash file has not been released yet.

  • AOSPExtended ROM:

AOSP Extended is basically based on the Android Open Source Project. So that means that its UI is similar to stock Android on the Google Pixel phones. The main focus of the ROM is to make more features available for the smartphone rather than the User Interface. It is very efficient as it comes up with regular updates and support.

  • MIUI 10 ROM:

MIUI is made by the prominent Chinese brand Xiaomi as it is commonly used in all of its devices. The MIUI has been a hit in the market for its stability and flexibility. As we speak, this version of Custom ROM is an unofficial version as Xiaomi does not launch the ROM for non-Xiaomi devices. But still, the unofficial version is as good as the originals, and it is compatible without the device, the Lava Z50. But the Lava Z50 flash file is still due to its release. Hopefully, we will be getting it by the end of this year.


How to Flash Custom ROMS in Lava Z50

As we have learned about some of the most popular Lava Z50 flash files, now we can learn how to successfully flash our Lava Z50. There are some prerequisites before flashing the phone. The prerequisites are:

  • Supportive Firmware:

You will have to download a supportive firmware or a Custom ROM that is compatible with your device. The file should be a zip file and will be around 500 MB to a 1.5 GB file.

  • Download the SP Flash Tool:

The flash tool enables you to reorganize certain parameters, formats the device data, test the device memory, and do a lot of other programs. It basically sets your device for rebooting with a new ROM.

  • Download VCOM Driver:

Download VCOM Driver on your computer. It will basically reprogram your phone and load the new ROM.

  • Download and Install LAVA USB Drivers.
  • Your phone should have at least 80% of battery life, and it should be fully operational.
  • If you have important data, then I would strongly suggest you back up your data in some safer platform. During the flashing, all the data gets wiped out. So if you do not want the data to get erased, do take a backup.
  • You will need a Laptop or a PC.

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Step by Step Procedure to Flash Your Device

If you are reading this, then I am assuming that you have successfully fulfilled all the prerequisites, and your device is ready to be flashed. So here is the step by step procedure for installing a flash ROM in the required device:

  1. Extract the SP Flash Tool on your PC.
  2. From the extracted folder, find the file named flashtool.exe. Double click to open that file.
  3. When the program is running, you will see a smartphone picture and some buttons on the ribbon. There will be a ‘Download’ menu. Click it.
  4. There you will be able to see an option named Download Agent. Click the download Agent and select MTK_AllInOneDA.bin. You will find this file in the extracted folder.
  5. In the same tab, you will be able to see a Scatter-loading menu.
  6. Now extract the Custom ROM File. There you will be able to see a scatter file.
  7. Now select the scatter file from the scatter-loading menu.
  8. Load the scatter file.
  9. Click the download button and that downloading it.
  10. Now here comes the main execution part. The flashing process will start.
  11. Hold on the Volume Down Button and Volume Up key together and connect the phone via a cable to your PC.
  12. When the phone is connected, the flashing will start. You will have to wait for a while to get the flashing done.
  13. When the flashing is done, you will be able to see a green tick sign appear on your computer screen.
  14. Now terminate the SP Flash tool and disconnect your phone.
  15. Now restart your phone.
  16. Reboot all the information and your Custom ROM is good to go


There are some cautions that are needed to be followed. First of all, your phone needs to be charged at least 70% so that the flashing process can be done successfully. The process consumes a lot of power, so if it is not charged enough, malfunctions can occur. The next important thing is that you need to download the Custom ROM, which is compatible with your device. So if you are not sure about the file you downloaded, please do check if it is compatible with your device or not. If it is not compatible, your device would not be able to run it. This might be harmful and does result in malfunctions or might even not startup.


Wrapping things Up!

So that was all for today folks, hope you have learned how to flash your phone with all new Custom ROMs. If you face any problems during these execution processes, then do let yourself do good research about the compatibility. So that is me signing off! Goodbye!

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