Do you want to start making money with your youtube channel? Read how you can do it
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If you are a youtube lover you can also turn your time on youtube to money. A lot of people visit youtube
daily and so many people have turned their fun into a business.
In doing this, one thing is most important and that is getting the right knowledge to start with. Another
thing is being ready to give what it takes, that is the time and resources.
Let’s get started.


This is the first thing to do to get your youtube career under way. Your channel will
have a unique name and it’s where you will upload your videos for viewers.
Steps to creating your channel:
1) Visit the youtube website, click on your login logo (it carries the first letter of your email address).
2) You will see different options, then click on my “My Channel”
3) There you are presented with a box which carries “Set up your channel on youtube”
4) Just fill the information required.


Some people make mistake here, they tend to choose the niche with so much
interest or where many people are already in. But the truth is niches with many fans also have a strong
The ultimate factor here when choosing a niche should be the passion as this will make the work easier
for you in the long run.
After choosing a niche pick a name that clearly depicts what your channel is all about.


You must have seen so many times on different blogs that “Content is king” but I say
here that UNIQUE CONTENT IS KING. To succeed in making money from youtube and to make your
channel popular you must be able to churn out unique content from time to time. Consistency plays a major role in determining how far you can go and how much you can make on your youtube channel.
Of course, these contents should not be without ice on them which make them interesting to viewers.


Making money from your content will require a lot of views, fortunately having
viewers is not difficult. All you need is a strategy to make people find your content and also make them
want to view even subscribe to your channel.
From the titles you give your contents to the length of the videos all these you should be considered
seriously as people get easily attracted to appealing titles and also want to watch short videos most


Finally, we are here, before making money from your channel that’s
after uploading your contents you need to meet some requirements. This requirement is needed for you
to monetize your content with Google Adsense.

The requirements:
1) Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.
2) Your channel must have at least 4,000 watch hours.
Meeting this requirement is not difficult that is if you use the right strategies.
Now, you have to do one more thing that is turning on monetization.
Steps to turn on monetization:
1) Go to your channel then click on “Video Channel”.
2) Click on “Enable monetization” to enable monetization.
You can monitor your earnings through your Google Adsense dashboard.


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