Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers is a famous American TV host and actress with a $100 million fortune. She’s also had a successful career in show business. Though she has a successful acting and comedy career, she is perhaps most well-known as the daughter of the legendary Joan Rivers. We have been discussing her the entire time. We have added more information on Melissa Rivers net worth.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

American actress and talk show host Melissa Rivers net worth is $100 million. Melissa Rivers has had a somewhat successful entertainment career in her own right. But she is arguably best known as the daughter of legendary comedian and actress Joan Rivers. After Joan Rivers passed away, she left an estimated $150 million to her main heir, Melissa.

Melissa Rivers Early Life

On the 20th of January, 1968, Melissa Warburg Rosenberg was born in New York City. Edgar Rosenberg, a producer, and Joan Rivers, an actress and comedian, had her as their only child. She spent her childhood in Los Angeles and attended John Thomas Dye School, Marlborough School, and The Buckley School.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

After high school, Melissa Rivers continued her study at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a history degree in 1989. When her father killed himself, she was in college. Melissa Rivers is a theatrical name she adopted in 1990; it was given to her by her mother.

Melissa Rivers Education

She earned degrees from the John Thomas Dye School, the Marlborough School, and The Buckley School. Further, Melissa counts Penn as one of her alma maters. In 1989, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in history.


Melissa’s acting career started in the ’90s. She had recurring roles on shows including ‘Beverly Hill, 90210,’ ‘The Comeback and ‘Silk Stalkings.’

She co-starred with her mother in the iconic 1994 documentary “Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story,” and went on to star in “Men in White” (1998) and “The Big Tease” (2001). (1999).

Additionally, Melissa was a regular on the red carpet at award events in the early 1990s when she was a reporter for Entertainment Tonight.

As a host and producer for the E! Network, she achieved even greater success with the series she developed, Oh Baby! Melissa’s Guide to Pregnancy and Oh Toddler! A Guide to Making It Through The First Ten Years”

After leaving E! and making a lucrative deal with TV Guide Channel worth $6 to $8 million, Melissa and her mother quit the company in 2003.

They reunited to work on Joan’s YouTube series “In Bed With Joan” after being away for ten years. Joan would host her program from the comfort of her bed, and she and her celebrity guests would talk for 15 to 30 minutes about whatever was on their minds.

Moreover, Melissa would lead off with her inquisitive queries in the final minutes. Melissa joined the “Fashion Police” family in 2015, making her a co-host alongside such luminaries as Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, RuPaul, Lance Bass, Howie Mandel, and Kelly Osbourne.

Rivers is not just a talented actress but also a staunch supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and an advocate for the welfare of animals. Her participation in series like “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” has raised millions of dollars for good organizations thanks to her involvement.


Reportedly due to receive over $100 million from her late mother Joan Rivers’ estate, Melissa made headlines in late October 2014. After her mother tragically passed away in 2014 from complications after a routine medical operation, family sources stated that Melissa would receive $75 million in cash and her mother’s $35 million New York City condo.

Real Estate

Melissa paid $2.35 million for a property in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades in 1998. In July 2019, after being on the market for over a year, the property sold for an incredible $5.223 million, well above the original asking price of $6.2 million.

Melissa accomplished the remarkable in the summer of 2015 when she oversaw the sale of her mother’s long-time New York City penthouse for an astounding $28 million.

Instead of resting on her laurels, she bought an $11 million home in Santa Monica in March 2016.

Melissa sold the property five years later, in March 2021, for a whopping $15.5 million. Melissa had already spent $7.8 million on a new home in Pacific Palisades a few weeks after closing her Santa Monica sale.

Home of Melissa Rivers

In 2020, Rivers called an $11 million mansion in Santa Monica, California, located in the United States, home. The Santa Monica Canyon mansion is a whopping 7048 square feet in size and sits at the end of a cul-de-sac. Melissa spent nearly twenty years as a resident of Pacific Palisades. Over S5.223 billion was the price she got for the home. Melissa’s previous Pacific Palisades residence was built in the traditional East Coast style and spanned 5,850 square feet.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Furthermore, Melissa Rivers considers her house more than a place to sleep. The TV star’s large Santa Monica home features eye-catching furnishings, cutting-edge artwork, and priceless heirlooms from her mother, the late Joan Rivers.

Recognition and Honors Received by Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers and her mother were honoured in New York City in 2013 with a double-decker tour bus and the Ride of Fame awards for their work in the comedy industry.

Personal Life

Melissa tied the knot with veteran horse trainer John Endicott in the winter of 1988. The anticipated price tag for their big day at New York’s Plaza Hotel was $3 million. Edgar Cooper Endicott, born in the year 2000, is their son. They officially split up in 2003. Melissa dated sports instructor Jason Zimmerman from 2008 until 2011, and she has been seeing talent agent Mark Rousso since 2015.


Why is Melissa Rivers Famous?

Melissa Rivers is well-versed in many fields, including entertainment journalism, equestrian sports, public speaking, social activism, and the promotion of suicide awareness.

What sign belongs to Melissa Rivers?

Her astrological sign is Aquarius, and her ruling planet is Uranus. The Chinese horoscope says that Melissa’s animal sign is a monkey.

What was Melissa Rivers’ total number of relationships?

Counting current and ex-boyfriends, Melissa Rivers has been in at least four relationships.

Are Joan and Melissa acting out a script?

The Rivers assure us that, contrary to other so-called reality shows, “Joan & Melissa” is entirely unscripted and improvised.

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