Mi band 4 india: features and price

mi band 4 india

Mi Band is one of the best smart bands that are available mi band 4 India these days. There are a lot of features that this device has which makes it stand out from many. This is a fitness band, and it entails some excellent features that keep tracking some of the things that you are doing on a daily basis.

If you want to monitor your activity or anything that you are doing in a day, it’s straightforward to do that with the Mi Band. This device is essential for athletes, mostly those who are running or those who swim. The data is collected, and this data can be very crucial in making some changes if you want to.

Mi Smart Band is also an excellent tool in tracking and monitoring your health. For example, it can monitor 24/7 your heart rate and even track your sleep. There are countless things that you can do with this small tool, and the fact that it helps in monitoring all your data safe is very crucial. In this article, we will identify some of the excellent features of the Mi Band and its price in India.


The first thing that you will note with the Mi Band smartwatch is that this device is an activity tracker. Time is crucial in our lives, and you need to ensure that all the time, you know where and when you did something.

For example, you can be able to track your very important sleep time. Tracking your sleep is excellent as you will be able to know if you are having a good sleep or not. Sleep is one thing that people should not take for granted as a good sleep can make you very productive.

You are able to get a lot done when you have enough sleep compared to times when you don’t have some. Apart from the Mi Band 4 India tracking the number of hours slept, it also tracks the quality of sleep that you have. If you are the type of person that wants to get all this kind of info, then this is the device that you should get.

You can also track the number of steps that you have made in a day to be able to see how to fit you are. The other thing that you get with the Mi Band 4 India is the ability to track your heart rate. People having heart issues can find this very helpful and know when they are having heart issues. Generally, the activity tracker feature in Mi Band 4 India works very efficiently, and it can help you in managing areas that you find you are not great at. 


The impressive feature with the Mi Band 4 India is the excellent display that the device offers you. The device uses an AMOLED full-color touch display screen, which is so bright and displays awesome. This display allows you to view calls, text people, and even access some of the applications in Mi Band 4.

One thing about having a good display is the ability to view things in a nice and great way. One thing that you will note is that with the display, you are able to see all the activity tracked on your device. The display being a touchscreen means that you are able to navigate easily by swapping around and getting to the area that you want to. The colors are very vivid, and the Mi Band 4 has a pixel density of 282 PPI, which is very sharp, and that means you won’t have trouble using this display.

It offers a screen resolution of 120 x 240 pixels, which I think is fair enough for such a device. The resolution works fine, and it displays most of the activity that you are performing well on the device. Finally, the screen size of the Mi Band 4 India is about 0.95 inches, which is not that big if you are thinking of watching movies with it. All in all, the display of this device is excellent, and you can use it to get a lot of things done.


The other great thing about the Mi Band 4 India is the ability to access all the notifications from your phone easily. You have the ability to link your device with the phone that you are using, and this will offer you the ability to get notifications on your phone.

If someone calls on your phone and you get a missed call, you will be able to get this notification directly on your Mi Band 4. This smart band is so great as you are able to text back anyone through your band, which is excellent. There a lot of notifications that you can get using this superb device.

An example is you can have a timer set on your device, and this notification will pop up when the timer goes off.  You can get weather notifications, which is great as this can help you know what to wear or even carry an umbrella. There are a lot of notifications that you can easily handle this small device and help increase your productivity. I highly rate the Mi Band 4 as a device that can handle a lot of notifications so well, and you should try it out.


There are several remote features that the Mi Band 4 India offers you, and they are fantastic. If you connect your phone with this device, there are several remote features that are great when using them.

For example, you can control music on your phone easily through the device, which is great. The other thing is the flexibility of receiving and making a mind-blowing call. There are places that you cannot access your phone, and having this wrist band can give you the ability to remotely using your phone.

I love this feature as I don’t have to stress where my phone is ringing from as I can pick it up and communicate efficiently. There are more things that you can do remotely on your smartphone using the Mi Band 4, which you can try out and see what will work for you.


One thing that you should keep in mind these days when buying a device is battery capacity. A device battery is very important as it helps in keeping your device up all the time, and that will get some jobs done.


For example, if you have a device whose battery is less, you will have a hard time completing most of the tasks. One thing that you will love about the Mi Band 4 India is the battery capacity and the time it takes. The device features a battery capacity of 135mAh Li-Po type, which is excellent.

The thing I did note with this device is the ability to last up to 20 days when it’s fully charged. The battery life is so vital to any device these days as you don’t want to be running into issues of charging your phone all the time. You can charge the Mi Band 4 India using a USB, and once you see it’s full, you can now start using it. The ability to have it on for over 20 days will help you use it even if your phone is off.

DISPLAY Screen Size 0.95 inches

Screen Resolution 120x 240 pixels

Display Technology AMOLED


Sleep quality

Hours slept

Heart rate



BATTERY Capacity 135mAh

Battery life up to 20 days

Charging mode via USB

SYNCING Bluetooth V5.0



Calendar Reminder





The other thing that I love about the Mi Band 4 India is the water-resistant feature, which is fantastic. If you are a swimmer, you will find this very helpful in tracking your swimming practice. The water-resistant feature goes up to 50M, which is a deep level, and the smart band will still work great.

There are a lot of advantages to having the water-resistant feature, which I think people should take advantage of. This is a small device, and it’s frequently exposed to water from rain and a bunch of other things. 


 The design of Mi Band 4 India is exceptional, and Xiaomi took a lot of time to perfect this, which is excellent. The shape and surface of the device are rectangular and flat, which is incredible. The weight of the device is about 22 grams, which are almost weightless when it’s on your hand.

There are also different colors available for this make that you can choose from. There is a blue, black, purple, and a red Mi Band 4 that you can choose from. The design of this device is truly exceptional, which I love a lot. A good design is something that you need to always keep in mind when buying devices as they often affect how we work with them. The look and feel of the Mi Band 4 are I do love.


The Mi Band 4 has the ability to connect with different types of operating systems. For example, you can connect it to a phone with an android operating system and also to another one with an iOS. This is awesome as you are not restricted to only one operating system that you may not be using.

There are different types of syncing that are available with the Mi Band device. The device offers Bluetooth connectivity v5.0, which is impressive and works perfectly with the device. You also have NFC, which is Near Field Communication for those who have no idea. This is a way in which your phone interacts with something that is in close proximity to it.

The syncing works in a range of 4 cm and helps in providing a wireless connection with your device and another. This is the feature that allows you to operate your phone remotely playing music, receiving a call, and even texting back. There is, however, no USB connectivity, which is sad.  The syncing of this device is excellent, and it works awesomely, which is something that you want when dealing with smart band devices.


 There are different kinds of sensors that are available on the Mi Band 4 India. There is a Gyro sensor, which is a device that senses angular velocity. They help a lot when it comes to detecting the tracking and twisting. There is also Accelerometer, which is for measuring forces. This device is used to detect and provide steps for information.

These are the sensors that are responsible for helping you track all the activities that you do in a day like walking or even sleeping. The sensors also are responsible for monitoring your heart rate, which is excellent. There are also additional features that you will note in the device which help you in your daily stuff. The additional features include the alarm clock and reminders and other more features.


The Mi Band 4 is an excellent device with all the specs that they have highlighted, which make it great. The device goes for RS—2,298, which is a fair price considering the excellent features it offers.


To conclude, we have highlighted all the several features which the Mi Band 4 offers you, and all the elements are excellent. The ability to monitor a lot of activities with this smart device is mind-blowing. There are a lot of things that you can do with this device. We did discuss the price also, which goes for Rs. 2, 298.


Can Mi Band 4 answer calls?

The smart band does not offer you the ability to pick a call as you will need your phone to receive the call.

How can I buy the Mi Band 4 in India?

You can get the Mi Band 4 in India through the several online stores that are available.    

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