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The casinos have always managed to fascinate the whole world, the spot where winning treasures becomes a possibility. A venue where many people enjoy themselves by testing their luck and skills. And because they are so loved, many locations were designed to impress by being highly luxurious and majestic.

The history of casinos has as its first scene, the extraordinary Casinò di Venezia in Italy. Noted as being opened in 1639, the building of amazing architecture was initially a theater. During its active years only in the art world, the theater had a section of the building reserved for placing bets during the pauses of a play. The location became a trend setter for the casino’s scenery. And in time, by 1750’s, the total number of casinos in Venice went up to more than 100 venues.

In the present days, one of the most reputed casinos in the USA is Golden Nugget Hotels & Casinos. The opulent chain of casinos and hotels in the USA, is also operating in the virtual version, the Golden Nugget online casino. The brand is famous all over the world, ever since it was opened in Las Vegas in the mid 40’s.

Usually, the poshest casino venues are part of a big resort, offering different services, from hotels and restaurants, to special events like concerts and other ways of having a great time.

On the list of most imposing casinos in the world, there are The Borgata Casino – Atlantic City USA, Lisboa Casino – Lisbon, Portugal, The Grand MGM Casino – Las Vegas USA, the Sands Macao – Las Vegas USA, the Rio Casino Resort – Klerksdorp, South Africa and so many more.

But the ones considered still as being the top 3 most luxurious casinos are the Venetian Macao from Macau, the City of Dreams from Macau and the Foxwoods Resort Casino from Mashantucket, Connecticut.

The Venetian Macao – Macau, Asia

Inspired by the remarkable The Venetian Casino, Las Vegas, this splendid gambling venue is regarded as the most notable name in terms of luxury and quality of services.

Owned by a large American company, the hotel and casino became active in 2007. The building has a total of 39 floors and is the second largest gambling venue in the world. It is also among the largest buildings worldwide, considered by area per floor and is ranking no.7. The gambling area is half of the total capacity of this vast venue.

The casino itself measures over 50,500 square meters and was designed for 4 large gambling zones, the Golden Fish, the Imperial House, the Red Dragon and the Phoenix. The game’s diversity is out of this world, with more than 3000 different slot machines, around 800 table games and the capacity of 15000 seats in the Cotai Arena for huge events. The indoor arena, the Cotai, has hosted important entertainment performances like concerts, shows, tennis, basketball and boxing competitions.

The Venetian Macao was also the stage for a huge Cirque du Soleil show, between 2008 and 2012. The grandiose production was featuring a number of 75 artists, acrobats and circus performers. And the capacity for this custom designed theater was 1800 seats.

The building is of remarkable impact, outside and in, with great details of Venetians architecture, including replicas of Venetians canals.

City of Dreams – Macau, Asia

Macau has some of the most important casinos in the world and is famous for being a gambling heaven. City of Dreams Casino is regarded as the second-best luxurious venue.

The construction is considered a mega-casino and in 2020 was voted the 3rd biggest casinos of the world. City of Dreams is a giant resort that was launched in 2009 and it also has a hotel tower that was designed by the famous Zaha Hadid team of architects, the Morpheus Tower.

The whole domain is holding 3 different casinos, 4 luxury hotels, 5 hotel-towers and more than 30 restaurants.

Back in 2009, the complex included a space of 150,000 square meters for the gambling area, a fountain of 8meters high range, a theater with a design based on Chinese mythology and an entrance that was spectacular by having giant video-walls.

The casinos here offer a massive range of games, more than 500 table games and over 1500 slot machines. As for values of minimum bets, City of Dreams is offering options starting from 500 HKD, the local currency, this means around $60-70 dollars. This goes for table games and is available for the main gambling stage. Whilst in the VIP gambling lounge, the amounts go as high as multi-millions because it is an unlimited betting level.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino – Mashantucket, Connecticut USA

The legendary resort complex from North America is holding 6 casinos, 4 luxury hotels, many restaurants of which a Hard Rock Café and a high-end mall, the Tanger Outlet Mall.

The casinos total area of 350,000 square meters include more than 250 table games and a huge space for 5000 slot machines.

The poker designed zone, known as World Poker Tour or World Poker Room, is separated from the gaming area, located on a different floor. Because it gathers so many great poker players, the space was extended from the initial capacity of 75 tables, to the present number of 115 poker tables. This expansion turned the casino into the biggest poker room in the USA, but outside of California. And globally, it is on the third position of largest poker rooms.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino started as a bingo hall, but for high-stakes, back in 1986. Later in 1992, the owners, who also partnered with a Chinese Malaysian casino owner, introduced table games and slot machines. The casino was and still is one of the biggest providers for Connecticut’s income, as their first agreement was settled on 25% of the gambling revenue.

The biggest casinos of the world offer everything you could ever imagine, the experience is so intense that it is worthy of planning a whole vacation based on any of the locations mentioned above.


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