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moto one power


Motorola smartphones are taking the phone industry by storm because of the design and impressive features the phones have. Motorola moto, one power for a long time, did dominate the industry of phones before their disappearance because they did not keep up with the market. However, it’s like that is not the case anymore as Motorola is embracing the change, and they are adopting the market.

There is one saying that states if you don’t adopt, you might end up dying. Motorola does not definitely want there a brand out of the market after they have dominated all those years. Motorola recently released a series of smartphones, which are fantastic as they are trying to give a competition to other phones. The Motorola smartphones entail some of the features that most smartphones have today, and they do also include theirs, which are epic.

The design of the phones from the series stand out as they are trying to maintain some authenticity while also being unique among many smartphones in the market today. In this article, we will discuss the Moto One Power, a smartphone from the Motorola series. The phone was released in the year 2018, and the launch date was a bit different, depending on the country you are in. The article will review the phone specifications and some of the features that make the phone amazing.


When thinking about buying a phone, the first thing that comes in mind is whether the phone‘s performance is reliable. Phones are our essential everyday things, and if your phone’s performance cannot match wits, then you are sure to run into issues of lag or slow performance. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when talking about the performance of your phone. For example, the type of chipset the phone has a processor and other things.

The Moto One Power is a good phone, and the performance of this phone is not that bad. If you are playing games or doing other tasks, the phone can get a lot done. The Moto One Power has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset, which is not that a fancy thing, but this chipset is incredible. The Moto One Power also has an Octa-core; the Octa-core ensures that the speed of your phone is optimum, and there are no lags of whatever kind.


The phone is also built on an architecture of 64 bit, which is also great. Graphics are also crucial in phones, especially with the advancement of technology, which means more games have high-end graphics.

The thing I like about the Moto One Power is the good graphics that the phone entails. The phone uses an Adreno 509 graphics card, which is not that awesome compared to some phones that came out last year with high-end GPU, but this does wonder. While using the phone, I liked the fact that you get an excellent viewing experience, especially when watching high-end movies with graphics. Also, when playing games, there are beautiful graphics that are displayed by the phone, which is excellent. All these features that the Moto One Power has been elevating how you experience your phone while using it daily, and you don’t get to run into lag issues.        


The first impression that determines a lot before you even buy a phone is the design of the phone. The phone design is essential as the look and feel of that phone determine a lot. One thing that I highly applaud the Moto One Power for is the time spent in improving the design of the phone.

The phone has a good design, and this is an improvement from the previous installments of the phones in the series. The first thing that you will notice when it comes to the design of the phone is the type of material used in building the phone. The phone uses black aluminum in its build, which is excellent as this is a durable material, and it can last longer. Quality is king, and Motorola is not backing down on this as they are ensuring that the products are of the utmost quality. The Moto One Power has a width of 76mm and a thickness of 8.9mm, which is not that big compared to the material and other things that make the phone.

The Moto One Power weighs about 205grams and has a height of approximately 156mm. The design of the phone is excellent, and considering the several improvements, it means a better design will be in the market soon. The color of the phone is also important when talking about the phone’s design, and the Moto One Power is available in black color. Lastly, the other thing that Moto One Power claims are in their design is that the phone is waterproof; however, I think it’s just splash-proof.


The display of a phone is remarkable too, as this is the main part of the phone you are working with. You must ensure that your phone has an excellent display as this can save you a lot of trouble, especially when straining your eyes trying to read small details. The screen size of Moto One Power is big enough, and it’s around 6.2 inches that are 15.75cm, which I think is significant.

The size of the screen can play a big part in increasing your productivity as you have a lot of space to work with, which is nice.  The other thing about the Moto One Power is that it’s a touch screen which is evident but a capacitive touch screen and multi-touch. The screen resolution of the phone is about 1080 x 2246, which is excellent as you get to experience the phone well when watching movies and playing games too. Apart from the resolution, the pixel density of the phone is high, which makes the colors appear pooping, and the phone has 402PPI.

The Moto One Power uses an IPS LCD type, which is relatively significant. You can get some beautiful colors from this kind of display too. The screen to body ratio of the phone is 81.6%, and this means you get an immersive experience while using your phone. The last thing about the phone display is the screen protection that it uses, which is the Corning Gorilla Glass, which helps shield your phone from minor impacts. All these things included in the display are what make the phone stand out from the crowd of many smartphones.


The other Moto One Power specs that make the phone stand out from most reviews is the size of the battery. The phone has a large battery, which is fantastic, and that means you are going to have more time while using the phone.

The size of the Moto One Power battery is about 5000mAh, and this capacity is massive, and it can last you a long time. The capacity of this battery is the first reason why this phone is cumbersome. Since phones are becoming our every day essential, it means their computing power is also on the rise. There are also many games and applications in the market today that are draining more juice from the battery.

Therefore when considering a phone, you must ensure that your phone has more juice for it to last you long. I spent a lot of time playing games and watching movies on the phone before the battery was completely drained. The phone uses a USB Type -C to charge the phone, and the phone also uses a quick charging system. The thing I liked about the charging system is the turbo power, which means the phone takes a less amount of power before it gets full. The battery is inbuilt, which means you cannot replace it easily. 


If you have not noticed lately, the phone’s camera is something so vital when deciding to buy your phone. People are attached to phones as they are a one-stop place for all the things that they are thinking of doing. For example, if you want to chat, play games, hold a meeting, and take pictures, you get all that under one roof.

The Moto One Power has a good camera also which can do most for you if you take your time to study it. The Moto One Power has a single camera setup, which has an image resolution of 4616 x 3464 pixels. The camera has an autofocus detection, which is fantastic as it allows you to get faces. The Moto One Power also has a continuous shooting mode with high dynamic range mode. There are several settings on the camera that allow you to do other fantastic things. When it comes to video recording, the camera records at 3840 x 2160 at 30fps, and it also records at 1920 x 1080 at 60fps.

The video image you get from this phone is excellent, and you can compare it to the one you get from some professional cameras. The physical aperture of the camera is F2.0, which means it lets more light in, and the more the light, the better the images. The Moto One Power also has an LED flash that you can take advantage of at night and capture remarkable images. The quality of the photos you get from this camera is so excellent, and you can use it as the primary camera during your wedding, and it will not fail you at all.


When thing about smartphones these days, the thing that comes in mind to many is how big the Ram and Storage are. One thing you need to keep in mind at all times is RAM plays a significant role when it comes to how fast your phone is, and the bigger the RAM, the faster the phone performs. The Moto One Power has a RAM of 4GB, which is relatively big, and it works nicely as the phone can perform multiple functions at once. When it comes to the phone storage, I think this phone has enough storage that can sustain you if you like storing a lot of stuff on your phone.

The phone has an internal storage of 64GB, and the available user storage is up to 52.3GB, which is fantastic. The phone also supports expandable memory of up to 256GB in case you need more space to store your files. Also, the Moto One Power supports a USB OTG. The fact that you have more space in your phone is significant as it allows you to store files close to you rather than using other third party means. Also, your machine performs faster as there is no lots of load that make it slow.


Apart from all the features that I have mentioned above, there are some other unique features that the Moto One Power entails. Firstly the phone has an excellent fingerprint sensor; however, there is a little delay you get from this sensor. The sensor is located at the rear part of the phone, and it’s engraved with the Motorola sign, which is fantastic. The Moto One Power also has other sensors like the light sensor and the gyroscope. All these sensors are fantastic, and they do make the phone feel special.


To conclude, we have reviewed the Moto One Power, and we have highlighted the unique features that make these phones awesome. There are a lot of improvements on these phones compared to the previous installments, which is excellent.


Is it worth buying the Moto One Power in 2020?

Yes. The Moto One Power still has some excellent features which make the phone awesome, and when you think about the design, this phone is still worth each penny.

Is the Moto One Power heavy?

The phone has a 5000mAh battery, which makes the phone a little bit heavy. However, you get more juice, which is fantastic.

Is Moto One Power water-resistant?

No. The phone is splash resistant and not water-resistant.

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