New Xiaomi Redmi Smartphone with Snapdragon 855 Surfaces

    New Redmi's Flagship Android smartphone with Snapdragon 855 and a pop-up camera

    Redmi phone with Snapdragon 855
    Redmi unconfirmed device with pop-up camera

    Xiaomi’s product manager Wang Teng has leaked what seems to be the photo of an upcoming Redmi Android smartphone today on Weibo. The spotted device is suspected to have Snapdragon 855 chip.

    On a close look at the leaked photo, the device which was later deleted on social media appears to have a pop-up selfie camera. You can see an oval outline on the top of the phone placed on the table, which confirms the presence of a rising camera. (

    Redmi leaked photos
    Redmi leaked photos

    There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the Android smartphone. However, this is still a rumor, but if it turns out to be true, then we are looking at the first Xiaomi’s Android smartphone with both Snapdragon 855 and a pop-up shooter.


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