Odds and Probability of Winning at Online Video Poker


    Most players know that the Royal Flush is the most winning combination in video poker. It usually falls once in many deals. Experienced gamblers can observe that strong high ranked combinations are less common than the minimum combinations.

    The guarantee that you will put together a winning hand depends on many factors. For example, the video poker variant you choose to play, a useful strategy, and your poker experience and skills.

    In popular video poker variants, there are known odds that players can use to win. It is recommended to read the payout table beforehand and choose the best game for you. Look for video poker games with low casino odds and high payout percentages.

    Initial Odds of Video Poker

    When you choose a simple video poker variant with a deck of 52 cards, the chance of getting a flash royale on your first draw is small. They are higher for straight flush and quads. You can get a full house once for about 600 games in the first hand. The odds of getting a flush are 500:1, for a straight 250:1, and for a three 50:1. Accordingly, the odds of a three and two pair are much higher. 

    You can check the table to see the odds you can receive for a particular combination.


    Royal flush 649 740 to 1 
    Straight Flush 72 193 to 1
    Four of a Kind 4165 to 1
    Full house 694 to 1
    Flush 509 to 1
    Straight 255 to 1
    Three of a kind 47 to 1
    Two pair  21 to 1
    Jacks or better 8 to 1
    Any pair 2,3 to 1


    Measuring the odds in slot machines, including video poker, is done in terms of the payout percentage. For each hand and winning combination a player receives a certain payout. All information is provided in the payout table. It is recommended to choose a game with higher values.

    In fact, it is very problematic to know the odds of winning in online casinos. Everything depends on luck and the chosen strategy. You can only calculate the probability of winning. It is worth noting that video poker is much better than slot machines and has more advantages.

    Slots are controlled exclusively by a random number generator and you can not predict exactly when the winning combination will fall out. Your success in this game depends only on luck. The odds of getting a payout are lower here than the odds of getting a payout in video poker.

    The game is based on a deck of 52 cards. The rules are basic, but there may be certain nuances depending on the type of video poker. If all of these are taken into account, you can guess what the probability of winning will be. Choose games with a high percentage of payback. This will mean that the casino has a low advantage and you have a much higher chance.

    Returns to the Player

    Unlike roulette and other online casino games, video poker is a great place where you can play for real money. Here you can increase your chances of winning. The optimal strategy is based on deciding on the type of video poker and choosing the best payout table. It also contains information about the casino’s payout advantage and payback percentage.

    Return to player is the percentage of money put in, which is returned to the gambler during the game. This is one of the most important nuances to pay attention to when choosing video poker for real money. You also need to practice and gain skills in order to play successfully. New players can try their luck in a demo version and get the gaming experience for free.

    Jacks or Better is a classic version of video poker that has a player return of about 100%. For every $100 bet, the player gets a 100% payback. It is important to keep in mind that this is an average percentage and is designed for the long term. RTP is only a theoretical return, which can be counted on if you play for a long time and on the maximum bets.

    The payout table is very important. You can read the detailed information that you will need to make a successful strategy. You can also determine how much money is saved in the game over time.

    These are basic rules that every gambler who chooses to gamble should know. They are designed to always give an advantage to the casino, but in the case of video poker, the players have more advantages.

    The benefit of an online casino is the flip side of the payback. For example, if the payback for gamblers is 100.76%, then the casino advantage may be -0.76%. This kind of return is often found in a game of wild deuces because it has a full payout.

    Usually, online casinos publish bets with returns for games that are often chosen by gamblers. This is done in order to attract the attention of new users and retain active customers. If the returns are not clearly displayed or are not available to the public, you can always find this information in the payout table. There are different comparisons and the possibility of choosing more generous payouts.

    In Jacks or Better, you can determine the payout odds for different combinations and hands. Full house is naturally one of the combinations that all video poker players are hunting for. There are different options among video poker machines, but it is not recommended to consider low paying games. Choose video poker with only high player return rates.


    Video poker is a great game that is now available at almost all online casinos. It is chosen by both experienced players and beginners. You can bet with real money and enjoy the incredible, exciting gameplay. In video poker, you can use strategies, knowledge and skills. Success depends not only on luck, but also on you.

    The probability of winning in video poker is very high. To do so, it is recommended that you listen to the advice of experienced players:

    • choose a game with a high percentage of return;
    • risk maximum bets from time to time;
    • play in the best online casinos that have a license;
    • practice with free games.

    The practice is useful for both experienced players and beginners, because in video poker, success doesn’t just depend on luck. You will need experience to be able to determine the best strategy for you. You can choose the best online video poker for real money at the top online casinos. 


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