One Plus 8 Pro Review

    One Plus 8 Pro Review

    The One Plus started their journey as they claimed their smartphones to be the iconic flagship killer. But as time went by, this smartphone giant has become one of the vastly growing companies in the smartphone arena. Today it has been producing their phones in the flagship specs, which is far beyond compare, and the tech is too overwhelming for the fans. In this article, we will give you a complete idea about One Plus 8 Pro.

    Every year, all eyes are on the One Plus News and Announcement podium, where they will announce their newest marvel in the one plus family. This year, despite the pandemic of COVID 19, One Plus did manage to launch yet another astonishing smartphone in the market. I present to you the all-new One Plus 8 Pro.

    The One Plus Series has been a successful run in the market. And One Plus 8 Pro has been setting the standards much higher. The worthy successor of the One Plus 7 Pro, which was an instant hit right after its launch has been the talk of the town right after the launch. The One Plus 8 Pro hit the store in on the 21st of April this year, seven days after its announcement.


    I would like to remind you that One Plus focuses on high-end phones, phones with flagship lie experience. But now, as the game has been pushed to the extreme, One Plus has put their feet on the gas paddle and is firing in all cylinders.

    But as the fast-growing market and the roar of the Chinese brands right behind the tail, One Plus will have a hard time cruising along. So, the question which is of today, will the One Plus 8 Pro live up to the expectations of the fans? Or will it fall apart under immense pressure and competition?

    AS we speak, this is indeed a flagship model. Which means this phone will cost you some bucks down the road. As of the US Markets, this phone has a price tag of nearly 720 US Dollars. This is not cheap, so the phone is better to be worth it. A little here and there or a slight hit and miss can cause serious damage to One Plus.

    We will be reviewing this phone today for you. So do stick throughout the whole article to have a better insight on this flagship killer!

    One Plus 8 Pro Review: Lead With Speed!

    ‘Lead with Speed!’ Perhaps this single line can express the phone entirely. As we speak of this pocket dynamite (not to worry! It won’t explode!) has been promising some astonishing heights in the modern smartphone world. Before making any statement, I would lie to see the phone up close and even push it to its limits. There are certain aspects which are needed to be strictly inspected if we want to have a clear understanding of a particular phone’s capacity and capability. The aspects are:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    So without hurting my fingers more, let us dig into the in-depth inspection.

    The Design of One Plus 8 Pro: The Best in Class!

    If someone would come as me to state something perfect, then I will be saying, first of all, my girlfriend and the second one is the design of the all-new One Plus 8 pro. This is indeed a bold statement, to be honest, because there are a lot of exciting phones and ‘Big Dogs’ in the business. But hey! This is completely my personal opinion. People have different tastes, and there are hardly any people who do not admire sheer art and brilliance.

    The phone is a bit heavy first of all. The reason behind I am mentioning the weight right on the top because there is a misconception in between the general people is that the lighter phones are not good or, the heavier it gets, the more power it provides. This is certainly not the case. The weight solely depends on the material used to build this particular unit.

    The phone has a combination of glass and aluminum framing. The frame is made out of high-grade aluminum, which gives the frame extra strength and durability. The front and the back is protected with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The phone has a dimension of 6.51 inches in length, 2.93 inches in width, and 0.33 inches in the breadth. So, I won’t lie, this is a bigger phone. It is even slightly taller than its predecessor, the One Plus 7 Pro. But having said that, this phone is weighted around 199 grams. As for a big phone with glass and aluminum finish, the weight is a justice well done.


    let us talk about the attributes. The front side is obviously the screen. This is the best screen ever produced to date. As the side bezels are curved and it gives the screen a bezel-less look. The top and the bottom chin is very narrow and is barely there. The punch hole cutout can be seen in the top left of the phone for the front-facing camera.

    On the back, we have this awesome satin-like finish, and the logo and branding have been remodeled slightly from the previous products. The camera bump has been elevated a little bit than usual, as it has been housed with a quad-camera setup.

    On the right side of the phone, we got the power button and the unique one switch silent button. On the left side, we got ourselves a volume adjustment rocker. The bottom part has in-housed a USB Type C connector, the stereo speakers, and the SIM Tray. The top is clean with just a primary noise cancelation microphone. The top chin houses the thin but crystal clear earpiece.

    Overall I in love with the design of this particular smartphone. One Plus has really done it again as they have installed a unique punch-hole display setup. But this display is not like any other display. This is perhaps the best display in the world right now. We will be discussed broadly in the next segment.

    The Display of One Plus 8 Pro: The 120 Hz Refresh Delight!

    As we speak of the earlier displays that One Plus has been using so far has been the best over the times. After all success 90 Hz refresh rate in the screen of One Plus 7 Pro, the company has set the benchmark even higher as they have installed a whopping 120 Hz refresh rate screen in the all-new One Plus 8 Pro.

    This display is a fluid AMOLED QHD screen with an astonishing resolution of 1440 pixels into 3168 pixels. The aspect ratio of the screen is 19:8:9. The screen to body ratio is almost 90.8%. So this is a big and flashy screen. The 120 Hz display allows you to swipe and scroll smoothly, and when I say smooth, I mean it entirely. This has been an exception in this already great display.

    The display is super bright, and I had no problem using it in the scorching sun, wearing a good pair of sunglasses. The PPI density is close to 501. The color contrast and sharpness is the best in the business.

    As I have said before, this is one of the best screens in the business, and One Plus is proud to be the owner of this high-end phone. But there are some fireworks still heading our way as we move on to the next segment. Coming up next is the Performance of the all-new One Plus 8 Pro.

    The Performance of One Plus 8 Pro: One Plus at its Best!

    Hold on to your nerves folks because things are gonna get a bit hot down here. As we gradually moved on to the performance segment. Before going deep, we will have to come in a mutual agreement that the performance of a phone relies on the very bond between the hardware and the software unit. If the bond is strong, the collaboration is top-notch, then it is more likely to have great performance and speed. If the collaboration does not work out as planned, then even with the most powerful chipset or the attest version of Android, the phone will fall apart.

    So let us take a look at the software and the hardware unit of this bad boy.

    samsung galaxy j7 prime specs


    This is a flagship model smartphone. So that means this will have all the high-end hardware in the market. One Plus has certainly lived up to the expectations as it has used Qualcomm’s top of the line chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. This 7 Nanometer chipset has been running in Octa-Core processing power. It is clocked at 2.84 GHz for the 1st Kryo 565 core and later 2.42 for the three Kryo 585 and 1.8 GHz for the remaining four Kryo 585 cores. The GPU is Adreno 650, which is also top of the line.

    There are two variants in terms of the RAM; one is of 8 GB, and the latter is 12 GB. The Internal storage is also available in 128 GB for the 8 GB variant and 256 GB for the 12 GB variant. There is no additional SD Card Slot to expand the storage. But judging by the fact that it has 128 GB in internal storage can be considered enough for even a heavy user or consumer of the storage.

    The software of the One Plus 8 Pro

    This phone runs in Android, as you all very well know. This runs in the attest version ever, Android 10. This phone also runs in their very own signature, Oxygen UI. This user interface is pretty much the stock android with some vital changes that helps the phone to run smoothly.

    As we judge the phone by the collaboration between the software and the hardware, this phone has excelled in every format. The powerful performance of the cores and the boost of the GPU was complimented by the light and fast Oxygen OS. Not to forget the latest Android Version 10 as the icing on the cake!

    The Camera of the One Plus 8 Pro

    The Rear camera is a quad camera setup. The Main camera is of 25 nm wide-angle 48 Mega Pixels with an aperture count of f/1.8. This has Omnidirectional PDAF, Laser Auto Focus, and Optimized Image Stabilization. The second camera is an 8 MegaPixel Telephoto Lens, with an aperture of f/2.4. The third one is a 48 MegaPixel 116 degrees Wide Angle camera with an aperture of f/2.2. The last camera is a bit unusual as it is a color filter camera of 5 Mega Pixels with an aperture count of f/2.4. The front-facing camera is a 16 Mega Pixel Wide camera with an aperture of f/2.5.

    The pictures are neat. But I could not find any possible applications of the color filter Camera to be honest. On the selfie camera, it can be up to 1080p @ 30 fps.

    One Plus 8 Pro Review: Battery

    This phone comes with a 4510 mAh battery with fast charging, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging support.

    Sensors and Other Features

    The fingerprint is an On-Screen Optical fingerprint scanner. All the vital sensors are perfectly installed and fully-functional

    Water Resistance

    This time, One Plus 8 Pro comes with an IP 68 Water resistance certification.


    1. Is One Plus 8 Pro Waterproof?

    Yes, it has an IP 68 Certification.

    1. Does it support WRAP charging?
    2. Yes, it does. It can charge up to 66% of battery in 30 minutes and thanks to the power brick.

    Wrapping Things Up!

    So that was all for today, folks. As you can see, this is a brilliant phone and is worth buying if you can afford it. So signing off for now. Please stay safe!

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