One Plus Nord Spaces

    One Plus Nord Spaces

    A couple of weeks earlier, when I was reviewing the One Plus 8, I was telling you guys that One Plus should start thinking about entering the mid-budget range. Big fishes like, Samsung and Google are making great progress in the Mid Budget range, and it is high time that the flagship companies like One Plus and Apple should start doing that as well. This article you can know about One Plus Nord Spaces.

    Maybe folks from the One Plus team, read my review (sarcasm alert!) and got so impressed of my request that they gather their thoughts and make a strategy. Thus Nord came it to play.

    This phone is still to be announced. But rumours are pretty high, and some of the tech guys from One Plus has leaked some vital information which can sun up to the formation of the phone. The specs which we will be discussing today are not the fixed ones, so there can be some changes prior to the final production. The One Plus Nord will be the first budget phone of the flagship killer company, One Plus.

    One Plus

    One Plus has always been the iconic flagship killer. But they too realized that the people are attracted with the budget series nowadays, but the reason behind One Plus not making a move in this price point is that they always wanted phones to showcase sheer power and speed. This has been the company’s principle. The Salute to Speed. Hence, they were waiting for the right tech to come at the right time. Then they will decide to enter the budget range. This year Qualcomm shook the world with their latest Snapdragon 765G! This is the brand new ‘Budget’ chipset manufactured by Qualcomm is as good as the flagship chipsets!

    When Qualcomm launched this little devil, One Plus was the first one to rush for it. Thus the dream of getting a ‘Budget” One Plus is finally going to be true! But will it stand up to the expectation, we don’t know. Will it be the ultimate ‘Budget’ killer? We don’t know. But we have that faith in One Plus that no matter what they produce, it will be fast.

    So let us go through some of the rumoured specs that this little bad boy might bring on to the table.

    As usual, I will categories the Specs in a detailed manner.

    So the phone will be covering the mentioned categories:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    When we talk about a budget range, then what should be the initial numbers? Umm, According to the research, an average person who is willing to buy a budget smartphone is satisfied to spend around 180 US Dollars to 300 US Dollars range. But additional costing might come into play. SO, as we speak, One Plus Nord should also have a price tag that will suit this criterion. Recent rumours are arising that the phone is going to have a price point around the 290 US Dollars mark. If that becomes a reality, mark my words guys, this phone will surely shatter some records on an opening day!


    One Plus Nord Spaces: Design

    OnePlus Nord - FIRST LOOK - YouTube

    So, the design and dimensions are not being confirmed yet. But there are some leaks from the authenticated sources that the phone is going to be the new style icon. Honestly speaking, after seeing the leaked images, I have a constant feeling that it is like a mix of the Google Pixel and the iPhone SE sort of design. But that is obviously in a good way! I like this design a lot.

    As most of the budget phones tend to be a bit smaller than the flagships, I am expecting a dimension of 6.2 or 6.3 inches in length, near about 2.85 inches in the width and the ideal 0.31 inches in the breadth should be the final choice. But that is my expectation. Do let me know about your thought on the comment sections.


    There will be not much of a change in the attributes so to speak. But the colour combinations might be funky. However, the weight is going to be around 180 to 185 grams. But the main theme of the phone should be flagship-like design in the budget range. I am pretty sure the dude who has pitched this idea of Nord, has spoken the same thing in the presentation. He was like, “Make One Plus Great Again!” Jokes apart, you might be wondering why I am in a funny mood today.

    Because I have been a One Plus fan, and it is like the candy I ever wanted to form the candy store, but dad wouldn’t let me have one. But with the Nord, this candy is now delivered to my doorsteps. Then the main illustration of the design speculates that the phone will have a quad-camera setup and a punch-hole display. The display might be an AMOLED display comparing with the current market.

    Now let us talk about how the display should be real quick.

    OnePlus Nord Full Specifications


    Brand OnePlus
    Model Nord
    Form factor Touchscreen
    Battery capacity (mAh) 4000
    Fast charging Proprietary


    Screen size (inches) 6.40
    Touchscreen Yes


    Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 765
    RAM 10GB
    Internal storage 128GB
    Expandable storage No


    Rear camera Yes
    Rear autofocus Yes
    Front camera Yes
    Pop-Up Camera No


    Operating system Android 10
    Skin OxygenOS


    Wi-Fi Yes
    GPS Yes
    Bluetooth Yes
    NFC Yes
    USB Type-C Yes
    Number of SIMs 2
    Active 4G on both SIM cards Yes

    SIM 1

    3G Yes
    4G/ LTE Yes
    5G Yes

    SIM 2

    3G Yes
    4G/ LTE Yes


    Proximity sensor Yes
    Accelerometer Yes
    Ambient light sensor Yes


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    Display of Nord

    The display of One Plus Nord is expected to be a fluid AMOLED display with some of the major aspects. The screen might have a measurement of 6.44 inches. The aspect ratio is clearly going to be 20:9. This will be a full high definition display. If the One Plus team is generous, they might be able to pull off a QHD resolution as well. But 1080 pixels into 2400 pixels is the sweet spot I reckon.

    One Plus will also tease the sweet spot with higher r. refresh rates in the screen. I am having a funny feeling that they might have been thinking to pull yet another 90 Hz display in this phone as well. But there will be some debate on whether the display comes with a Gorilla Glass protection or not. I would like some protection on my phone. So One plus should think of it. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 or 5 might be the initial choice if the tech company chooses to give one.

    Now let us see what the performance sector will look like.

    Performance of Nord

    This phone is all set to be the first-ever proud owner of the hyped chipset of Qualcomm. It will run in the latest Android, will have all the sugar and spice of the Oxygen OS. I might doubt my dog, but not doubt One Plus in this section because One Plus is all about sheer speed and performance.

    Let us pull down the light on the chipset first. The chipset is the newest creation of Qualcomm as we speak. The most eye-catching part of this chipset is actually cannot be seen with a bare eye because the chipset has cores channels of 7 nm. The 800 series was the flagship series chipset so far, and they were of 7 nm. So you guys can see that the margin is getting narrower day by day. These new series is called the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G. This chipset allows the phone to be 5G ready, which has been the latest upgrade for the phone speed.

    This chipset is clocked at 2.4 GHz max. So there is a lot of boost in the processing power. AS the chipset has Octa-Core Processing Power, so multitasking is going to be seamless and smooth. The GPU which will complement the processing power to the fullest is going to be the latest Adreno 620. It is not fully clear yet about One Plus making a dedicated SD Card Slot for this phone or not. But the internal storage might have a 128 GB baseline. But having said that, the internal storage might have an option of 256 GB as well, but at a higher price point.


    The RAM should settle in the sweet spot of 6 GB. Because 4 GB RAM is ancient history and 8 GB is kind of flagship-grade which is usually out of the budget point. (

    The Software of the phone should be the latest version of Android. I don’t see any problem with that. So, the phone will have Android Version 10 and the UI should be the Signature UI of the One Plus Phones. Which is commonly known as the Oxygen OS? Oxygen OS Version 10 needs good processing power and sensible hardware support. This phone, luckily has all the spaces covered. So I don’t see any reason for One Plus not powering this bad boy up with the Oxygen OS Version 10.0.

    So, the performance unit should basically have a specification lie this. But still, there might be some changes in the last minute. As long as the motive is rock solid, this phone is set to shatter some records for sure!

    Now, let us move on to the most exciting yet crucial part of this phone. Which is the camera? I have to remind you beforehand is that the camera module is perhaps the most costly portion of any particular smartphone.

    Cameras of Nord

    Maybe the Camera unit is the most settled one by far. The rear camera will have a quad camera setup followed by a tiny yet powerful dual selfie camera module or commonly known as the front-facing camera. As you can see, this phone consists of 6 high-end cameras which cover most of the bucks that this phone will cost during the manufacturing phase.

    The rear camera will have four cameras, as I have mentioned before. One will be the main camera, followed by an ultra-wide camera, then a macro camera and to finish things off a depth sensor. Some might have a debate over choosing a telephoto lens over the macro one, but the telephoto effect can be covered by the main camera itself.

    By far

    The current assumption is that this phone will have a 48 Mega Pixel wide-angle camera as the main cam. She was followed by an 8 MegaPixel Ultra Wide cam and a 5 MegaPixel depth sensor. The macro lens will settle in with a 2 MegaPixel camera. The configuration is just perfect for a budget smartphone.

    The front-facing cameras will be inside the punch hole of the display. I would personally feel satisfied if the selfie camera has a 32 Mega Pixel and an 8 MegaPixel Lens. The video recording should support 4k at a frame rate of 30 fps from the rear cam. The front cam should record up to 1080p in a similar frame rate. To finish things off, there should be a dual-LED flash for additional light support.

    So basically, the camera will not be the flagship-grade clearly! But the performance should be reasonably good as far as the mid or higher mid-budget range smartphones are concerned.

    Now let us see what the battery and the power management section should offer.

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    Battery of One Plus Nord

    One Plus Nord will have a great battery life, no doubt about that. There is a constant rumour that the phone will have a 4115 mAh non-removable battery. This will be sufficient to give a healthy endurance rate. It should come with a 30 Watts fast charging. If that is available, then we will be able to charge this bad boy even on the go. But I really don’t think that this phone will come with a wireless charging facility of some sort.

    But this will be a decent power for the phone. And One Plus is well known for its excellent power management. One Plus Nord Spaces will not be an exception as well.

    Now see what the sensors are going to look of feel like.

    Sensors and Other Features

    The phone will have an optical in-display fingerprint scanner. Other sensors like proximity, gyro, compass and accelerometer should settle quite nicely.

    Water Resistance

    One Plus will pass on to this section basically because it consumes a hell lot of money where One Plus thinks that they can utilize the amount in elsewhere. Even I feel that phones are not meant to be dumped in the pool.

    Wrapping Things Up!

    So, that is all we have so far. Stay tuned for more updates as the release dates are announced.

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