OnePlus website Hacked, customer details exposed

    OnePlus website Hacked, customer details exposed

    OnePlus announced that their website was hacked and a couple of customer data was exposed. Though the company did not reveal what was accessed by the hacker, but a report from 91mobles alleged that some customers order information was accessed when the hacker gained access to the company’s online store.

    According to OnePlus announcement, information such as name, shipping address, phone number, email address were alleged to have been accessed by an unauthorized party. However, customer’s information like passwords, payment information, and accounts are all safe.

    Latestphonezone gathered that this is not the first something of this nature is happening. In 2018, hackers gained access to their website and exposed credit card details of 40,000 customers. Although the company was unable to provide the exact number of accounts affected this time, but email was sent to the affected customers and the investigation into this latest break-in is ongoing.

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    OnePlus cautioned the affected customers on phishing emails and other spam they may receive. The company warned that on no occasion should they open or click on any phishing or spam emails. And for those that didn’t receive any official email from the company should know that their accounts are safe. No information on what the hackers are doing with the hacked user’s personal information and the company seems not to be bothered about it. Probably because there’s no cause for alarm.

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    On what the company would do to prevent feature occurrence and tighten up the security of its online store, it promised to start a bug bounty program. The bug bounty program is scheduled to commence at the end of December and the company will collaborate with a world-renowned security platform to block any security loopholes.