Online Sportsbooks Stepping Up User Experience

Online Sportsbooks Stepping Up User Experience

As states around the country continue to adopt online sports betting, it’s hard to find a corner of the internet that isn’t advertising the latest sign-up bonus for the multitude of sportsbooks around the country.

From sign-up non UK betting sites bonuses to boosted odds, sportsbooks are attempting to attract new customers to their online marketplace. But once the individual joins, what are sportsbooks doing to keep them beyond offering sign-up promotions? (Ambien)

Many sportsbooks, from the nation’s largest to brand new companies, are starting to step up their game in order to keep customers returning to their mobile app or website and place their next wager. Let’s look at some of the ways sportsbooks are attempting to create a better user experience to retain customers.

Loading Speed

In an on-demand world, waiting for the information to load within an app is an unbearable process for consumers. Recent studies suggest users will abandon applications that take longer than three seconds to load, and 48 percent of customers will remove applications that are slow to load or provide sluggish browsing experiences.

The best sportsbooks are combatting this problem by reducing their images and java scripts to bare minimums. This is creating faster loading times, especially for live scores. It is also crucial for live in-game betting options, giving the user real-time betting information and options for certain sporting events. 

Menus Changes

As sportsbooks increase their offerings, users need betting apps that make finding specific sports easier to locate. Sorting through lists is not only cumbersome but also time-consuming, potentially hindering a bettor’s chance to identify secondary categories that are of interest to the consumer.

Many apps now provide a two-tiered menu system. The menu atop the app allows users to choose which sport and other gaming alternatives, such as a casino, to quickly navigate to the user’s preferred sport. On the bottom menu, customers see more options specific to their account and what promotional opportunities exist within the sport of choice.

Menus Within Games

Another new feature that most sportsbooks are offering customers is the menus within the sporting event itself. In addition to traditional options like spread, moneyline and over/under points totals, sportsbooks are offering quarters, halves, and player prop bets for individuals to wager money on individual feats within the contest.

If the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, for example, every sportsbook will offer the traditional options like spread, moneyline and over/under. Now, wagers on player props, like an over/under total yards passing total for Patrick Mahomes, will be offered at most sports betting sites. The non-traditional offerings are driving new consumers with these dozens of options, all of which are offered in easily consumable menus within the games. 

Easier Parlays & Teasers

Most online sportsbooks are offering boosted odds on pre-selected games to entice bettors with higher payouts. These are offered via parlays, or a type of bet that requires two or more conditions to win before paying out as a successful bet. While parlays have existed for many years, sportsbooks have started prominently featuring these bet types on home pages to elicit more action on the games.

For example, if the Cincinnati Bearcats and Ohio State Buckeyes play on the same day as the Cleveland Cavaliers, a sportsbook may offer an “All Ohio” parlay that all three teams must win in order to cover the increased payout opportunity. The boosted odds and promotional teasers for such bets provide the sportsbook with an opportunity to solicit more bets while simultaneously offering bettors higher payouts. 

Face/Touch ID Login

As of 2021, more than 85 percent of people in the U.S. own a smartphone. Having a high-functioning, easy-to-use mobile app is extremely important for online sportsbooks so nearly every individual when betting is legal will have access to the sportsbook.

Along with this concept, Android and iPhone users can now use Face ID or Touch ID, respectively, to access their mobile app. From connecting to their account to allowing instant money transfers, the ability to use your face or fingers as your password provides a tremendous ease-of-use aspect to sportsbooks’ mobile apps.

Updating Live Bets

Sportsbooks originally housed only the betting information prior to and during the sporting event. Now, almost all sportsbooks provide in-game scoring updates on every contest, allowing bettors a one-stop shop to track their individual or parlay bets.

This is extremely handy for bettors tracking multiple sports bets. Previously, individuals would either monitor games on their television sets or online as the sportsbooks were unable to provide anything beyond final results. 

Live In-Game Bets

Micro-betting has become a huge trend for some sportsbooks. Micro bets are wagers on events that do not have a direct influence on the outcome of the game. For example, if the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani were pitching against the Blue Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., a sportsbook may offer a wager on the result of the at-bat.

This type of betting is a big revenue driver for sportsbooks. Where permissible by law, fans in attendance can bet the results of individual at-bats or periods. Micro-betting can also entice new customers to sportsbooks, offering fans with unique knowledge an opportunity to cash in on their expertise.


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