Popular Mobile Technology Trends in 2022

    Mobile Technology Trends

    The humble smartphone that first made its way onto the market in the late noughties has become a staple of modern life. Last year smartphone coverage reached an all-time high and, by 2023, it is predicted to surpass 90% with annual sales reaching a staggering 1.85 billion.- Mobile Technology Trends

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the smartphone is a vital component of modern-day life, but what are the mobile technology trends that will define 2022? In 2021 it was the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Location-Based Technology , so what will it be this year? Read on to find out.

    Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

    The average person has 40 apps on their mobile phone, compared with 23 back in 2012. That might not sound like a lot more but in terms of storage, it is – especially when you consider that modern apps are more robust than those from a decade ago.

    The technology trend that we could see take off this year is the rise of cloud-based mobile apps, that don’t take up valuable storage on your mobile device but instead use wi-fi and mobile data to access many of their features.

    One of the main beneficiaries of this could be the online gambling industry. In recent years, mobile gambling apps have evolved and adapted to meet the demands of their player base. 

    Cloud-based gaming could be a great way, for a gambling fan to access the latest video poker advanced technology without compromising the storage space on their device.  

    Smart Home Technology

    The cost-of-living crisis has brought into stark contrast the cost of commodities that we once used to take for granted. Homeowners are being forced to think twice about flicking on the heating as they struggle to keep up with the rising cost of gas and oil.

    One way to streamline your energy use is to use smart-home technology on your mobile phone to automate your heating. In doing this you can optimize the time you use your heating and keep an eye on your spending too.

    It’s not just heating that can be controlled through your smartphone either, there are plenty of other household tasks that can be automated on your device. Boiling the kettle, turning on your lights and even vacuuming and mopping your floors can be controlled via your phone.

    Popular Mobile Technology Trends in 2022

    IoT Applications

    The Internet of Things technology is perhaps the next big thing to hit mobile devices and the technology industry in general. Unsure of what it is? Well, essentially it is machine learning amongst devices. How does that work?

    Imagine that all the traffic cameras in your local city are IoT-enabled. They will monitor traffic and interact with one another to predict patterns of traffic and thus work out what the busiest times of the day are.

    Working together, using machine learning and interconnectivity, this information will then be relayed to smartphone users, with IoT-enabled applications like Google Maps being used to redirect road users in a way that minimizes traffic.

    If that all sounds very Black Mirror and futuristic to you, don’t worry too much, IoT applications aren’t going to take over the world, they’re simply going to make our lives easier and may well be the one big tech trend of the year.

    5G Technology

    5G isn’t going to destroy the world or cause global catastrophes, instead it’s going to revolutionise the way that we connect with one another and work on the go.

    5G launched in 2019, but this year it has been made available to a much wider audience who will be able to avail of its higher speeds, ultra-low latency and increased network capacity. Expect the wider rollout of 5G to not only have a beneficial impact on leisure activities but to really benefit small to medium-sized businesses.

    The all-too-familiar spectre of systems crashing and long waits over data transfers will be a thing of the past to businesses within 5G network areas.

    Popular Mobile Technology Trends in 2022

    In Summary

    Mobile devices are going to continue growing in use and importance over the next couple of years as the public’s desire for them appears to be insatiable. As coverage increases along with our collective reliance on mobile devices, an evolution in trends is to be expected.

    The trends discussed in this article are likely to be the ones that define 2022, but what will define mobile technology in 2023? It’s impossible to say. The market is ever-changing in line with the demands of users and the latest technological innovations.

    The only thing that we can say for sure is that mobile devices will play a bigger part in our lives at the end of 2023 than they do now.


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