Why Post-Customer Recycled Plastic Is the Key To Leveling Up Your Business

    Post-Customer Recycled Plastic

    If you want to evolve your company, consider entering the green market by sustainably packaging your products. Many customers first meet a business through its packaging. The design and materials tell the consumer about the product and the company. Choosing an environmentally-conscious packaging like post-consumer recycled plastic for your product packaging will draw in customers, reduce your company’s carbon footprint and lower production costs.

    The Demand for Sustainability

    With an increased awareness of consumerism’s effects on the environment, customers across many demographics seek out businesses that operate with sustainability in mind. People are often inclined to purchase goods from a company that is taking steps to be more eco-friendly. Furthermore, research shows that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a product made with sustainable packaging like post-consumer recycled plastics.

    Post-consumer recycled plastic, also called PCR, is a material made from plastic waste that has been cleaned, melted into a resin and molded into new plastic. The process reuses materials that are often recycled, such as plastic water bottles, to make new products. The ways the new plastic can be used are limitless, as companies are utilizing the material for goods like shoes, containers and packaging.

    Your business can bring in customers who prioritize the environment by using PCR packaging. For example, Mylar, a film used to maintain a food’s freshness, can be made from recycled PET, or polyethylene terephthalate. You can keep your food products protected while meeting the growing demand for sustainability.

    A Brighter Future

    PCR plastics have a smaller carbon footprint than other packaging materials. As companies are taking steps to elevate themselves above competitors, reducing the impact your business has on the environment is a great way to help the planet and promote yourself as a green corporation.

    PCR packaging reduces a company’s carbon footprint by giving that plastic a second life. The eco-friendly products are part of a circular economy cycle that reduces the amount of plastic that sits in landfills.

    Additionally, PCR packages reduce the levels of petroleum in the atmosphere. The fossil fuel is burned to make virgin plastic. By reusing the plastic material to make new products, businesses reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and harmful gasses that are released at the company’s expense.

    Cost-Effective Production

    Businesses can look at PCR packaging as an investment. The cost to produce plastics made from burning petroleum continues to rise, but the production cost of PCR plastics is projected to remain the same. Opting for PCR packaging will help your company maintain steady costs, rather than battling increasing plastic prices.

    PCR packaging is also economically sustainable. The overall cost to produce PCR plastic is cheaper than virgin plastic, as the process uses less energy, fossil fuels and water.

    A company’s packaging tells consumers a lot about the business. By using PCR plastic to package your products, you can convey to customers that your company is sustainable and attract those who want to support green businesses. Get eco-friendly mylar bags custom for your corporation and start leveling up your business.

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